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FAQs about Jawfishes, Family Opistognathidae Selection

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Make sure and not stock your Jaw/s with potential predators! Lutjanus apodus (Walbaum 1792), the Schoolmaster Snapper.

28 gallon Nano setup, stkg., Jawfish sel., reading   7/10/10
Dear WWM Crew,
<Hello Laura>
I will be setting up a JBJ 28 gallon Nano cube system with LED lighting shortly. I will be using the tank primarily to grow out high end chalice frags that I have begun to collect for my 85 gallon reef tank, and I was hoping to keep a couple of fish in here that I simply can't keep in my larger reef, due to compatibility issues.
My dream is to keep a Blue Spotted Jawfish in this tank as the real "star" of the show.
<Mmm, Opistognathus rosenblatti is really a poor choice here... Needs larger quarters, roomier front to back in particular, and is really a cooler temperature species than the Chalice corals can well tolerate.
Please read here re: http://wetwebmedia.com/BluSptJawF.htm>
I have tried unsuccessfully to keep one in my 85 gallon before, due to bullying tankmates. Although the fish did not make it, I had it long enough to fall absolutely in love with it's personality, appearance, and antics in the tank. I have wanted one ever since. In the Nano, the BSJ would pretty much have the tank to himself, plenty of live rock, sand,
and rubble in attempt to make him feel safe and happy. There is also a tight fitting lid on this tank, to inhibit the jumping instinct that these guys are prone to having.
<Yes... and I'd suggest the "standard" Golden, O. aurifrons, but I think any, all Opistognathids would prove deleterious, at cross purpose with your growing out substrate placed stony corals here. They're digging, 'spitting'
of substrate will harm the corals>
Since the BSJ is a burrowing fish, I was hoping to add a very peaceful, free swimming reef safe fish as well. My thoughts were the yellow or blue assessor Basslet, Helfrichi Firefish, or another fish you might recommend
that would suit this setup.
<These last might well work out>
Also, I wanted to know if I could keep whatever your recommendation is as a pair in the tank, or would just one be the limit due to the small volume of water in addition to the BSJ?
<Again, I'd eschew the use of a Jawfish here>
By the way, I am open to using the Nano as a species setup for the BSJ, and getting more than one as my other fish, all based on your recommendation.
Please know that this tank will have a refugium, protein skimmer, and receive 10% weekly water changes with Tropic Marin Pro Reef salt, as does my main tank. I know the key here is good maintenance and low stocking of
Any books you would like to recommend to me on Nano Reef keeping are also welcome suggestions.
Thanks in advance for all of your help!
Laura Garmizo
<Mmm, please read here as well:
scroll down to the tray on Small Marine Systems, Stocking. There is a general survey article and am accumulating group coverage pieces as I pen them and they run in Ultramarine Magazine (UK). Bob Fenner>
Re: 28 gallon Nano setup  7/10/10
Hi Bob,
<Hello again Laura>
Wow, a bit deflated by the (albeit wise) advice to avoid the BSJ. I know better than to not follow it, however.
Well, suppose I design the live rockwork where the chalice frags are grown out on the rock, keep the substrate free of corals, and focus on the o. aurifrons (yellow pearly headed Jawfish)? Would this work better?
I don't know if this particular species agrees more in terms of the temperature levels the stony corals prefer.
<... it does, and easy enough to search, look up. See Fishbase.org for instance, even WWM...>
I plan to run the tank (if heat issues are kept at a minimum) at approximately 78/79 degrees F. Not hard for me to
switch thoughts to a o. aurifrons - just as endearing to me! But, conditions need to be right...
<Welcome. BobF>

Re: 28 gallon Nano setup... Jawfish, reading   7/10/10
Hi Bob,
Oh, I am so glad to see there is hope to have a Jawfish!
Ok, next question (thanks in advance for your patience). Would I be better off in this setup doing 1-3 fish species tank of the pearly jaws (if so, please specify exact number for the 28 gallon Nano), or 1 pearly jaw and a Helfrichi Firefish or yellow assessor Basslet? Which is more conducive to success?
<Please read here: http://wetwebmedia.com/jawfishe.htm
and the linked files above. B>
Re: 28 gallon Nano setup  7/10/10
Hi Bob,
Thanks so much for the replies. Will do the reading, and make a decision.
Very best,
<And you>

