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FAQs about Mussid Coral Reproduction/Propagation

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Can be cut up... best with a tile saw... and safety glasses... and old clothes on...

Frag Blastomussa wellsi          5/2/13
Hi Crew, Four days ago I cut one small head from the underside of my Blastomussa wellsi. It is on a small rock of less than 2 inches. The heads on the colony are larger than a half dollar and there are at least 10 I can see. The frag is about the size of a shirt button. Can I expect it to attach to the shell it is on?
<Ah yes; very likely will in time>
There are more heads on the underside of the colony and was wondering how long I should wait till I try it again?
<Perhaps a few weeks>
 I do not see any adverse reaction from the colony. I used a small pointy scissors to cut it out and tried to scrape the rock underneath it when I lifted it out. Thanks, Sam
<Welcome. Bob Fenner>

Cynarina coral split?  7/13/10
I have a lovely pink Cynarina that billowed to six inches across and about three inches high until a week or so ago, when it tightened up some-- and then a couple days ago I saw one morning what looks like the coral splitting itself. Two mouths on each side now instead of just one in the middle, and a clear line of separation in the centre of the coral.
This is the pic... am I a grandcoralmom?
<Heee! Appears so!>
If so, what about its hard skeleton below? Leave it and let it do whatever it wants to?
<Yes... it will divide of its own accord in time (months)>
I'd hate to saw the skeleton in half and jeopardize the natural process, and would be perfectly happy to let it do what nature wants. Just want to know if indeed this is what I think it is, which excites me greatly!
(My BTA split nicely about six weeks ago and I wasn't nearly as thrilled!)
Judy Waytiuk
<Suddenly, on reading your mail, I feel like splitting! Cheers, Bob Fenner> 


Cynarina Lacrymalis, not fragging  11/26/08 Also known as the Doughnut coral. <Ah yes> Greetings to everyone today at WWM! My question is, Is this coral capable of being Fragged? <Mmm, not often successful... there's a need to "get a cut" through the shared mouth... not easily accomplished> It has become far to large for my tank. But I dearly do not want to get rid of it since it is very interesting. <Mmm, perhaps a larger tank? Maybe a trade with someone for something/s smaller?> I have heard of people using Dremel on some things. But I fear of the flesh tearing, I do also have a tile saw with a fresh diamond tipped blade. <Can generate too much heat, tearing as well> Do you think this might do the trick? Finally if this piece is fraggable what would you say the success rate of the coral would be? <Too low to suit me... perhaps 10-20%. Bob Fenner>

Brain coral reproduction 07/07/08 Good evening Gentlemen, It has been a very long time since I have needed your assistance. I have a wonderful brain coral that I believe is doing so well it has decided to make me a grandmother. <excellent> Could you please look at the attached photos and tell me what you think? <Gorgeous pics of polyp drop. Very nice, congrats!> I am curios to know if I should move the Montipora capricornis frag or not. <It's up to you. I know some people like to put rubble under the coral when this happens so they can easily relocate the "babies." This is perfectly acceptable.> I would think that the brain is aware of another animal living so close to it. <Mmm, maybe in some sense it is "aware." However, I doubt it "cares" much either way. Though, in general, it's likely better for if they are given more room to grow.> Would that have a bearing one way or the other? <I do believe it's your call. I would move them if it was convenient to do so. If not, I'd leave them.> Thanks for your help. <Thanks for the pics!>
Sara M.>

Acan fragging... 06/14/07 Hello Crew, <Chad> I have 2 Acanthastrea Lord colonies that I want to frag into individual polyps. What is the best way to do so? <See Anthony Calfo's... book on "Coral Propagation", his various articles re (many posted on the Net)... I'd be cutting a larger colony (bigger than your hand let's say), on a table/tile saw myself...> Each colony has 5 to 7 polyps on it. I read on the website that Anthony C. had an Acan garden that is producing additional polyps in 2-3 weeks <Mmm, seems mighty quick...> by direct feeding. I would like to try to replicate his garden technique but I'm not sure how to split the colony up without killing/injuring the polyps. Please point me in the right direction. Thanks, Chad <Large "clippers" twixt the polyps might do here... but I'd use power tools likely... There is a bunch else to relate concerning eye-cover, assuring the health of the donor ahead of time, sterile technique... Do read thoroughly before attempting. Bob Fenner>  

