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Making Worthwhile Photographs Above & Below Water,

With a de-emphasis on optics, optical science and techniques; and focus on practical aspects, including making and selling imagery

Part 4

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By Bob Fenner


Being systematically inclined can make the difference between frustration and success/Nirvana... Getting your work in print and on the Net, possibly TV. DO read over CAREFULLY the Instructions to Submitters for any agency, outlet you're trying to sell to, and just as carefully craft your cover letter/s... ahead of time if enquiring re making submissions, or sending out along with unsolicited submissions or no. Make the editor's' jobs easy by providing a mix of images, suggested captions... When, where in doubt, keep sending out your work and making new. Wonder why it's not selling? Ask the folks you're sending it to. They know and will tell you if requested.

Multiple submissions: the deadliest mistake. You may want to adopt pseudonyms if you're going to try and sell to competing media. I use "history forms" for all my work and markets... and keep track of all out-bound and in-process work, including pending payments, diligently. It's not just being a proficient and productive photographer (and writer) that being successful in the field takes, but being forthright in presenting ones work, and "doing the paperwork", making sure you get paid.
After your work has run/sold, unless exclusively, do share it with others... on your site.

I include this image as an example of something you might not consider of use... dead/dried fish at a foreign market. This image has sold a few times.

Friend Rob Bray of House of Fins, Greenwich, CT, squatting like an Egyptian in Giza... to remind me to remind you to remember elements of playfulness in your work/imagery.

Again, look for a/the human element in your work as well.

And don't be constrained by boxes, square or otherwise... there are no

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