Re: Stocking Question/Dwarf Angel and Other, O. rosenblatti   6/16/10
Thank you for your response.
I have seen mention on your site of the Cool Water nature of the Blue Spotted Jawfish. I have seen somewhat varied descriptions of what "cool water" means. (Which I understand, as it is much like my field of medicine
- varied opinions and suggestions abound!)
<Mmm, "subtropical"... let's state somewhere around/between 60-70 F.>
I also, though, saw one person (WWM crew member) mention that the Multicolor Angels are also "cool water fish", because of the depth at which they are found, and that they would be optimally kept in cooler water. I assume the same might be true of the Deep Water Coral Beauty?
<I would assume so... though, am unfamiliar w/ C. bispinosa collected at such depths... for economic/physiological reasons of both fishes and humans, most all livestock is collected in less than a hundred feet>
If I modified my fish list to include possibly a different version of Anthias/wrasse, all emphasizing a more "Deep Water Habitat", would it be more reasonable then to house the Blue Spotted Jawfish in the tank?
<Mmm... not really. I am attaching a not-yet published (I sell content... writing, image work) piece on O. rosenblatti. Please don't send this about, but do read... Not a good species for the majority of "tropical marine
captive systems">
If so, what would be the optimal temperature for this?
<Below 72 F.>
It seems that a lot of the Stony Corals (more the version I keep) are found in deep waters also, so I thought this might be a good perspective for my tank.
I was reviewing some articles on other fish that might fit into the deep water category:
Thanks again,
Lynn M
<Thank you for your further sharing. BobF>

Lagoon System 8/1/09
Hi Crew,
Reading the dailies and good work as always.
I have a question if you have a moment. I am building a new tank, and doing something a little out of the ordinary and though I have done research, can't find information on some of the fine points and I am hoping you can help me out.
I am putting together a 90 gallon lagoon system, and have a question on the substrate. For reference, it is a standard 90 gallon tank, with a rear overflow and return, 30 gallon sump/refugium, external recirculating protein skimmer, lights are an ATI T5 fixture, heater and chiller. Water movement will be by a Vortech, though as this is a lagoon I expect I will not be running anywhere near max.
The plan for the tank will be to have a bommie on one side of the tank to provide shelter and filter, not too large, and a five inch substrate which will be planted with seagrass and macro algae.
For stocking I am planning on a few corals, an elegance for certain, probably a Montipora digitata, a Sarcophyton on the bommie, and see how much that takes up and what grows on the rock.
Fish, definitely a blue spot Jawfish,
<Mmm, Rosenblatt's Jaw doesn't really live in such a setting, lagoons...>
and a watchmen goby with shrimp partner. Others to be names later Sea grass will be manatee grass, star grass, and oar grass. Algae will be red macro species.
The question I have is dealing with putting the substrate together. I am mixing different sands together to get a mix of size grains, per Dr. Shimek's article in Coral a couple of years ago. Will start with CaribSea Special SeaFlor, mix in some Fiji Pink, and some very coarse aragonite (1/4' or so grain) that I have. That will form the middle layer.
<Sounds very nice indeed>
The bottom layer will be coarse sand to avoid anoxic sections, and the top layer will be Fiji pink and rubble, shells, and white coral rock whacked with a hammer (to please the Jawfish).
<Will all be mixed in short time...>
I know the seagrass will have roots about 2' from the surface, and I will mix in some live mud in this layer;
<Put the mud at the bottom...>
but what I am not certain of is how deep each layer should be?
<The deeper the better... total at least four inches>
I only get one shot at this as this sand bed will not be so easy to swap out. Any advice or alternatives is appreciated
Your friend and WWM Forum member
(Hi everyone at the forum reading this! You guys do such a good job over there too!)
<Do send along progress reports, pix of your system please Dean. Bob Fenner>

