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FAQs about Maroon Clownfish Identification

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Blue Stripe Maroon Clownfish? Premnas ID    12/31/09
Hi guys,
<And gals>
You've answered a few questions I've had before, but I just picked up a fish that was on my stocklist but I think I may have scored something at least fairly rare. It is a maroon clownfish, but the stripes have a blue hue to them.
<Happens... and can change>
I'm linking to my photobucket, hopefully that will give you the pictures, if not email back to me and I'll be sure to send along as attachment.
With flash
Without flash
Let me know what you think.
<Read here: http://wetwebmedia.com/marclnidfaq.htm
and the linked files above; particularly the multiple files on Clownfishes in general>
The color in person is very similar to a "blue stripe clownfish" which is more closely related to a tomato clown (I think),
<Not... this is Premnas...>
but this is undoubtedly a maroon and will be the "trophy" fish in my tank due to not being able to keep tangs.
<Enjoy! Bob Fenner>

Maroon Clownfish ID 10/27/07 Just a quick question or two; I have had this captive bred Maroon Clownfish for 4 years now. I purchased it when it was about 3/4 to 1 inch long. This clown has no cheek spine. <Interesting... a salient characteristic> I have been told "no cheek spine, its not a Maroon then." Do some species of Maroon clown fish not have cheek spines? If so, what type might this be? <Is a Premnas biaculeatus... sans the spine... perhaps a genetic difference, maybe an early trauma...> Thanks for being a constant source of quality information. Mark
<Welcome. Bob Fenner>

Clownfish ID, Maroon, Premnas biaculeatus -- 2/20/07 Hi! <Hi Nikki, Brenda here tonight> I've been reading through the site... talk about information overload.  We recently (a couple days ago) bought a pair of gold/yellow striped maroon clownfish.    One is definitely bigger than the other.  The bigger being a female and the smaller a male from what I've read.  The guy at the store told me that they'd been in his tank for 3 years.   <Most likely they are male and female then, with the largest being the female.  It is a bit unusually that a store would keep a pair of Maroons for 3 years.  Display tank I hope.> I'm not sure (he didn't say) if they are true or false clownfish.  My husband and I are VERY new to the salt water world.  Can you help me identify them, and also they started digging out a pit in the tank.  We've hand them for 48hours... no joke. <The term true or false is typically used for A. percula and A. ocellaris.  A. percula, being the true percula and A. ocellaris, being the false percula.  What you have is a Maroon, Premnas biaculeatus.  The Maroon clownfish have two strains, gold-striped and white-striped.  More info here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/clownfis.htm > I have a 55 with live rock, corals, polyps, clam, shrimp, hermits, starfish.  <Sea Star>  They are the only fish at this point in the tank.  Are they about to get their groove on? <They could be cleaning a spot for eggs, but not necessarily.  Clownfishes, by Joyce D. Wilkerson, is an excellent book for clownfish breeding.> Thanks for you help, and sorry about the scatter brained mail. Nikki <Your welcome.  Brenda> <<And further unusual that there is not,  has not developed a marked size difference here... RMF>>
Re:  Clownfish ID, Maroon, Premnas biaculeatus -- 2/20/07 Thank you so much for your help.   <Your welcome Nikki> They were set-up in the store show tank, but he's remodeling his tanks and store. <Great!  I was hoping that was the case.> Nikki
<Good luck with your new pair!  Brenda>

Dark Maroon Hey Guys, Fantastic site, I'm definitely an avid reader.  I do have a question I can't seem to find on the site.  I've had this yellow stripe maroon clown for well over 5 years. He's in a 45gal tank with a good mix of tank mates, peaceful cohabitation, and all the numbers are fine.  The only thing is over the years his maroon coloring keeps getting darker, as you can see in the picture is almost black now. <Nice pic and nice clown> Lighting is 2 x 65 watt PC with 1 Actinic and 1 Daylight 8800oK bulb for around 12 hours.  The dark coloration doesn't change much with alternating the lighting (i.e. turning the Actinic off).  He gets a good mix of frozen foods, mostly Mysis, and always something different from one of the multi packs on the market, I also add vitamins to flake food occasionally.  Is there something I'm missing, other nutrients, different lighting, or is it just old age.    Chuck <Nothing wrong at all with this Premnas... they do often change to darker with age, growth, good health. Bob Fenner>

Maroon...Tomato....Marato? Hi all! I just love this website. My tank is 6 months old. Its an 18 gallon with some live rock, three crabs, an anemone, and a clownfish. When I bought the clownfish my LFS said he was a maroon, and since he was a baby he looked like a normal maroon with 3 strips. As he's grown he's lost the last 2 stripes and has turned black like a tomato clown. Basically I'm wondering if maroons can lose their strips or if tomato's can be mistaken for maroons? If in fact my "Nemo" fish is a tomato, what is their temperament compared to the maroon. Can I put other fish with him? I've looked around the site a bit, but theirs not a whole lot on tomato clowns that I found. Thanks. Amy <Mmm, no... a Tomato is a... excuse me, Maroon's do change "their stripes" and color quite a bit at times... mostly keyed with change in sex (turning into females)... Yours has the prominent "cheek spine" still I take it? It's a Premnas (biaculeatus). Bob Fenner>

Re: Maroon...Tomato....Marato? No actually it doesn't have the cheek spine...unless its so small I can't actually see it. But he or she is about 2 inches long now. So if he/she doesn't have the cheek spine, did my LFS lie to me? <Mmm, can't say from here. Do take a look on fishbase.org (click on the pix shown after looking up the species by common or scientific name)... the spines are very small when the fish are small. Bob Fenner>

Maroon clown question. I love your site. Thanks in advance for any help. I appreciate all of your help. So my question is are white stripe maroons and gold stripes the same fish? I have searched and searched but have come up empty. I know they have the same scientific names but can they breed?<From what I have heard and seen they can and will breed> Thanks again, Shane<IanB><<Are indeed the same species, can change, inter-breed. RMF>>

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