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FAQs on Chiton Identification 4

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Purple rolly poly creature    6/7/18
Hi Crew!
<Hi Dani>
Found this hitchhiker while I was aquascaping. It is less than a quarter of an inch and resembles a rolly poly bug.
<Ah yes, this is a mollusk of the class Polyplacophora, commonly known as Chiton or sea cradle, they have shells made up of eight overlapping calcareous valves; usually found on every environment, pose no threat to other aquarium inhabitants as they are algae eaters, always crawling over the glass or rockwork grazing for film algae and diatoms, so they can be use as part of the clean up crew.>
What I found most remarkable was his extremely bright purple color—like neon bright kind of purple! I let him be in the tank. Figured I’d share, just in case you haven’t come across this before, although you probably have lol.
<Thanks for sharing>
Sincerely, Dani Conner

Chiton?      2/9/18
Identification help, please.
<Umm; the little whitish object towards the middle? Looks like it. Bob Fenner>


Re: re: Chiton?      2/9/18
Yes, they are very tiny. Like 1/8th of an inch.
Circled in attached
<There are some small species of Polyplacophorans, but these are likely just juveniles. See WWM re.

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