Re: Lagoon System... Opistognathid sel.    8/3/09
Thanks Bob,
<Welcome Dean>
Now I am really confused. You say that Rosenblatt's Jawfish doesn't live in lagoons.
<Correct... I have collected this species myself at "Land's end" in the corridor at the southern tip of Baja Ca.>
I have read many sources, but for this discussion will quote Fossa and Nilsen (The Modern Coral Reef Aquarium) where they say "Jawfishes of the genus Opistognathus are also a first choice".
This information is repeated in other places as well.
<... I am/was not disputing that these are reasonable aquarium species; just that they are not "lagoonal">
I have got to say one of the difficult things in setting up this tank is identifying what species are appropriate. The hobby just does not organize information that way. I am trying to be diligent in my research; very
Are any of these fish inappropriate?
Yellow Watchman (Cryptocentrus cinctus)
Orange Spotted Shrimp Goby (Amblyeleotris guttata)
Randall's shrimp goby (A. Randalli)
Firefish (Nemateleotris magnifica)
Green Chromis (Chromis viridis)
PJ Cardinals (Sphaeramia nematoptera)
Pearly Jawfish (Opistognathus aurifrons)
<Mmm, no... i.e., they all can be housed together, given sufficient room/habitat>
I do not plan to have all these fishes, but this is a list I have put together of appropriate species for a community tank. If you have any suggestions for something I missed I would appreciate it.
Inverts: Elegance coral,
<Very stinging, predaceous... may well eat some of the bottom fishes>
Open brain, maybe a Sarcophyton on the bommie, a derasa down the line, tiger pistol shrimp (Alpheus bellulus). Very excited at this build.
Thanks, will keep you posted. I have tons of pix already - and it's still dry Dean
<Enjoy! BobF>

2/20/2009 Jawfish sys, stkg pearly Jawfish compatibility Hello Crew! <Hi Danny> Let me apologize upfront, my e-mail system tends to put random question marks through my letters. <I see this.> I've recently acquired a JBJ 24 gallon nano. It is currently cycling with 35 pounds of live rock and over 40 pounds of Fiji pink live sand, so I will not be getting any fish for at least a month. <Very good!> I have in mind that the star of my new little tank is going to be a pearly Jawfish. I've been reading through forums and the FAQ's here of course, to find suitable tank mates. However, I read conflicting information on whether a pearly would peacefully reside with a black cap Basslet, Firefish (red or purple), or royal gramma.? Just to clarify, I am considering just one of those fish with the pearly. Some posts say their niches are too close, others say those fish will reside closer to the rock work and will not bother with the Jawfish. I want to make sure the pearly Jawfish is happy and will not have any conflict with other fish or be out competed. So, are any of those fish compatible? Any recommendations would be great...as you can see, I am particularly found of the elongated gobies and Basslets. :) <Well Danny, they are personally one of my favorite fish as well. I currently have one in my 150 Gal with a Royal Gramma, Blackcap Gramma, and a Firefish. I would say that your best choice here would be to have just the Jawfish and a Firefish.> Thank you for your time! <No Problem> Danny N. <Mike>

Jawfish System Size Questions, sel.  -- 02/01/09 Hi! <Reed> I am in the process of setting up a 15 gallon high reef tank for a Jawfish (dimensions 20"L x 10"W x 17"H) with a 6-7" sand bed. It will be covered, have a sand bed of varying grades, have about 10 lbs live rock (that is anchored to acrylic rods for the fish's safety), and contain LPS and SPS. I have been reading that Jawfish that reach lengths of 4" or less should be fine in a tank as small as 10 gallons, so I was planning to keep a blue spotted Jawfish (most places list it as 3.5-4" although the WWM info lists it as 6"). <Mmm, Opistognathus rosenblatti? Needs more room than this... and too likely to have problems with anything other than tropical E. Pacific Cnidarians... yours may well sting this Jaw> I came across a question asked on the WWM site earlier today that lead me to believe that blue-spots may be more "high strung" than pearly Jawfish, <I do agree with this> which has made me rethink the idea of adding one. I don't want to add a fish only to have it waste away. If I did not add a blue spot I would be considering a pearly Jawfish or a black-cap Jawfish (Opistognathus randalli, I believe). Which of these three species, if any, would be acceptable to keep in the tank I am planning? Thanks, Reed <Either of the last two... but... there will still be potential trouble with the Scleractinia... Bob Fenner>

