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FAQs about ASM Skimmers 

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ASM G-1 Protein Skimmer w/ G-500 Pump      9/21/17
I am having problems with my skimmer as I moved it to a different reef tank.
I can’t seem to get it tuned. It keeps taking on water and it is not skimming at all.
What height should the water be with it be sitting in the sump?
<Mmm; well, about "mid way" up the contactor column is about right. From there it's a matter of adjust flow and percentage air mix. You may not have much/anything to skim. One way to check this last is to try another skimmer here. I encourage you to read this FAQs file on WWM re ASM skimmers:
And contact the Chuas at All Seas, the manufacturers (info listed on the FAQs site) if you can't get it to go otherwise>
<Welcome. Bob Fenner>

Skimmer selection question     7/1/12
I am planning a ~200 gallon aquarium with a 40-50 gallon sump / refugium.
I have the opportunity to acquire either an ASM G3 (rated 250 gallons) or AquaC EV 180. I'm well aware of the Crew's enthusiasm for AquaC, but am I better to go for the G3 given my system gallon capacity?
<Mmm, I would... for service-ability and function, the AquaC product is superior. BobF>
Thanks, Dave

ASM Customer service sucks! 6/3/11
Hello crew and fellow reefer,
Just want to share my frustration with ASM customer service, if you buy any of their products and have questions about it, then your in hell out of luck. The woman who answer the phone is not only very very rude but has an IQ of a donkey! have no idea where she's from since I could not figure out her thick accent and she's claiming to be the only customer service person in the whole building. Cmon now ASM , in today's competition and struggling economy,
hire someone that can do the job. Btw, I'm going to dump my ASM skimmer right now! and never again I will buy any of their product. The conversation starts with a "good morning" and ended up with "F" word...what a what a way to start your morning, anyway just thought I could share this with all my fellow reefers...there are a lot of good products out there with outstanding customer service guys! All of a sudden Roger of Tunze comes to mind, now that's customer service.
Thanks / Jun
<Am quite surprised to read your note here... The owners of this company, Edwin, Ted and Millie Chua, are well known to me (they also own/operate All Seas Marine... in LA, Miami and Manila... They are kind, competent and honest business folks... I encourage you to write Edwin or Ted re this incident.. An analog letter: 1205 Knox St, Torrance, CA 90502. Bob Fenner>
Re: ASM Customer service sucks! 6/3/11
Thanks Bob! Will sure write them a letter since they don't even have an email add, me too was surprised on how can someone be that rude to their customers, I even ask her twice if that's ASM ? and to my surprise it is!
btw I ask for her name she doesn't want to give it to me... I called their office here in LA-Knox St, Torrance. Thanks again/Jun
<Thank you Jun. BobF>

ASM skimmer troubleshooting 11/7/10
Greetings friends o' the sea!
<Howdy Jas>
First let me state that you guys are such a valuable resource to me because this seems to be a hobby where I really can't find anyone else like a friend or family person who is into reefing. So I've learned what I know from books, the Internet, trial and error and your forum. I had a not so good experience at my local fish store where I basically had my pockets full of questions about this and that and the guy really clearly was either too busy or didn't want to play 20 questions with me unless I was going to buy something I think. I was the only customer in the shop. But he had a pad of paper out writing this and that down while I was asking about maybe buying a LED fixture for my 125 gallon system and what I might need for that I thought he was scratching down figures to determine which model would best suit me as we talked, but alas, he was working on something else, got up and walked away.
Just very short with his answers and in general not very friendly. Not a good way to run your business. Yet all of his stuff is just beautiful and he's obviously very good at the hobby and is well informed.
<Takes good people, communication skills... and a desire to apply them as well>
A good source for information you might say. To a point, you can only learn so much via words on a computer screen or a book. A little hands-on goes a long way too. So all of this to say, thanks for each and every time, not even meeting in person, being as friendly, helpful, and informative as you all are because I don't seem to be able to get much help elsewhere's. To my question...(finally, right?)
I recently purchased a new skimmer. I got the ASM in sump G-2 model. Big boy just barely fit in the skimmer area of the sump.
<Am familiar... friends, the Chua family/All Seas make these "Euro reef knock offs">
I currently have it positioned in there for roominess sake with the pump's intake directly below the drain. (where the water goes over the overflows and drains into the sump). So, the intake on my pump is right in the busiest area of the sump.
Like being underneath a waterfall. I would tend to think that all of those air bubbles would interfere with skimmer performance.
<Mmm, not really>
Should I try to turn the pump the other way so the intake is in a less turbulent area?
<No... you might want to use some (my fave make Emperor Aquatics) bags on the discharge/s... and rotate these, change them out every few days, depending on how "dirty" they're becoming... to help dissipate/discount the splashing here>
Or doesn't it matter.
<Not much>
It's been a few days with this skimmer and my water level is remaining steady at about 8" and it does foam nice, but it's so far not collecting much skimmate at all.
<Happens... you may well have little to skim>
Also, when everyone talks about being able to collect a cup of the good stuff every day, are we talking about an actual measuring cup or the skimmer collection cup? Huge difference.
<Mmm, read here: http://wetwebmedia.com/skimopfaq2.htm till you can just about barely stand it>
Thank you kindly, Jason
<Certainly welcome. Bob Fenner>

