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FAQs about Marine Fishes Foods/Feeding/Nutrition

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Fish Stomach Contents. ref.s  3/10/08 Dear Bob: I doing a little talk tomorrow evening on fish nutrition, etc.. <Yikes... sorry to be getting back so late with you... am out traveling, giving a pitch in the Midwest> I am looking for printed material on actual, detailed stomach contents of popular marine fish (particularly Anemonefish, Pomacanthids, Centropyge, Acanthurids, Chaetodontids) and also Discus. Can you point me in the right direction or email me something I can find on the internet? Thanks mucho. Otherwise I am off to the bookstore and/or library and or Scripps. See you soon. Regards, Chris. <Ref.s through Fishbase.org are likely the fastest lead here. BobF>

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