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Garlic Use in Disease Control 

Re: Garlic and Ich Hi Bob, But I wish someone would really do a controlled study on this. <What? Science in the pet-fish realm? Or the wing of a bat, eye of a newt. I thought you'd be interested in this. I posted a question on garlic and ich on a ng. Certainly got some "interesting" responses. BTW, I posted one on quarantining and ich, no responses. Like I thought. However, someone did post this: www.reefs.org/library/article/h_cortes-jorge.html Of course it asks more questions than it answers, which must mean it is science. Or closer. :-) <Perhaps a trait or quality of science, but not testable, falsifiable hypotheses...> Curious Jane (maybe in several ways), hope I am not "bugging" you *too* much. <No my friend; you're stimulating me. Thank you. Bob Fenner>> A darn good thing for you, as you aren't getting rid of me. :-) <Our paths are locked. Bob Fenner>
--Jane J

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