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FAQs about Pistol (including Goby) Shrimps 2

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Pairing gobies     2/18/19
Hi crew, I currently have a large (6") pink spotted watchman goby in a 6 foot 150 gallon aquarium. His territory takes up the left 3rd of the tank, he never ventures to the other side.
A friend is selling a 3" 'blue spot' watchman goby (which I believe is just a different colour variation of a yellow watchman goby?) with a red banded pistol shrimp.
<Might be the Cryptocentrus cinctus. See my pix here:
I am curious what you believe the likely outcome would be if I added this goby and shrimp to my setup.
<Likely will get along, possibly pair up!>
A. The two gobies would pair and/or share a cave. B. The new goby would setup territory on the right hand side of the tank and both gobies would ignore each other or C. The existing goby will harass or kill the new goby.
I have read a lot on pairing watchman gobies and I believe they would pair if they were both pink spots or both yellow but really haven't been able to find any info on two different watchmans pairing.
Thank you for your assistance on helping me make my decision :)
<Were this my system, set up, I'd try putting all together. Bob Fenner>
Re: Pairing gobies     2/19/19

Thanks so much Bob, you give me confidence :). I will give it a go and let you know the result.
<Thank you Nicole! BobF>
Re: Pairing gobies     3/21/19

Hi Bob, it's been a few weeks since adding my ywg and pistol shrimp and I said I would give you an update.
<Ah, good>
While the two gobies did not pair up there has been 0 issues housing them together. Honestly I am not even sure they know the other exists lol.
<These "meeting up" affairs often take time; just "happen" all at once at times. Patience>
Thank you for giving me the confidence to try it!
<Thank you for your report Nic. Cheers, BobF>
Re: Pairing gobies     3/21/19

That would be great if they paired eventually but all I really cared about was that they could coexist, so I am happy either way!
<What would our late mum state? (Just) Wait and watch... B>

Pistol Shrimp Trapped   4/11/09
Good evening my Wet friends (especially Bob - it's time for more Guinness).
<A bit early now (AM), but Ok!>
After two years, I think that I have finally discovered the source of the mysterious clicking. Now, I don't have a problem having a pistol shrimp in my tank but it appears that he has grown so large that he is unable to escape the rock in which he is living.
<That/this would be very unusual>
The only thing that I can see is a blood-red carapace of some kind, maybe three inches long (the hole is less that 1/2 inch. Obviously, he isn't starving but should I open up the rock so that he has free reign of the
tank? The other inhabitants are two Blue Devil Damsels, seven Green Chromis, one Flame Angel, and assorted Cerith and Nassarius snails.
Should it be set free to find a new home (maybe get him a partner Goby) or should I leave it to live it's life trapped in a rock?
<I'm so curious that I'd be trying to set it free to have a look/see>
Thanks, as always,
The other Scott F.

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