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FAQs about Rabbitfish Systems

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Siganids get along well in large settings, with peaceful tankmates. E.g. Chromis viridis (Cuvier 1830), the Blue-Green Chromis.

Siganus doliatus, sys./sel.  8/13/09
Hey crew!,
As the title suggests, my question is about the Two Barred Rabbitfish.
<The Two Barred Rabbitfish is actually Siganus virgatus. The Siganus doliatus is called a Scribbled or Barred Spinefoot Rabbitfish.>
My 75 gallon tank currently has a 3" Kole Tang, 2 small false Percs, 1 Yellow Watchman Goby, 1 Velvet Fairy Wrasse, a couple of Emerald Crabs, a bunch of hermits, assorted snails, Zoanthids, and some star polyps. I'd love to have a Siganus doliatus, but I'm wary about my tank being big enough (I'm sure you'll tell me its not, since I have to ask the question!). Is there
another Rabbitfish that you would suggest as the last fish in the tank?
<No, these fish grow quite large and a 75 gallon tank isn't really large enough to properly
house these fish.>
Thanks so much for the help!
<You're welcome. James (Salty Dog)>

Gold-Spotted Rabbitfish, beh., fdg., sys...  -- 03/07/09 Hey guys! My name is Brent and despite a rocky start (I've been a fresh water fish keeper for years and got cocky with marine) I've managed to backlog my studies and make up for a general ignorance of the hobby. Many an insomnia ridden night have been spent pouring through your archives. And because I've noticed that you always prefer figures and number... <Yes... more concrete responses require them> I have an 80 gallon corner tank. 4 inches of live sand, 55 lbs live rock. external Ren Filstar XP2. Nitrate, nitrite and ammonia are always safe *read zero*. Ph 8.2. 80 degrees. SG 1.02-1.021. I have a 1 3/4 inch false percula. 2 green chromis. <Better in small, odd numbers...> 2 striped damsels. (who I have learned are not right for this tank. one is missing an eye and the other a fin) 5 inch Gold Spotted Rabbitfish. 2 CC starfish. <Not easily kept> I have a few questions. If I simply failed to find these specifics, I will apologize ahead of time. I have read up on the livestock and set-up but I had some fairly specific *and hopefully not TOO foolish* questions. The Rabbitfish has always been very shy (which I understand is normal) but has come out of his "shell" recently with the addition of 38 lbs of live rock and the necessity of feeding mysis shrimp. (I have a clown who won't eat anything else. I tried the expensive flakes, pellets, worms, etc) I understand he needs more vegetable components in his diet. I have a significant (but not overwhelming) brown algae growth and the mix from the pet store is omnivorous. Is there anything I should be adding to make sure he gets enough veggies? <Mmm, macro-algal culture here... or better, here and in a tied-in refugium would be great> Specifically, are the high end omnivorous "blend "chips enough or should I add something else? He's getting plenty of meat. :) <You mention "pellets"... have you tried "Spectrum"... mixing this in with the Mysis?> I've read between 1/2 to 2 lbs live rock per gallon. Is there a more specific number I should be shooting for with these fish? <Mmm, no> Most importantly, with 80 gallons and these fish, is 55 enough? <Not really for a Siganid/Rabbitfish> I've read here that feeding starfish once a week is a good idea (not what the shop had to say. (Sadly we have one saltwater shop in town and it's a chain store.) Krill have been recommended. Stupid question. I read that putting them on top of the food is the way to go. <Or the food next... maybe twice a week... Please read here: http://wetwebmedia.com/ccstarfdgfaqs.htm> (These are my newest additions, 4 days ago) Do I physically pick them up and set them on it or do I try to drop it near them? <The latter again. See the above citation... and the links listed at the top re CC stars> I've tried the latter and they ignored it but I'm worried about moving them. My reading shows that they don't do well with movement. Is that just their intolerance of changes in conditions or is being moved inside a system just as bad? <Just being stressed by being touched period> And of course if there are any other glaring errors, I'd be happy to have my mistakes pointed out. Thanks you! Brent <Thank you for writing, sharing so well Brent. Keep learning, moving forward... Bob Fenner>

