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FAQs about Marine Fishes Compatibility

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Re: Wrasse compatibility? Reading?   02/08/09 Thanks, I really appreciate your input. Based on this list are there any recommendations you would make? <Yes... that you read> What I'm trying to do is have a good assortment of aggressive fish, but at the same time are compatible. I know it hard, but at the same time I think most things are reasonable possible. Thanks again. <... B>

Allelopathy to fish??   12/10/08 Dear crew, Once again, thanks so much. I have spent days reading through stuff on your site and it had helped educate me. <Welcome Dave> One person named Marc wrote in on 05/13/2006 and asked: > Also do the toxins released by the softies have any impacts on the fish in the tank Adam J responded: > <None of concern.> to which Bob countered: <<Mmm, actually... can be of great concern. RMF>> I was wondering if you could expound on that, please. I'm especially concerned with allelopathy with mushrooms, xenia, leathers, and Zoanthids. I was sold by LFS on these by having been told they are "hardy," without any mention of allelopathy. I didn't see much about that until I came upon this site and a few other forums. Thanks. Dave <There are known compounds, particularly of the huge class of terpenoids, that these and other Cnidarian groups produce that are known to be toxic to fishes... Do try this string: "Cnidarian Terpenoid toxicity to fish" in your search engine/s. Bob Fenner>

Compatibility, Firefish, Seahorses and more 7/7/08 I recently purchased a Firefish, and read that Firefish and other gobies do best in groups. <Can be kept in groups, but generally do fine alone as well.> If I were to obtain another Firefish, would they form a compatible pair? <Perhaps, if they find each other acceptable.> In addition, I've read that seahorses are best housed with other seahorses or pipefish. <Yes> But would they be compatible with other passive tank inhabitants (Firefish, clowns, blue tang)? <I would not consider clowns or tangs passive fish.> Or with a zebra moray? <I would not attempt this.> Thanks, John <Seahorses really do seem to do best in a species specific tank. See here for more http://www.wetwebmedia.com/pipehorsies2.htm and check out www.seahorse.org .> <Chris>

Compatibility observations, Gobiosoma... SW, 10 gal.    12/11/07 Hi Crew, Just wanted to share some observations since people are always asking about compatibility. I have a 10 gallon with one large rock, a penguin filter, a small power head and 65 watt PC. A Spotted Cardinal that I have for 4 years and a Neon Goby that I have for about 6 months. The goby tries to clean the cardinal but he usually freaks out. Once and a while the cardinal will stay put for a few seconds but most of the time he tries to shove the goby away. The goby is very quick and the cardinal is slow so for feeding I make sure to feed big pieces first so that the cardinal will get it since the goby's mouth is too small for it. The goby makes a few lunges and then the cardinal moves in and eats. Recently, on a visit to my LFS I saw a Sixline wrasse and just had to buy it. I had one before but ended up giving it to someone with a bigger tank. So I may do that again but right now I am enjoying watching him. The cardinal and the Sixline for the most part have nothing to do with each other. At feeding time the Sixline will lunge at the bigger pieces that I put out for the cardinal and he snags many of them but eventually the cardinal moves in and gets his fill. The Sixline then goes around like a vacuum cleaner eating whatever he can. And the goby darts around for the same food so they do clash at times. Once in a while the wrasse will chase the goby during feeding time but at other times there is very little interaction but both move around quite a bit. I did catch the goby cleaning the wrasse once. The goby has his place under a rock overhang and once in a while the wrasse will chase him there and then just sit there as if to block him from leaving. In any case it is much more lively since I added the wrasse. <Okay... BobF>

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