Anthias and Jaw Fish? Sel./Sys.    10/14/08 Hello Bob and Crew, <Chris> Thanks for the amazing resource! <Welcome> I have 2 stocking questions for you. I am currently upgrading what has been a very successful 30 gallon SPS dominated tank (yes, required lots of overkill equipment not normally seen on a system this small to maintain proper parameters) to a 65 gallon display with a 37 gallon sump and 20 gallon refugium. I will have approximately 50X turnover in the main display (non laminar flow, random to keep my SPS happy) <Ahh! Much better, and easier to maintain> Filtration for the new system will consist of an AquaC 180 skimmer, ~100 lbs of Fiji live rock and the fuge (on reverse daylight cycle). I will be using a Phosban reactor and carbon reactor (carbon as needed) to maintain low PO4 and high clarity. The system will be running an AquaController maintained calcium reactor and Kalk reactor to maintain pH/Ca/Alk. <Lots of automation> My current stock includes a small flasher wrasse, a yellow assessor, a mandarin (eats mysis) and a Banggai cardinal. I also have a golden angel (Centropyge aurantius) that has been in my quarantine system that I would like to add to the new tank should it be able to prove itself generally uninterested in eating SPS corals clams and Acans. <You'll see> (small frags/a clam will be rotated through the QT system to assess this behavior as best as possible.) There are two additional species I would like to add but am wary of stocking capacity and fish behavior. 1) In the past, I have always maintained ~1 inch of sand in my reef tanks (which was vacuumed weekly as part of my water change routine). I have read several opinions on this site and others re sand depth and this species. Do you think this fish <... Opistognathus aurifrons?> be reasonably content with 2-3 inches of sand and would it be okay to employ this much sand with a weekly/bi-weekly vacuuming regimes? I would rather not go into the uncharted territory of DSBs if I can help it (and would gladly forgo this specimen if need be). <S/b fine here... may well pile up some of this material... No big deal> 2) The other slightly controversial addition that I would love to include but fear I may need to forgo is a m/f pair of some sort of Anthias. I have found hugely conflicting information in regard to the husbandry of these fish. I see that conspecific aggression is a major issue in haremic groupings between females or between two males. I have not been able to find any information about the behavior of a male female pair (particularly in the relatively small system) Pseudanthias bartlettorum seems to be on the smaller end of the easier to maintain members of the group. Nemanthias carberryi also seems to be a smaller species that might be suitable (sources conflict on adult size). What are your thoughts on putting a m/f pair of these or other Anthias in the described system? <Some species, as you state, can/do get along in smaller numbers, sex ratios in captivity. Bartlett's is a good choice here, but your system is getting a bit crowded...> I do not anticipate adding additional fish to the system beyond this stock list. Thanks for your time and input, Chris <And you for sharing. Bob Fenner>

Re: Anthias and Jaw Fish?  10/14/08 Hello Bob (and crew), <Chris> Thanks for your quick reply. My apology for not including the species of jaw fish I am looking to keep! I thought i had included that info but in retrospect i see that i did not! I wanted to house a single Opistognathus rosenblatti <Ahh, named in honor of Dick Rosenblatt, of SIO here (in San Diego)...> in the system. Will he work in the proposed environment? Best regards, Chris <Mmm, I discourage its use here... this species really needs much deeper substrate, a much larger display to "feel comfortable"... it would too likely perish (or jump out) quickly here. The TWA "goldhead" would be a much more appropriate choice/try. Bob Fenner>

Re: Anthias and Jaw Fish? Stkg.,   10/15/08 Hello Bob (and crew), <Chris> Thanks for the heads up on the O. rosenblatti. <Ahh, I do wish Alex Kerstitch (one of the first to collect...) was about still> I am finding the 65 gallon tank to be remarkably awkward to stock. If they are not right for my system, i just assume to forget about trying to keep the jaw fish and the Anthias. <This really is best... perhaps the next (even larger) upgrade...> Clearly he system is too small for most (if not all) tangs but i saw a citation on your website where someone was told they could get away with a Ctenochaetus sp. in this size tank. sources seem to conflict on Ctenochaetus tank requirements (even on this site). Do you think I would be pushing the boundaries of proper husbandry to include a Ctenochaetus hawaiiensis in my proposed system? <Ultimately, yes... if this setting is "too busy" with other livestock, folks happening by, this Chevy will be very unhappy> I would think that if I could keep this species, I would leave the fish population to consist of the yellow assessor, the mandarin, the Banggai, the flasher wrasse and the golden angel (should he make the cut in terms of not eating corals...) <... and to tell you more of some "fact" (truth if you can allow the term), C. aurantius lives in quite large "lek" territories... about the size of a typical room in a house... I would not stock this species here either really> I think that my total system volume (~100-120gal) and my filtration scheme is large enough to handle this population but I'm not so sure about tank space. <What you hint about is very important... Psychological/behavioral space... as you state above, a/the 65 gallon really isn't very large> The Banggai and the mandarin occupy a different niche in the reef than the others so they may not be in such a conflict for territory. What are your thoughts? Thanks for your time, Chris <You have them, welcome. BobF>

