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FAQs on the Freshwater Minnows called Hi-Fin, Banded, Chinese Sharks  

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Re: Hi fin shark    11/27/13
Yes I know. He is not alone. I have four of them. And they are only very temporary in an aquarium.
 They are three inches about and I have them in a 55 with a few Dojos. But as soon as they are a lil bigger and  (I rescued em from a tiny tank with bad ick infestation) stronger, and its warm outside again they are going outside into a large pond.
 I do not plan on keeping them in an aquarium gory anything more than short term.
I was looking at pictures of them I took only three days ago or so and he has no wound on his face. I keep this tank pristine. There was no chance for him to get a wound and then have it get infected and not be noticed.
As I said it had to have happened over night.
It is right on one of his nostril tendrils. Do you think it could be a problem with that?
<Well; such (nervous) sites are more readily damaged, and easier to suffer infection... Do you want to "just try" antibiotics, antimicrobials? IF so, either Maracyn I and II, OR a Furan compound would be my blitzkrieg try...
Re: Hi fin shark    11/27/13

I would rather keep the water clean and let it heal naturally.
<Ah yes; I as well>
He is still doing very well. He is super active and eating like a starved piggy like always lol.
If he doesn't heal or if he starts showing signs of not acting normal, loss of appetite, or lethargy, worse redness and swelling, then I will treat.
But for now I'll keep doing what I'm doing. Thank you so much for the advice. Happy thanksgiving and goodnight! Keep your fingers crossed for my lil guy.
<Cheers, B>

Hi fin banded shark 911 & gas bladder f'     10/14/13
I have three hi fin banded sharks I am growing out to put in a pond eventually. About 24 hours ago one of them started hanging by the filter straight up and down. But was coming to eat just fine and such.
<The vertical orientation isn't a problem... but there may well be some dominance/submission at work here. I'd keep an eye on these fishes for signs of damage>
I did a water change even though my perimeters were am 0 nitrite 0 nitrate barely above 0   He seemed fine it disturbed him away from the filter and he was bumbling around with the other two. This morning he was not super active. He was sitting around or swimming about the top of the tank all straight up and down. He ate again. And then about 20 min ago I goin him on his side. He is alert and tryin to swim but can't upright himself.
<... can't? I'd move this fish to another system>
 I fear it is swim bladder.
<... no such thing>

 There isn't a ton of info on what these guys are sensitive to as far as treatments. Being cold water fish how high should I raise the temp? Should I use Epsom salt? Any advice would be appreciated. I love these little guys immensely. Thank you.
<There is a great deal re this species in other languages... it's a regularly cultured food fish... I wouldn't change the water make up unless there is something wrong here. I would move the one (likely smaller) specimen elsewhere. Bob Fenner>
Re: Hi fin banded shark 911    10/14/13

No such thing? I have had more than one fish that had swim bladder problems. What do you mean?
<That like "the common cold" there is no such thing as "a" swim bladder disease"...>

 His buoyancy is all messed up. Like his belly is more buoyant than it should be so he can't right himself.
It is the smallest one but I have never seen any aggression. They are the most constant schoolers I have ever had. 
I've taken him to a hospital tank. And am keeping a close eye on him.
<Good. B>
Re: Hi fin banded shark 911    10/14/13

The fish had died. Thank you very much for your quick response though. It is appreciated very much.
<Dang! Sorry for the loss. Please do stay vigilant re the other two... likely the next smaller one will act about the same>
Re: Hi fin banded shark 911    10/14/13

Most definitely. Thank you very much. The other two never leave each others side but I will watch them vigilantly.
So am I mistaken to think that issues with a fish swim bladder can cause buoyancy issues?
<Mmm, no; not mistaken; but there are multifarious inputs to such spatial disorientation... Search on WWM re>
I know it's not one specific disorder, but there are thing that can go wrong with it yes?
<Mmmm... yes; trauma from several causes, some nutritional, environmental, genetic....

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