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FAQs on Tube Anemone Reproduction

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tube nem; splitting beh.        10/16/15
<Mmm; Kyly; please run your message through a spelling and grammar checker. Fix it and resend w/ your image. B>
lori messaged you about me. here is my story.
ive had this guy since mid summer, and he hadnt moved since i put him in
the tank. last week, he ditched the tube, and his crown was poking out
the back of the rockwork. he ate, and appeared happy, so i left him, to
rebuild his tube. last night, i fed, and there was one.
weve been packing to move, so ive been crazy busy here, and not staring
at the tank like i usually do, and today when i did a water change,
edited tube nem email       10/16/15

<.... now twelve Megs....>
I've had this anemone since mid-summer, and he hasn't moved since i put him in the tank. Last week, he ditched his tube,
<Cerianthus.... do this>
and his crown was poking out the back of the rock work. He ate and appeared happy, so I left him to rebuild his tube. Last night, I fed him, and there was only one.
We've been packing to move, so I've been crazy busy here, not staring at the tank like I usually do, and today when I did a water change, I noticed that my heater had quit working, and my temperature was at 69°. I replaced the heater, and this evening, just before the lights went out, I saw that there were two crowns!!
<This is also not uncommon amongst Tube Anemones>
Out of curiosity, I got a little bit of food ready, and spot fed. Both crowns grabbed food, and ate. So do you think this guy really split?
<Yes; apparently so>
Or is there a possibility of a tube build gone wrong? That thought popped into my head also. Maybe he has a thin piece across the end, and is poking out both openings? I've read that these anemones splitting isn't a common thing.
<It isn't uncommon. You can put some small sections of PVC pipe... of a 1.25, 1.5" diameter down to speed and secure the position of these animals if you'd like>
Side note: I saw you talk a few weeks back in Indiana. It was an awesome experience!
<Ahh! Cheers, Bob Fenner>

Tube Anemone Dear Sir: I was reading your article on the Internet about the tube anemone, and I was hoping you could point me in the right direction to answer my questions if you cannot. I have a 75 gallon reef aquarium. I have a tube anemone and have had had it in the tank for 5 months. The anemone has begun reproducing.  There is now another smaller one coming out of the substrate. Where can I learn more about this? <You may be the one to actually write what you are observing> If you could please help with my research into this behavior it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! <I would first take a read through the internet (via different search engines) with the terms "Tube Anemone", "Ceriantharian" and see if this satisfies you. If not, a trip to a college/university library to seek the help of a reference librarian. Congratulations on your successful husbandry. Bob Fenner> Brett Chisholm

Tube Anemone mystery,  magical repro.? Nope I bought a orange tube anemone from my LFS, and they told me that it was safe. <Not so> After reading on from your archives I decided to remove. I have a small bi-color blenny / scooter blenny / Jawfish / yellow tang / from what I have read he would be a predator to these my problem is I removed him on Monday , Tuesday he was back without his long tube. so I pulled out just the anemone and returned him to his tube at the store the I came home Thursday night and another one was there!!! did it reproduce? or split? <Possibly> I guess they don't need there tube? <The tube is non-living material made by the Anemone. Can be shed, replaced at will. Bob Fenner> thank you, sensitive fish guy James DeHoff

Question about tube anemone Cerianthus, reading   10/19/07 Hi.. I have used your site quite a bit. and I find lots of useful things thank you for creating it! My issue. I have one tube anemone Cerianthus.. its basically the most common one's/pinkish tentacles. Since I bought it, it has been in a 3 gal tank <Too small...> along w/sand/live rock/ and one arrow crab, and hermit crab. No fish or anything else, lately I seen one nuisance anemone in one rock. Everything has been doing GREAT for about 3months...until.. The other day I found my tube anemone dead looking. I noticed there was a hole/slit on his 'body' part. Looked like some 'guts/brains' came out of it. basically looks like something slicked him on his side. or cut a hole/shot him! Anyways. I moved him to a separate hospital tank with filter/lights.. he's alive. but. he expelled some of the guts (oh and few of his arms fell off ..)..now his wound looks like there a bit of a brownish sponge like thing.. he's just laying there like its about to croak. still is producing some mucous though. His 'body' (the worm part of him) is still dark purple. his tentacles look bruised and they obviously are down...and he used to be so gorgeous especially at night when 'hunting'! I'm so devastated! <...> My question is first of all. should I put him in the sand or give him sand in the hospital tank? should I just let him lay there and recover? I mean it is still alive.. Second of all. HOW did this happen and why? <Inappropriate setting... lack of research...> Could it be the arrow crab pinched it?? also looks like he sort of just exploded. maybe he couldn't digest something?? um.. also. I noticed he would hop out of his spot and move around at least once every week or 2..was he unhappy? Did he need more than 2inches of sand? or do they do that to create new mucous as I call it 'sock' around them every so often and need to move? I just don't know why and HOW he got the injury. It was Not from the filter that's for sure. Water conditions etc everything is good. Could it be the arrow crab? They were fine for months though.. also my last question...should I medicate it? should I leave it alone. will it die? bounce back? I have never had any tube anemones. I really don't know what to do. thanks for all your help. I greatly appreciate it! just the other day he looked like this.. http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c256/greta622/IMG_6184.jpg Thanks!! <Please read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/tubeanem.htm and the linked FAQs file above. Bob Fenner>

Re: Cerianthus...   10/20/07 Thanks for the prompt reply! Well...the tube is doing better. it has split into a V.A there are tentacles on both sides. basically it's splitting into 2..is that normal?? I have never seen or heard of tube anemones doing that! <... keep reading. B>

Looks good here.

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