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FAQs on Optimizing Growth of Captive Aquatics

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The best growth is not the fastest. A Chrysiptera talboti on the Great Barrier Reef.

Speeding up maturity of sub adult Blueface angel Hi, I have a 2 1/2 in. sub adult blue face angelfish. He is a real neat fish, he's eating great and acting perfect. But I was wondering if there's anyway I can help speed up the process of his changing to an adult? Thanks! <Other than providing him with plenty of room, clean water and nutritious food, nope. Just give him the best of conditions and enjoy!  Craig>

questions on growth Hi, I was wondering about the growth and environment of some fish species. With a Sohal tang, would it be at all advisable to place one, say 4-5" in a 90g tank?  <Probably not... this species gets too large for this size tank... unless you were to stock it with almost no other fish life> Would starting out with a smaller size of this fish make any difference in what their environmental requirements would be?  <Yes> (I know they generally require a lot of swimming room) My tank is 4' long and I am wondering if the fish would grow so large that it would eventually need something bigger. <You are correct> Also, my LFS has some small (4") Naso tangs and the owner told me they won't grow much bigger in a 90g tank, maybe .5 - 1" more. <This is not correct... Naso lituratus, if it were to live and be fed more than minimally would grow to 8-9 inches in two, three years> Would you agree? And if that is the case, do they still grow to full maturity with an appearance of a fully grown adult?  <Very good questions... please read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/optgwth.htm as you'll find, the actual size of a given system is not in the top three of factors that determine growth, size. Bob Fenner> Thanks for your help! Tim

Growing fish fast  Hi Dear  Anthony How are you my friend? I am Nader from Iran, I miss you, <it is good to hear from you too, my friend. I hope you are well> Thank you for your Information, I have a question, My babies in aquarium have a little grow, I give them a good food and I do any work for them, But I think They need to Hormone or Drug for further grow and fast grow, Do you know any drug or hormone for them? <actually the contrary is true. When fish are growing in an aquarium they give off natural hormones that inhibit the growth of each other (and themselves!). What your fishes really need to grow is more water changes to dilute the buildup of these hormones. Professional fish farmers do daily water changes to grow their fish the fastest. Artificial hormones are only used to stimulate reproduction... but generally they are not used for growth> Please write name and address of site, Thank you very much, Nader <with kind regards, Anthony>

"On Optimizing Growth" reprinted in Bermuda Dear Bob: Congratulations on your "Optimizing Growth" article being reprinted by the Bermuda Fry-Angle Aquarium Society. It is featured on the cover too! Thank you for letting me use it and other articles on Aquarticles. Sincerely, Howard Norfolk, Aquarticles.com

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