Re: Skimmer for a 400 Gallon tank   12/2/09
Hi Scott (Facebook friend);
<Oh, heck ya!>
Thanks for your answer, so if I buy an external type what do you suggest (to use only one)?
<A EuroReef or AquaC offering.>
I was thinking ASM G-4 Plus...
<I do like these skimmers, but would not use them unless in an external sump. They do leak like crazy!>

ASM G-4 Protein Skimmer: Optimal Water Level 7/20/09
Hello. I'm running an ASM G-4 protein skimmer in my 55-gallon sump and was wondering if there was an optimal water level to run the skimmer in.
<6-10" will work fine. Gee, if only ASM had some customer service you could ask them!>
you! Ivana
<Welcome, Scott V.>

New G3 Skimmer-when does foaming begin? 3/28/09
Hi everyone.
I upgraded to an ASM G3 skimmer from their G1 model. I am writing to ask if any of you know when approx. the foam/skimmate will begin to fill the cup? I thought it would be right away, but after 12 hours, no foam with poo or green skimmate is appearing like in the one I replaced, just water is bubbling up.  I have read through the FAQ's here, no one had this question. No one is answering the phone at the company in Torrance, Cal. I have the tubing down as far as it will go, the water level inside the skimmer is bubbling just at the neck of the skimmer, right below the cup's entrance. Should I give
it a full 24 hrs. to see some green stuff?
<Many, well most, times new skimmers do have a break in period of up to a few days. There are manufacturing residues that need to work their way out before the thing will skim. Give it time...and raising the output pipe a bit would not hurt. Just check it often the next few days, when it starts to skim better you may need to lower the pipe back down.>
Thanks anyone.
<Welcome, Scott V.>