Tiger Jawfish selection and compatibility 09/27/2008 Hey! <<Good morning, Andrew today>> I have a couple of questions for the pros. :) <<Lets get to work then...>> First of all, is it better for a fish if a person buys it right when it gets to the LFS (still in the original bag)? <<Nope. This should never be done as the fish will not of gone through shop quarantine, no idea on how healthy the fish is>> Though these fish are expensive, it seems that it would be most healthy for the fish to be acclimated and "relocated" as few times as possible, thus exposed to less stress, pathogens, etc. <<That is a logical way to think on it. However, we do need to be sure that what we are buying is healthy, eats fine etc etc before purchase>> Many people have told me to wait until the fish is eating and lively in the retailer's tank. <<I would agree with that>> Is there any reason for this besides saving money? Since there is no guarantee that the animal will adjust well to the customer's tank, why not buy it right away if it looks healthy in the bag(of course quarantining it before introducing it to the main tank)? I want to do what is most favorable for my fish. Money is not nearly as important to me as their contentment and health. <<See above>> Secondly, I just bought a four inch long Tiger Jawfish. <<Superb, such a great fish indeed>> He is in quarantine right now, but is destined for my 55 gallon "TV"(yes, I am addicted. I watch my aquarium for an average of three hours a day. Obsessed, yes. Proud of it? HECK YES!) <<Heeeeeeeeeee>> The Catch-22 is that I have a 2 inch skunk cleaner shrimp living in the TV. Lol. That sounds ridiculous. Anyway, do you think the Jawfish will enjoy delicacy-o-prawn as well as the new digs when I introduce him? He has a huge mouth and I don't want him to decide that "Cocktail" is the perfect size for it. <<The shrimp will be safe enough with this fish>> And lastly, I was looking on your clownfish diseases page, but I couldn't diagnose the condition on my 2 inch maroon clown. She (I assume it is a she b/c there is no competition for dominance)has a pale vertical streak of white near her tail(and no, it isn't one of her stripes. ;) that is very slowly growing. <<Ok>> A small fuzzy white ball about the size of the ball on a ball-point-pen appeared in the middle of the streak a couple days ago. I did a full water change in the quarantine tank last night, suspecting that the problem is fungal. Then I gave her a fresh-water dip for five minutes...she didn't exactly appreciate that too much. But I noticed that during the dip she produced excessive slime coat. <<Ok, not problem with this reaction>> I held her in my hand and moved her back and forth to keep her gills clear. Then I rubbed the ball gently and it fell off, revealing a small red wound underneath. <<As i would expect there to be>> It appears that the fungus was eating through the skin. Is this possible? Or is it more likely that the fungus grew from the wound after it was created? If you think the was fed by the wound, then what is the white streak? <<Sounds more like an external parasite. Please read here, paying attention to the parasitic agents. http://www.wetwebmedia.com/clnfshdisart.htm >> Thank you so much for your time and thoughts! Brielle <<Thanks for the questions, hope this helps. A Nixon>>

