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FAQs on Black Ghost Knifefish, Apteronotus (Sternarchus) albifrons, Reproduction

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Mainly Black Ghost Knife questions Hi and thank you WetWeb staff, My fish are doing great, after a very scary introduction. No one died and having been doing great (refer to suddenly stocked tank on WetWeb).  Well just a few questions, if I may.  But for reference I have a 55gal with Emperor 400, heater, etc., lots of (fake) plants, semi- fine (1/8" or smaller) substrate, a few rocks of different shapes making caves, heated to 80F, 7.8 PH, all levels great. a 8" BGK <Black Ghost Knife> a Pleco 6" 2- Blue Gourami (or Opaline Gourami not to sure because they have changed colors since I got the new one) a 4" and 2". a tiger barb 1.5" a clown loach 1.5"(just got him) a zebra loach 1.5" a ????? frog .75" I feed my fish a very wide variety of foods on a change by day basis.  My BGK has always been black and yellow I researched why because what I had seen was they should be white, I think on your site I was reading that some BGK are of a yellow variation. <Yes. this is so> Well my question is since I got mine a month and a half ago, he has started to turn whitish starting at the bands on his tail? I don't know why, I know that where he came from he was poorly fed and in a bad environment. Well Are there yellow variations or not (just mistreated BGK)? <The white/yellow markings do change with diet, water quality> My next question(s) is.  I now have 2 blue Gouramis how long will it be before they will reach sexual maturity?, <A few months> I know they're bubble nest builders but have never seen them do this. I have lots of plants. is it a comfort level or something? <In part... also, the motion in the waters surface, the presence of other fishes> they seem to be very happy, the most aggressive feeders in my tank (other than the BGK at night). what I'm getting at is if they will\can breed? <Doubtful, unless given a calm, warm setting... on their own> I cant find anything on sexing them so I don't know. <Search the Net, books... not hard to discern if of size, maturity> and at the same time can my loaches possibly breed? <Can, but rare... they do get BIG (a foot or so)...> They are inseparable.  I would also like to get 1 or 2 Bala sharks (I am going to be getting a new 125gal in September and plan a move) will they get along with what is in my tank? What else is a possibility for moving fish? Thank you all for the site and personal help, James <Yes, and many choices. Bob Fenner>

Breeding black ghost knives I have recently gotten interested in the BGK. When I'm interested I read every possible thing I can find, <Great>I have just read your section with the questions and answers for the people with the BGK (very knowledgeable and interesting by the way) <Thank You> and I noticed that not many people know about breeding these wonderful creatures. Well I looked and looked and it seems these people got it down. They even give tips to show the difference between males and females. Just thought you would like to read the page in your quest to help other people. It is very helpful. The site is: http://blackghostknife.tk/ I am thinking about breeding and this site is very helpful. Thanks, Steven Bertinato <Thanks for sharing. Don>

Black Ghost Knifefish production? Word on the internet is that the Black Ghost fish (Apteronotus Albifrons) is being bred in Australia and Malaysia...any information on how its being done? Thank You, Richard Davidson  <Very interesting. Do know that other Apteronotids have been bred, raised in captivity (for science). Have not heard that this species was being produced commercially. Will be sure and check at the upcoming (May/June) Aquarama show in Singapore re. Bob Fenner>

Breeding black ghost knife fish? Hi. I was wondering if you could help me out on how I can tell the sex of my black ghost knife fish, and how to get them to breeding. <It's almost impossible to distinguish male from female in this species. Captive breeding has been accomplished in Australia, but details are sketchy. You might try keeping the pair in a very large tank, feeding them only the best of foods, and then see what happens.... That's about all I can suggest. Best of luck with this endeavor, and do keep a log so you can write up and publish an article when you're successful! --Ananda>

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