Cynarina Propagation?  3/10/07 Hello at WWM, I find your site very useful, but am stumped on turning up any info on this topic. I've attached a picture of what has quickly become my centerpiece coral - a thriving Cynarina which is probably close to double in size from when I took that picture.  I was wondering how this species propagates itself as well as if anyone has had success in any form of fragging etc, the way we can do with other corals. <Asexually splitting does occur... the animal undergoing fission... with size/growth... perhaps adversity. Purposeful fragging has proven problematical...> This one seems more delicate with the type of poofy tissue it has, so I will leave it alone for now, but I feed it every few nights and it is easily the healthiest thing in my tank - I would love to see it find a way to make babies! Thank you very kindly, Christie Lo <Mmm, I urge patience... in time it may well "split"... I would post your query on the various hobbyist BB's as well... but (as usual) take all posted there with a big bag of salt mix (not just a grain). Bob Fenner>

Brain (coral) frags, xenia repro.  - 04/19/06 Hello,     I was wondering if it was possible, or how to, frag a brain coral. <Can be scored, cut with a chisel et al., but best cut with a power tool that is securely mounted... a "wet-saw" for cutting tile, or a band-saw is most often employed here> Also, once xenia starts growing all over the same rock, is it normal for it to sort of grow taller as it fights for position, the last time it started getting taller was because a bulb had burned out and they needed more light, I think. <Happens> I checked and all the bulbs are good and since the last burn out I have even got a new lighting system that adds about 55 watts more, they are reproducing like crazy, and fully opened all day and most of the night, so I don't think they are unhappy, but when I first got them they were shorter.  Is it because there is almost 10x the amount now versus when I bought them?   Thank you for your time. <Maybe. Please see WWM re cnidarian culture: http://wetwebmedia.com/marine/inverts/index.htm Bob Fenner>

Acanthastrea husbandry II 5/13/05 Anthony, Thanks for the reply. <always welcome my friend> Since your acans double so fast, do you sell them? <Nope... under no circumstance anymore, in fact, for any of my coral produced. My interest/time in writing, mentoring on websites like wetwebmedia.com, and traveling has cut deeply into my farming time. What I presently produce is given away most often to hobby clubs, public aquaria or the like. When possible, used in general raffles for fund-raising for the aforementioned.> I happen to love Acans for many reasons, and am putting together an 'Acan Garden'. Brandon <Like more than a few other Mussids, they are quite handsome. Best regards, Anthony>

Coral Frag Question 4/1/05 I have a question about a coral frag. I am new to coral fragging and farming. I have a question about a specific coral frag I just received. I just got a very rare color form of an Acanthastrea echinata coral. <Rare is a relative term... it usually means "sucker" BTW (nefarious marketing by unscrupulous vendors.> The frag is only about 1/2" wide. It is on a rock that is about 3/4" wide and about 3/4" tall. I need to get the coral to grow on other pieces of rock, but I'm not sure what the best approach is. <Feed it heavily. I target feed my Acans and they double every 2-3 weeks! It is one of the fastest and hardiest corals available. The sales of such fast growing corals at high prices is just embarrassing> If I set this rock containing the frag on another rock, the frag won't actually touch the bigger rock as it would sit about 3/4" taller than the bigger rock. What would be the best way to position this frag rock to get the Acanthastrea to spread since it is not on a flat piece of rock? Thanks. <I literally grow mine as free living polyps on oolitic sand. I target feed them daily, and they double almost twice monthly. For more info on the price gouging sellers of these corals... do read my "Reef Trendy" article in February reefkeeping.com e-zine. Kindly, Anthony> 

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