Pairing Blue Spot Jawfish 03/04/2008 I am writing to ask if it is possible to have Blue spot jaws pair up? I purchased a small BSJ and within a week found a larger specimen with a substantial size head. I rolled the dice and hoped they would form a pair. Well, little BSJ went fin to fin with large BSJ. The little one escaped alive minus a hunk of his lip. Now each has started to settle on different ends of the tank, and engage in stare downs. I have moved LR to create obstructions in their sight paths. Is there any hope they will pair? <<I Would guess not. Keeping two Jawfish such as these does need a large amount of space between them, and i imagine in your tank, they are literally at opposite ends>> or should I just be happy I don't have little bits of blue and yellow very pricey fish flesh floating about? <<Yes, be happy>> Just to add, they are alone in a species only 30 g tank. LR and deep mixed sand bed. Just hermits and cleaner crew. Both are eating fine, even the one with the missing lip. <<To be honest, i would not of recommended two of these in a tank so small>> This is my first attempt at BSJ. I have breeding pairs of pearly jaws in 2 other tanks. But these flashy fellas seem a very different beast, than their Caribbean cousins. <<Indeed. More reading for you here http://www.wetwebmedia.com/jawfishe.htm>> Thanks, Beth <<Thanks for the questions. A Nixon>>

Tank stocking... 37-gallon starting with a Jawfish  8/28/07 Okay, my tank is 37 gallons, with 40 pounds of live rock and a deep sand bed. I am getting a yellowhead Jawfish (Opistognathus aurifrons) tomorrow, <One of my favorite fish! These fish are a delight to watch, with enchanting personalities thought they always look mad to me. A couple things you should know. Hopefully your LR is directly on the bottom of you tank and not sitting on top of your sand bed as this fish may very well try to excavate around your LR. If it is not directly sitting on the glass it could lead to LR collapse possibly crushing your livestock. You should also add a bit of mixed gravel, LR rubble, coral bits so your Jawfish can construct a burrow. Sometime they adapt well to buried lengths of PVC. They are jumpers and will find the darndest little hole from which to escape and go carpet surfing. Please make sure your tank is well covered. More here and related links in blue: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/jawfishe.htm > and I'm trying to think of what else to put with it. I know they need peaceful fish. <Yes.> I was thinking of this: 1 blue assessor <Good in theory, though, with all the different LFS I gone to, I've never seen one in person.> 1 Wheeler's watchman goby w/ a pistol shrimp <Neat symbiotic relationship. You may want to consider a Blackray Shrimp Goby (Stonogobiops nematodes) with its symbiotic shrimp as this fish is about half the size and will be less of a bioload.> 2 clarkii clownfish <These can reach a good size up to 5.5 inches... acquire juveniles if you wish to keep a pair.> 2 multibanded pipefish <No. I would highly discourage you. These lovely animals need a dedicated system and specialized care. They can be challenging o feed and require live foods. They generally do not do well in a mixed reef environment. Please reconsider this. Aside from this you already pushing your stocking density. With the fish you mention above.> Would there be any aggression issues here? <Hopefully not, though I would keep my eye on the goby and the Jawfish as they are both bottom dwellers. Good luck, Mich>

Re: Tank stocking... 37-gallon starting with a Jawfish... Now Pipefish  8/28/07 Thanks for the reply. <Welcome!> I understand the concerns about the Jawfish, and my liverock is stable on the bottom of the tank. The tank is also fully covered. <Excellent... Hopefully will save you from potential heartbreak... I love these fish, and I think they are terribly easy to get attached to.> However, the information you gave me on the pipefish goes against the research I've done on them so far. I am aware that they may be challenging to feed, and I would be prepared for that. <Their survival rate is dismal at best and they are really only suited for the most experienced hobbyist who is dedicated to their specific care requirements. Please read here and the related links in blue: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/pipehorsies2.htm > But from what I've read, pipefish actually do better in reefs because of all the microfauna. <Yes, this is true and I likely should have clarified. They do best in a pod/microfauna rich environment. However they should be in a low flow dedicated system with only other syngnathids as tankmates. They should not be placed in your average reef system. This is akin to taking the baby out of the baby pool and placing the child in with the crazy surfers who hang ten before/during/after a hurricane. Contrary to MarthaS... Not a good thing.> They seem smart enough to avoid stinging corals (which I won't have) and most can be trained onto Mysis anyway. <Yes, but they are not easy to maintain and unless this fish is your absolute passion, I would discourage you from attempting to keep.> I do understand that I may be pushing the stocking with the amount of fish, so I would be willing to take out the clownfish. <This is not the issue here. The pipefish is not compatible with this system or any broad-spectrum reef setup. They require dedicated family specific systems.> I'm not trying to argue here, I'm just confused. <I understand and hopefully I have clarified. Mich>

