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FAQs about Harlequin Shrimps Behavior

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Harlequin shrimp <JasonC here, helping out while Bob is away diving.> Sadly, I lost one of my two harlequin shrimp during a molt about a week ago (most likely due to a lack of calcium in the system... haven't missed a Kalk dose since). have you ever heard of a once paired shrimp repairing? <I would think this wouldn't be too hard to get this to happen.> I'd like to get it back with another shrimp but there doesn't seem to be much information out there about the pairing habits of harlequin shrimp. <and there isn't, but provided you can sex them, you should be able to find the opposite for the one you have, and give it a try.> Should I obtain another 'widowed' harlequin shrimp and place both of them in a divided 10 gallon tank and wait until they seem to get friendly? <I recently found a web site, and person who was breeding harlequin shrimp in Hawaii. He was kind enough to respond to some of my emails and this is what he said about sexing, "Females have colored plates under abdomen, male plates are clear or yellow. This is easier to see when female has eggs attached there, under the plates." He also mentioned that same-sex shrimp do fight. I can't recall the URL to the sight at the moment but believe I found it doing a Google search for "Harlequin Shrimp".> Jon Trowbridge
<Cheers, J -- >

- Harlequin Shrimp - Hello everyone <Hello to you, JasonC here...> Lately i have been doing research on harlequin shrimp.  I purchased a pair from my LFS  along with a red chocolate starfish for them to eat.  I purchased them one was missing a paddle and the other did not have a paddle (i sent a picture along with it with a circle around what i am talking about). <Am I to understand that this picture you sent along is or is not your pair of shrimp? The pair in the picture looks perfectly fine - or did you just want to point out what the 'paddle' is?> Do you think this will make a difference in the way they live? <I don't think so... I would make sure they do get a good, quiet environment to live in.> i was thinking about bringing them back and trading them for a pair that has both of those paddle like appendages intact. <Nah, the paddles will likely grow back after a molt or two, although I must say I don't think they molt very often. But still, now that you have them, you should offer them a good home.> They have not showed any interest in the red chocolate chip starfish (but i didn't really expect them to yet. since i had them for a day). <Sounds about right.> I read a faq that said to use chocolate chip stars since they are readily available and inexpensive. <Mostly true... do check around for deals, perhaps talk to your LFS and let them know you are buying the Seastars as food - you can sometimes save a couple of extra bucks that way too.> i will send you a picture and show you which appendages i am referring to. thank you for everything and have a nice day. Ian Behnk
<Cheers, J -- >

Harlequin Shrimp Question I purchased a pair of Harlequins today.  I am aware of their feeding habits.....starfish only.  The female is missing one of her paddle arms.  Will this grow back when she molts, or do they even molt?   <I wouldn't worry about the arm. I do believe it will grow back in time> Thanks for the help.... <Any time!> Janey

Harlequin Shrimp diet 9/28/04 I had a few questions regarding the eating habits of the harlequin shrimp.  First would the shrimp eat brittle stars? <They target primarily the tube feet, so brittle stars should be safe (safer?).> <<Uh, no. RMF>> Second when the harlequins eat the chocolate chip could the chocolate chip eat any of my corals?   <Chocolate chips are fairly indiscriminate feeders and may damager corals.> Third, are the shrimp reclusive?  I've seen some mixed opinions on the last question and was wondering your opinion.  Thanks, Willis   <IME, they are no more reclusive than other ornamental shrimps, especially once they become comfortable with their surroundings.   Best Regards.  Adam> <<Must be Blundell...>>

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