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FAQs on ""Chinese"" "Algae Eaters": Reproduction

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I have what appears to be a Gyrinocheilus aymonieri that is heavily egg laden or so I think.   11/6/11
<Possibly, but honestly, bloating, constipation, or even dropsy are much more probable. You should elect to treat with Epsom salt as per constipation simply because such treatment is harmless and will eliminate one possibility; the method is described here:
As these animals are somewhat herbivorous, you might also want to review diet, as here:
Dropsy is characterised by a distinctive "pine cone" appearance when viewed from above because the scales on the abdomen rise outwards. It's difficult to treat unless antibiotics are used.>
What does this fish require in terms of changes or additions to the tank in order to birth the eggs?
<If egg-laden or egg-bound, the Epsom salt should help.>
Any advice on this would be much appreciated. Cheers Doug
<Hope this helps, Neale.>

Gold and wild type Chinese algae eater... Wherefore art these?   3/14/07 Hello,           I know that the so-called "Chinese Algae Eater" is a wild-caught species, <Mmm, not usually... has been largely cultured the last few decades> but is the "gold" albino variant wild-caught, <No, it is captive-produced as well> as well. I am not a fan of man-made fish, and so have no use for the gold variant if it does not occur in the wild. Thanks. Bill Day-Skowhegan, Maine <Mmm... well, for the sake of clarity... the flavistic CAE is the result of fortuitous accident, and perpetuation through selective breeding... No Frankenstein, genetic manipulation involvement. Bob Fenner>

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