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FAQs about Worms, Vermiform Animals of all Kinds, Reproduction 

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Worm Spawning 2/9/04 Good evening Anthony? <and to you Morgan :)> Hope your life is salty and wet. ;]   <Oh, so many wonder responses to that open door comment.> I wrote about my flame scallop a while back, I've had it for a year now and its still happy and growing.   <good to hear... any ideas why that you might share with us?> So I bought a big white one to keep it company.   <Ughhh... you know, they say that lightning never strikes the same place twice> Hehehee  Its a good thing I'm an experienced reefer eh? lol <Ahhh... or the other side of that coin is "even a blind squirrel finds a nut sometimes"> Well this evening I  turned the lights back on after about two hours to finish fragging an Acropora and clean the glass.  After an hour or so I noticed white cloudy stuff coming from the area of my Anacropora.  I lifted up the colony and found that my rock boring worm? was spawning.   <very cool> Pretty darn sure, it didn't look like rock dust and the worm went at it for a long time.  I always figured I had some sort of worm in the rock because it would leave tube-like stuff (like thin feather duster tubing) around the holes and underneath other rocks.  I tried to id it on the web but I couldn't find anything close to what it is.  So here I am... ;]   If you look at the close up picture you can see a hole with xenia close by, you can see 2 tentacles that are banded brown and white.  Well I hope you can see them...   <not clear in the <1% of the image that they occupy <G>. A closer/full-frame shot would help if possible> Anyway, this guy has 5 brown and white banded tentacles surrounding a mouth?, like a calcareous tube worm mouth.  I figure this is some type of Serpulid? worm, but I've never seen one with 5 tentacles.  Hope you enjoy the sexy pictures. ;] Sweet dreams! Morgan Mok <the event is really neat. And much appreciation for sharing the pics and report. I wish I could be of more help with the ID, but it would be nothing more than a guess at this point. Do send a better photo is possible and I'll give it the old college try :) Anthony>
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