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FAQs on Tube Anemone Foods/Feeding/Nutrition

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Fine to larger meaty foods.

Tube Anem. sys., fdg... I recently purchased a tube anemone that is BEAUTIFUL.... It has glowing peach tentacles that are long and flowing.. and the tube is dark Purple about 5 inches long just at the tube.. The tentacles appear to be 8-10 inches even curled up.. maybe longer when fully expanded..... We fell in love and couldn't resist.. The trouble is ..This anemone I know nothing about.. Please tell me the best way to take care of it.. And will it hurt anything in my tank. Since I purchased it I have heard that they will eat the smaller fish if given the chance?? What is the best food to feed them.. DO they like strong current.. Light, etc.. Help Also it seems to have a slimy looking gray stuff attach on the side of the tube.. is this waste product.. My Foxface fish tried to nibble at this gray stuff..?? any ideas.. Please tell me all you can about tube anemones.. Thanks Leeann >> I have a feature length article on these stinging-celled animals at our wetwebmedia.com site, but you may not like what you read... In a nutshell, Tube Anemones (Order Ceriantharian) are not suitable for much of any other type of set-up than a dedicated "species" tank. That is, one that caters to their particular needs, and little else. These animals require deep, soft sand beds (or hand made substitutes, see the article), present heavy nutrient/waste product circumstances, and "give off" a whole bag of stinging cell and chemical products that are hard on tankmates... A few at least, precautionary statements: Place the Tube anemone way, way far away from other sedentary life. They are real winners (and the other life real losers) in most all contacts..., It will indeed eat any/all of your fishes if they get near or sleep near... They do like meaty foods, placed near on their inner or outer tentacles, once/twice a week, They can do with or without strong current; most are collected in rather stagnant, muddy conditions. Light is of little consequence. The grey stuff around the base is an exudate the animal is producing (mucus plus...), and will eventually break off in bits and need to be removed. The Foxface is just sampling his/her universe... it will "learn" to avoid the Tube Anemone. As you might/may understand from the above, I do not encourage you or others to "try" these animals in general marine or reef aquariums. You'll soon know why. You might want to try returning/exchanging this animal for something more suitable/compatible... Bob Fenner Thank you so much for your quick reply... Your information was so helpful and may help save my tank.. I have a well established tank and had lost nothing for quite some time.. But today I lost my coral beauty ( dwarf angel and my mandarin is not looking to good.. Both have been in my tank for months.. And my sea apple has closed up tight .. in a weird position...After getting your message I see why.. I have moved the anemone off to the side by itself.. But it moves around a lot.. I think I will try and take it back.. But I am greatly upset that the store I bought it from... Did not warn me. This is where I purchased my original setup.. and have purchased most items from except for the order I got from flying fish.. They know my tank well.. At the very least they could of warned me that even thou it was beautiful.. it was deadly to many of the fish that I already had.. Enough burdening you.. I just really wanted to THANK YOU !!!!!!!!! I have always researched before purchasing.. Except this time.. I have learned my lesson I will never purchase on impulse again.. Thanks again... Leeann  >> Leeann, you are very welcome. I would hate to see you leave this wonderful hobby because of a tragic loss; all for want of a little information. Not to offer excuses for your store, but there is so much to know and relate to others that there are many instances, indeed many types of livestock that are dangerous or incompatible with other forms... Ah, yes and your personal lesson. So glad to hear of your previous diligence. Like freedom, this is the eternal cost of good husbandry. Good luck to you. Bob Fenner

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