ASM G2 Or AquaC Remora Pro? 2/12/09 A HOB Skimmer Or A Sump With Skimmer Hi guys! <Hello David> First, and always, thanks for all of your help--you guys do a tremendous service and I truly appreciate it. <You're welcome.> I'm in the process of setting up a 92 gallon corner tank for the living room. The current plan is FOWLR, and I doubt I'll be going reef any time in the next year or two. The current set-up (all bought used but in fine working condition): 1. 92 gallon All-Glass tank, not pre-drilled 2. Odyssea PC lights, 4x65 3. Rena Filstar XP-2 4. 40lb of Live Sand (looking to add another 40lb) 5. 60lb of Live Rock 6. 29 gallon quarantine tank with BioWheel 200, and 3-4 inch layer of sand/crushed coral. The tank is currently cycling, and the livestock consists of a six hermits, six snails, and a shy peppermint shrimp. Next on my agenda and before any fish is choosing the right protein skimmer. <Yes.> Because the tank is not pre-drilled, I was not originally planning on using a sump. Instead I was going to invest in the pricey, but highly touted AquaC Remora Pro to do my skimming. I had some good skimmate with a CPR BakPak with an Acella pump on an earlier 75 FOWLR, but always found that my nitrates were high. So I did some research at your site and others and AquaC looks like a very good company. <It is and very good customer service.> I asked some friends what they thought, though, and they said I'd be better off with a sump than an HOB. One guy I know is downgrading and selling a CPR overflow, 30 gallon sump, and ASM G2 for about $100 less than the Remora Pro. (It's been used, obviously.) I like the idea of the sump because of the possibility of having a refugium, and although the tank is a corner unit, it's already off one wall 5 inches because my original plan was to have a HOB skimmer. What are your thoughts on the ASM G2--is it comparable with the Remora Pro (better/worse)? What do you recommend? <If it were me, I'd take the used package with the sump, overflow and the ASM G2. A sump offers increased gas exchange and a place to put your heater and protein skimmer. The HOB Remora has no external drain connection on the collection cup. That scares me, there is always the chance the cup may overflow getting the nice brown skimmate on your floor or carpet. If you go the HOB route, I'd suggest installing an external drain to the collection cup. As to which skimmer is better, I've never used an ASM skimmer so my first hand knowledge is nil, but from what I've learned about them, I'd say the G2 would have an edge over the Remora Pro due to your tank size. The ASM G2 is advertised to handle up to a 200 gallon tank where the Remora claims 75+. How far does + go, I don't know. I've also heard the ASM's are overrated as to the tank size they will handle. Just hearsay mind you, I have no facts. The ASM G2 also comes with a Sedra pump which in my opinion is a much better pump than the Rio 1400 that is included with the basic Remora  Pro package. You will be much happier with a sump and an in-sump skimmer.> Thanks always! <You're welcome. James (Salty Dog)> -David

Protein Skimmer/Selection 4/23/08 I was looking at the Octopus skimmers and haven't found any comments about it on your site. I was wondering what is your opinion about it and where does it stand in terms of quality. <I'm not familiar with this skimmer.> A local aquarium in Richmond VA says it's one of the better brands. <Mmm, he must sell them.> Trying to find the right skimmer for my 90 Gallon. My ASM skimmer doesn't seem to be doing the job and the people at the aquarium said ASM's are a hit and miss brand. Thanks for your suggestion. <Myself, I believe the ASM's are a decent performer. Do you clean the reaction chamber and riser tube weekly. Waste build up in these areas, especially the riser tube, greatly affects performance. I'm partial to AquaC skimmers, a good value for the performance it renders. James (Salty Dog)>

ASM Protein Skimmer Bubble Problem 1/20/08 Hello Crew <Hello Peter.> I have a Skimmer question for you. First off there is not a lot of info out there on the operation of the ASM G series skimmers. I emailed the company at support@asmskimmer.com and It does not go through? <That is not the actual manufacturer. Check out http://allseasmarineinc.com/contactus.asp > Any way's, I have just recently purchased an ASM G3 Protein skimmer with Sedra 5000 pump. <A good skimmer.> I think there is a problem. I have had other protein skimmers before and the bubbles produced in the skimmer body look very fine and small filling the entire skimmer body. I activated my ASM G3 Protein skimmer and I am getting large spaced out bubbles in the skimmer body. I have read that water depth should be around 8 inches. <Sounds about right.> I have tried several depths with no change. Any information would be appreciated. <I would check the pump/air intakes for any obstructions. Also, the residual compounds left in skimmers from manufacturing can cause this for a period of time (a few days or so). Does it produce a skimmate? If all else fails please contact the manufacturer listed above. > Thanks in advance Peter <Welcome, good luck, Scott V.>

Re: ASM Protein Skimmer Bubble Problem 1/21/08 Hello <Peter.> Thank you for your response. I tried to contact the manufacturer with no success (email and phone). Could be the holiday. <Most likely.> I figured some pictures of the protein skimmer in action would be better then words so here it is. What do you think? Proper function or problem? <Definite problem here'¦this is not freshwater is it? If you are testing it in freshwater you will have completely different results when run with saltwater.> Once again thank you Peter <Welcome, good luck, Scott V.>

Re: ASM Protein Skimmer Bubble Problem 1/21/08 Hi Scott <Peter.> OOOk note to self freshwater yields complete different results when it comes to protein skimming. Just tested with saltwater looks like it should. <World of difference.> Thanks again!
<Glad to help, Scott V.>

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