Re: Tank stocking... 37-gallon starting with a Jawfish 8/28/07 Thanks for clarification <You are welcome!> and I think I will now exclude the pipefish from my stocking plans. =) <Yay! I think you are very wise here.> The Jawfish arrived today (from Liveaquaria) and is already eating. <Double yay! Isn't it just toooo dang cute? Thanks for your help. <You are very welcome and I commend you for your decision to avoid keeping pipefish. Mich>

Bluespot Jawfish, avail.   8/8/07 Hello crew. Any idea when the Bluespot Jawfish will be back in stores? <Mmm, no... not so much a seasonal item, as just a species with a limited distribution and collection range... Depends on when folks get out to get it...> Also, are they able to collect them year round? Any restrictions? <Collected from time to time, depending on when folks travel to Baja's tip... need the money. Do have to have Mexican and U.S. permits... but these can be had nowadays. Have your LFS contact Quality Marine in LA. Bob Fenner> Thanks Dan

Blue Spot Jawfish, sel.  - 7/20/07 I was just wondering if you know why this fish is so rare in pet stores? I live in Illinois and have seen the fish twice at a price of $300.00. Are they a protected fish? Thanks Dan <Mmm, just not common or easily caught... I knew the original describer, Alex Kerstitch... and have seen this fish in its range: http://fishbase.org/Summary/SpeciesSummary.php?id=46578 The lower third of the Sea of Cortez... Oh, and demand I guess. Bob Fenner>

Re: Blue Spot Jawfish  7/20/07 Thanks for get back Bob. I had a bsj for 4 months, water quality was great and the Jawfish feeding appetite was excellent. He arrange the sandbed to which he liked, <Where are the spaces between your sentences?> and the problems started. The tank was also a reef setup with corals on the sandbed, which he no longer cared for. The Jawfish would blow sand all over the corals on the sandbed, and on the corals that where higher on the live rock. <What they do> It was a everyday event to get the sand off the corals, and I finally gave up. I return the fish for a store credit,8 months later jaw is still in the display tank, and I regret giving him up. Thanks for the excellent article on the Jawfish, I'm ready to purchase another one. I think the two problems that I didn't know were, not giving the bsj any rubble to make his den, and not enough space with the corals on the sandbed so he could a 360 view. I would appreciate any comment you have. Thanks Dan <Good points... BobF>

Re: Opistognathus rosenblatti   1/29/07 Thank you so much for your quick reply BOB lol  Sorry, but for some reason I always think you're a Ron. <I hope you like him... too!> I'm a bit confused as to why all the books list them as a  tropical species... when in fact they are not.   I have searched many sites and  read many books and have not seen this fish ever listed as a cool water specie until I found the German reef site.   This incredible fish has been basically wasting away in our tanks because of it.  I'm at a loss as to why  this "new knowledge" isn't being published in more reef and fish magazines, books, forums etc.  Reef keepers must be made aware of this change. In my humble opinion, anyways. thank you Lynn McKinney <Mmm... you can search the location sites given on Fishbase.org: http://fishbase.org/museum/OccurrencesList.cfm?id=46578 and in turn the weather/water temp. data for these localities... not all that warm, I assure you. BobF>

Jawfish quarantine Hello everyone,      I thank you for the headaches you relieve (better than Excedrin).  I just read Mr. Fenner's article on Jawfishes and he stated that if one is to keep multiple specimens in a single tank, it is better to introduce them at the same time.  He also stated that they were somewhat territorial.  If I am to quarantine them (2 yellow headed Jawfish) should I place a divider between the two? <Yes, a good idea in a small tank... alternatively, and this may seem counter-intuitive, if you had a handful of these fish, they could be crowded together w/ little risk> Will they be ok together in a ten gallon q tank for about a month without causing each other damage?  Usually I don't put substrate on the bottom of the q tank, will it stress them out if I don't? <I would place at least sections of PVC pipe, but some coarse coral rubble be best> On a related note, how does one determine the sex of a Jawfish?  Are you guys a non-profit yet? <Don't know how to sex Jawfishes... and not an official non-profit, but not profitable!>   Maybe you should look into it if you're not!  Thank you for your help. -Cory
<Thank you for writing, Bob Fenner>

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