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FAQs About Newts & Salamanders, Amphibians with tails...: Water Dogs

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Feeding Mudpuppy (Necturus maculosus)     7/24/12
Mudpuppy (Necturus maculosus) eats only live food. He/she has been kept for over six months in a 20 gallon aquarium, but absolutely refuses to eat anything but live food! I have tried stick feeding, but the smallmouth bass in the same tank steals the food or the amphibian is scared away.
<The fish need to be kept elsewhere>
Most recently the salamander has eaten two crayfish, but I don't want to provide an improper diet. Pumpkinseed, which do not contain Thiaminase, are common in my area, but I need to know how to wean it to frozen food. Sincerely, the son of the sender.
<A bit of patience and trials... offering strips of meaty foods on a "feeding stick"... waved in front of its face. Bob Fenner>

Water Dog Information Sought Have you heard of a freshwater fish named a water dog and can you tell me where I can get information on this fish <Not a fish... but an axolotl... an amphibian... something between the fishes and reptiles... Like a salamander. Here is a nice site that describes them, their captive husbandry: http://www.icomm.ca/dragon/salmndr.htm <Bob Fenner> Connie

Ambystoma... Water Dogs I recently purchased what the pet dealer told me was a mud dog, it is an aquatic animal of some sorts, it has gills, a tadpole like tail, legs, and dragon looking things that come off of the side of it's head. If you know what I am referring to please let me know what they eat the guy that sold it to me had no idea what it ate ? <gee whiz, my friend... it is critical that we as responsible aquarists don't purchase any such animals on impulse without knowing anything about how to keep them alive. Not the least of which is how to feed them. I am very grateful that you have inquired for this information after all, but please do consider for the future that we must research out captive charge's needs before buying them for fear of taking responsibility for an inappropriate animal (with needs that will not or cannot be met by you). That said...in the wild they are said to eat worms, tadpoles, insect larva, crustaceans and fish. Some in captivity have even been fed thawed pink mice (lab food). Do look up the genus Ambystoma. Best regards, Anthony>

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