Foxface Rabbitfish... sys.  06/06/2008 Hello crew! <<Good Morning, Andrew today>> Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to provide such an amazing site and directly answer my questions/problems! with that said onto the Q&A he he. <<its my pleasure>> My current set up is a 50 gallon tank with about 50 pounds of nice rock and a 2in sand bed Euro Reef RS80 skimmer carbon reactor sump and refugium. I Currently have housed in this tank 2 false Percs, a blue/green chromis, Kole tang and scalefin Anthias. I would love to add a smaller Foxface Rabbitfish (Siganus vulpinus) to my tank. <<You would need a larger tank to house this fish, at minimum, 75gallon>> I know I am at tank capacity as is but i would be removing a few fish to accommodate for a Foxface. I would love the keep the Kole and Clown Pair if possible, that would make the new tank fish: 1 Kole tang, 2 false Percs and 1 Foxface Rabbitfish. Does this sound like it would work out? <<Afraid not, the Kole tang is in a tank in which is too small, again, a bare minimum of 75 gallon should be used for this tang>> i really like the Foxface Rabbitfish and think they are amazing fish. I also love my Kole and will not get rid of him since i put him over the Foxface but not by much! I don't want to overstock the tank and would love the new addition and input from you guys over at Wet Web. Also while I'm here i have a quick DSB question...I'm currently adding sand to my refugium area in my sump (which up to about 2 weeks ago didn't have any sand in it) I was wondering if adding a 4-5" DSB in the refugium part of the sump would be worth it and help in denitrification? <<Certainly, it will always help in natural nitrate reduction, get some macro algae and live rock rubble in there with it>> I do not want a massive sand bed in my display, but wouldn't mind one in the sump. Again your expertise is greatly appreciated as you guide me in making a safe, valuable addition/upgrade to my set-up. Thanks! <<Thanks for the questions, i hope the above info helps in your quest. A Nixon>>

Sgt. Major Bullying New Foxface! Sounds about right, doesn't it? -- 04/30/07 Hey!.... I've told you before and ill tell you again.... GREAT SITE! haha. I notice you fellows here that alot. <No such word...> Neways.... <Ditto> I was wondering, I just added a Foxface to my 40 gallon tank.. Too small for a Siganid species...> All I have in it is 1 Blue Devil Damsel, 1 Sgt Major, and a small cleaning crew.  The Sgt. Major seems to be chasing the new Foxface all over the place. <What they do...> It is making me very angry because the Foxface is very cool and one third the price. It doesn't seem to be nibbling the fins of the Foxface but I don't want it stressing it real bad.... I have tried catching the damsel but its impossible <...> and am stressing the Foxface out even more... The damsel is much too quick for me haha...  I will  be very upset if I loose this guy over the Sgt.... I wouldn't want to get rid of the Sgt... What do you recommend? Thank you! Jason k Ontario, Ca <One needs to go... somewhere else. Bob Fenner, just back from Toronto>

Foxface in a 55 10/11/2006 Hello Crew: <<Hello.>> I had a quick question regarding stocking my 55 Gallon Tank. A little Info: The temp is 78.6, 0 Ammonia, 0 Nitrite .05 Nitrate, 8.2 PH, 1.023 SG.  Currently have 15 Various Hermit's, 5 Astrea and 1 Turban Snail, 2 Perc. Clowns, 1 Sixline Wrasse, 1 Yellow Watchman Goby, 1 Royal Gramma, 2 Cleaner Shrimp, 1 Neon Goby, and one Blue Sided Wrasse.  I have 2 Maxi Jet 1200 power heads, an Aqua C Remora Skimmer, and an Emperor 400 Filter. <<The emperor is a less popular filtration method for SW tanks.  All seems well in your tank though.>> I also have about 45 pounds of live rock and 30 Pounds of live sand.  Now for the questions, would I be able to SAFELY add a Cherub Angel and a Foxface Lo? <<No.  You are full fish wise I'm afraid.  Your wrasse gets to 6' long.  Your clowns get larger than you may think as well.>> I'm pretty sure the Angel would be fine but the Foxface has caused some questioning.   I find that some people say minimum 75 but researching on WWM Mr. Fenner stated at one point that it would be ok. <<It's not just the tank size that you have to consider, but how stocked the tank is already.>> Please give me your opinion as I base all stocking on your expert advice. Thank you so much for your time, <<You are quite welcome. I'm glad to help. Lisa.>>

