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/A Diversity of Aquatic Life

Boxer Shrimps, Family Stenopodidae

By Bob Fenner

A CBS in Bunaken, Indonesia

A nice Stenopus cyanoscelis specimen at Interzoo 08, though missing a claw.

Stenopus hispidus Olivier 1811,the Coral Banded Boxing Shrimp. Worldwide tropical distribution. Males smaller, more slender than females. Keep in reef settings with a cave of their own. May consume small fishes, other crustaceans. Eat most all meaty foods.  In captivity and N. Sulawesi.

Stenopus pyrsonotus Goy & Devaney 1980, the Ghost Boxing Shrimp. Indo-Pacific, including Hawai'i. Not as hardy as Stenopus hispidus, coming from deeper water. Aquarium and Hawai'i pix. 

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Stenopus tenuirostris Blue Boxer Shrimp. Tropical Indo-Pacific. To 2 cm. Exceedingly shy in the wild and in captivity. A small beauty nonetheless. N. Sulawesi (Lembeh Strait) pic. 

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