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FAQs about Emerald Green, Mithrax/Mithraculus Crabs: Foods/Feeding/Nutrition

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Emerald crab snack box? Hi, <Good morrow> I have an emerald crab that I have noticed is cracking his shell open frequently and digging around inside.  I figured it was just molting but this morning he was a little closer to the glass and I could see that he was pulling out what looked like Mysis shrimp (which I feed regularly to my Copperband butterfly) and eating them.  Am I just seeing things or does this little guy have a built in snack box where he can store food for later? <Not as far as I know> Also, I have a Jawfish that has totally wigged out.  He is acting all freaked out and hiding, when just a few days ago he was absolutely fine.  My water chemistry is all excellent, <Need values, not opinions re... in particular, given the data you present, am suspicious that you may have an imbalance in alkaline earth materials (calcium, magnesium) and alkalinity> temps are fine, etc., all my other fish and reef animals are doing well and show no signs of stress.  Is this normal behavior for a Jawfish or do I need to find a good aquatic psychotherapist? Thanks, I love your site ad have learned so much from it! Rob <Need more info. to respond more... Bob Fenner>

Green Emerald Crab Mr. Green was eating bubble algae and green grass till he devoured it. I had 4 damsels 1 domino one white and black striped and 2 blue with yellow tails. Removed all but one yellow tailed. 2 peppermint shrimp s sifting stars are still in there. I was feeding them frozen brine but backed off on the amt. of brine (enough to feed the tang) didn't want to pollute the tank. don't know if I should continue to feed more for the crab or what meaty things to feed him or the shrimp. Will get more fish (Gobi blenny and hopefully a tang eventually but I want to go slow and add more live rock. I will do the rock first so not to stress the fish out. <You should try feeding some Mysis and some other foods and stop the brine as most is over 90% water and has little nutritional value.  Yes, you should be feeding the crab also.> I am taking my time whew patience is a virtue. next question for the duster I fed Mr. green real well and went to move the duster he is at the bottom of the tank but now I have another problem. He has seemed to attach the end of his tube to the rock. now what? Do I tug and remove it and move him or what? can anything be easy LOL? Please help thanks. < You could try to gently cut it away but it would be best to move the whole rock.  I don't think you could just rip it off without doing some damage to the worm, as they attach themselves very well. Cody> Misty

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