Chaotic Clownfish... stung by a Siganid? Crowded for sure  8/17/06 I have a maroon clownfish that has been in my tank for the last two years.   He has always been very peaceful and healthy.  Yesterday I was cleaning some algae off the glass in the tank and he nearly jumped out.  Startled, when I looked back into the tank he was swimming wildly in all directions, upside down, sideways, summersaults... as though he had completely lost control of his body.  He was scratching himself up on the live rock and the other fish started to get aggressive towards him because he was swimming so erratically.   I quarantined him to a corner of the tank so he wouldn't hurt himself, but over the past day and a half his condition has not improved and he continues to swim sideways, upside down, and in circles.  I have tried to feed him but he doesn't even notice the food, and now his color is starting to lighten.   The only thing that I can think of is that when I was cleaning the tank the fish became agitated and he was somehow stuck with venom by the Foxface that is also in the tank. <Yikes... this would do it...> (The 40 gallon tank has a fox face, <This tank is too small for a siganid> the maroon clown, a coral beauty, <And/or too small for a regular sized species of Centropyge> a blue damsel fish, and a coral banded shrimp.  All the fish are about 3 inches.  There have been no new additions to the tank in six months.)  Please let me know if you have any ideas on what could be wrong with him or what could be done. Joe Tremblay <Mmm, I like your speculation if the other fishes don't appear affected... If all had spun out, I would guess that something to do with the algae/scrubbing set off a physical/chemical reaction. At any length, you/they need a system at least twice this volume/size. Bob Fenner> Tank size Is a 55g. to small for a fox face and how fast do they grow? <A fifty-five is not too small for most species of Siganids, if it's not overcrowded already and has relatively "peaceful" tankmates. Most are slow growers - a couple of inches per year if adequately fed. Bob Fenner>

Put Foxface In A Reef Tank?...I Would! - 11/05/05 Hey guys one quick question, I'm restocking my tank as you know from my damsel/Flameback problems and am considering a Bicolor Foxface to enter quarantine next (or possible just freshwater dip). <<Are we talking Siganus uspi? If so I have one of these...great fish in my opinion.>> I have no experience in keeping a Foxface and am inclined to decline the purchase solely on the possibility it could find my open brain corals tasty. <<Could...but no more risky than many of the tangs, dwarf-angels, etc., we place in our reef tanks. For what it's worth, I have two open-brain corals in my tank and the Foxface has not bothered either.>> I understand they are potential coral eaters but I was wondering if you had any personal experience in trying a Foxface in reefs. <<Yep, as stated currently...and other species in the past.>> Also you can't beat the price it was an accidental shipment and my friend is going to give it to me for the cost of the shipping. <<Sounds like a great deal.>> Few more semesters of school and I will have my double in Marine Biology and Marine Aquaculture and will join friends in Hawaii working to increase species diversity of marine ornamental aquaculture. <<Good luck with the project. I just came back from diving off the Big Island...amazing diversity of fish species just a stone's throw from the shore! Do get your face wet (snorkeling/diving) while you are there.>> They are working on many species of Centropyge and I am excited about the progress being made daily. I'm hoping soon we will all be buying our flame angels from tank bred and raised sources. Thanks again you guys are great! ~Matt Tyree University of Maine, Orono School of Marine Sciences <<Sounds like a great time ahead! Regards, EricR'¦wishing he were back in HI>>

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