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FAQs about Stony Coral Foods/Feeding/Nutrition, Rationale, Science

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Yes... unless you have a VERY productive, suitably sized refugium producing copious amounts of endogenous foods, and/or many fishes sharing... You need to be feeding your Stony/Scleractinian Corals. RMF

Coral feeding - 3/17/04 I recently was given a few corals and am trying to figure out what to do to feed them. <Depends on the corals of course.> I only took corals that I knew were going to be reasonably easy to care for, but I have a question about the bubble coral's exact needs.<OK> I see that bubble corals need to be fed. <In my opinion they do.> Some things I read say to feed meaty foods, and others say they need zooplankton. <Maybe a mix, but more likely of the meatier variety> I have been feeding it by squirting a little Hikari Mysis shrimp <good> or blood worms <not so good> (I alternate every other day for my fish). I feed it about three times a week. <excellent!> It seems to eat it. Are these small enough for a bubble coral, or will it regurgitate these pieces? <I think mysids should be fine but if the pieces are too large than it might regurgitate. Have you noticed this? You could try Cyclops-eeze, baby brine, enriched brine (Spirulina enriched) and other frozen fish preparations> Would I be better off buying one of those liquid zooplankton supplements? <Unless you have other corals that could make use of the zooplankton I would save your money and buy fresh or frozen preparations as noted above> I do not have a refugium, so I doubt I have enough in the water to sustain the coral. <Most of us even with a refugium sometimes still don't have enough natural foods alone, to maintain corals. The use of frozen or fresh preparations seem to assist our abilities. Thanks for your question. ~Paul> Thanks! -Ken Kalkwasser Automation...Coral Feeding - 12/28/05 Hey Crew, <<Hey Jennifer!>> Happy Holidays! <<And to you...>> My 50 Gallon SPS reef tank is doing well.  I dose B-Ionic 2 part DAILY!!  I drip ESV Kalk nightly for evaporated water...  This has been becoming difficult, as I am a touring musician. <<Mmm, you could possibly get by on the drip only...and even do this "'round the clock"...thus eliminating the need to have to start the drip nightly.>> Should I get a reactor or Kalk reactor on such a small reef tank, or can you suggest other options so as to minimize the daily maintenance to the system??? <<Maintenance is part of the hobby.  Automation can be helpful to a point, but is no substitute for your own daily observation of the system to ensure all is well.  But saying that, if you have an automated top-off system you could easily add a Kalk-reactor to facilitate leaving the tank for a couple days at a time.  Anything more than a couple days and I suggest you find/orient someone to come check on the tank to perform necessary maintenance/feedings...or resetting that tripped breaker <grin>. >> Thanks for your time.  Also, SPS doing ok, but growing slowly.  I understand many factors are involved.  Besides water motion/quality, lighting, what else helps??  Feeding? <<Feeding is very important in my opinion.>> If I feed I get phosphates and brown stuff on the sand.  My Phosphates are generally around .03-.04... <<Don't be so afraid of a bit of algae that you are depriving your tank by not feeding.  There are measure you can take to limit this (all found on WWM) while still providing the nutritional requirements of your charges.  Very few, if any, corals are truly and completely autotrophic...SPS corals need to feed...>> Thanks! Jennifer  NYC <<Regards, EricR>> Bubble Coral Troubles Bob, I have finally been able to have perfect parameters for my tank (45g). Ammonia 0, Nitrite 0, Nitrate 20, and pH 8.2 ppm. Also Calcium 350 ppm and Alk 3.2 meq/l. SG 1.023 and temp 79 deg. <Don't mean to burst your bubble, but nitrate could be lower and pH, alkalinity, calcium, and salinity could be higher.> I have noticed that my Coralline Algae is growing and my brown or red algae along with the green algae is dissipating slowly. I have a large bubble coral that seems not to be doing well. I noticed last night it had like brown string coming out of it (not a lot). It has not been open for about 2 days, usually it opens everyday and when it does it takes up a lot of room. I have placed it on the bottom of my tank with little water movement and in a shaded area of my tank. My lighting consists of 110W of PC Actinic and (1) metal halide 175W(5700k) light. The PC comes on for about 8 hrs and the Metal for about 5 hrs. I am thinking about increasing the length of lighting. I don't feed it meaty food, <There is your problem.> some times the Kent Phytoplankton on occasion. I do add about a teaspoon of iodine weekly when I do my water change and I have a Kalkwasser drip. I have had the Bubble coral for about 2 months it has never done this before. Should I worry about? <No> Do I need to quarantine it and treat it with antibiotics? <No, just start feeding. Much written on the subject. Use the Google search feature at the bottom of the WWM page looking for Bubble coral info.> Thanks <You are welcome. -Steven Pro>

