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Pet-Fishing in the Cook Islands

Long Version, Pt. X

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>Lions and Relatives in the Cooks, N=11

Shown: Species used in the ornamental aquatics trade: Dendrochirus biocellatus, Dendrochirus zebra, Pterois antennata, Pterois radiata, Pterois volitans 

>Basses of the Cooks, N= 39, Anthiines N= 8

Shown: Anthias olivaceus, Pseudanthias bicolor, P. lori, P. pascalis, P. ventralis ventralis male and female

Not shown: Pseudanthias cooperi, Pseudogramma australis, P. polyacanthum

>More Basses of the Cooks

Shown: Species of use to the ornamental trade: Anyperodon leucogrammicus, Cephalopholis argus, C. sexmaculata, C. spiloparaea, C. urodeta, Epinephelus fasciatus

>Last of the Pet-fish Basses of the Cooks

Shown: Epinephelus lanceolatus, Epinephelus merra, Gracila albomarginata, Grammistes sexlineatus, Variola louti






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