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FAQs About African Dwarf Frogs, Selection

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African dwarf frog, stkg./sel, beh.     3/4/13
I have had my African dwarf frog for at least 7 years and I always worry that he/she is lonely?  Do they get lonely if they are not w other frogs and should I get a friend for him/her ?  thankxxxx
Lisa Loyo
<I don't think that Hymenochirus "get lonely", but do find them more interesting in groups. Bob Fenner>

Mini African frogs, stkg./sel.     1/5/12
My male passed away and I only have the female left. Do they get lonely and need another mate?
<Not really, no.>
Is it possible to have 3 in the same type of small aquarium?
<Sure, assuming it's a reasonable size. The aquarium must be at least 5 gallons even for a single African Dwarf Frog, but that 5 gallon tank could hold 3-4 specimens as well as a singleton. Do bear in mind that many of the small "frog habitats" sold in malls and gift shops (e.g., those you'd find at Brookstone and the like) are death traps and completely unsuitable for frogs. It's a shame they're still on sale in many places. You really do need a proper aquarium with a filter and a heater.>
When I got them they were in a small clear box with a bamboo plant, rocks in the bottom and a small rock in it.
<Not acceptable, and why your first frog died. Do read:
As you'll see from the second link, we get a lot of messages about 1 and 2 gallon "habitats" sold in gift shops, and they're horrible and drive me nuts but I try to be as patient as I can. But Lord, it's hard! Anyway, "boxes" won't work and the plant doesn't belong anyway (it'll die -- Panda Bears eat bamboo so obviously bamboo isn't an underwater or swamp plant).
You really do need a 5-gallon aquarium or larger, a heater, and a filter.>
Thanks for any info.

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