Feeding Corals Thanks for responding and taking time for me. <actually... Anthony Calfo again, my friend. We are one big happy crew here :)> I don't want to overload you , but this is the first time I have really run into a serious problem. I would like to know if corals need to be fed, strange eh since I have been running my tank for 4 or 5 years, you would think that I would know that. I know some do, but I believe they are in the minority. I don't so maybe I should?  <on the contrary... very few corals can live on the products of symbiosis alone. Most coral can hang in for months to years starving very slowly as such. Remember, a coral that gets 99% of its food from light is still starving from a 1% deficiency (net daily loss) if you are not feeding it. Such coral will take a few years to starve to death... but it will in time. Feeding depends on the corals: Leathers and Xenia require little food, LPS and corallimorphs tend to need a lot of meaty foods, gorgonians like phytoplankton and most SPS like fine zooplankton> I have done another 15 Gal. change of water again today, I think maybe the elephant ear coral is showing some recovery! My salt water reading is 022 to 024 all within the parameters. As I said before my fish are in great shape. I know you want my readings , but here in Canada depending on what kit you get, it seems to vary from you guys in the US. I use a Hagen test kit, includes all the necessary tests. I use a electronic PH monitor and it always read 8.3 or higher during the day time.  <very good> My temp fluctuates between 75 and 80 during the day, I have fans to help keep it cool.  <YIKES!!! 5 degree swings are extremely stressful to fish an coral. 3-4 F daily is enough to cause disease. It would be better to maintain the tank at a higher daily temp to minimize the swing (target 78 e.g.)> I have a great deal of live rock in the tank , so I suppose the water capacity is somewhat less. I mean a great deal of rock, all the way up the back of the tank. My DAS tank is about 56 gal. and is about 4 feet in length and 24 in deep. As you know I use VHO lighting 4 tubes four feet long and a couple regular florescent ones. I use the URI bulbs which I understand are the top of the line.  <agreed. URI are at the top!> Well enough for now, if you get the time please respond. the important question is do I feed the corals?  <weekly for most... daily for some> Thanks for taking the time to respond. As I say I don't want to be a pest...all the best your friend in the North I think?/////////Bev Parker <best regards, Anthony>

Coral Feeding page Hello all, Not sure even how to ask this question but I definitely would love consensus answers if possible: <Can, will send around for> Does a list exist or what do you guys think about me or anyone putting together a list of known corals and there known eating habits by species?  <Mmm, sort of... in Borneman, Fossa & Nilsen... others... but not "just" this info.> Something more definitive than the 800 books and articles that have good information or sporadic at best. A quick list where hobbyists can reference preferably before but at the very least after purchasing a coral to help with understanding the necessity of supplemental food sources (other than photosynthesis) all at a quick glance. Instead of having to answer the question as to what a coral eats over and over again maybe an expert panel with a list of various foods utilized by corals. Just an idea. If something like this exists already I would love to know about it. If not I guess........wellllllllllllllllll, I guess I better get busy? Also, if anyone has a list they have already put together they can contact me at paulma30@hotmail.com <I'd like to propose a series of icons... and a "sliding scale".... from obligate macrovores like Tubastrea to altogether photosynthetic species...> I know Anthony has done lots of work in this area and his article on your page (as well as the stuff in his book) is very comprehensive and very valuable. I am thinking of stuff more along the lines of a quick list. <Make it so!> BTW- Bob, it was the coolest to meet your acquaintance at the DEMA show this past Friday. Then to have you buy me a drink???? I feel like a shmuck! I owe you. Come out to Monterey soon mate! <Anytime... and no worries> You have inspired me greatly. I'll have you know I became a member of SEABAY this weekend and had a blast. Met Dave Cripe of the Monterey Bay Aquarium and the plan is to maybe have me volunteer under him for a while as an aquarist. I also took home some amazing frags of some corals I have been trying to get my hands on for quite awhile. Amazing what doors open so quickly. All based on a conversation. Tell Di I said hi. Peter too! The honor was all mine. <Will do so.> Thank you very much, Paul Mansur <A pleasure to meet you. Next time, more time... the DEMA show takes days! Bob Fenner>  

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