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FAQs on Other Means of Freshwater Algae Control  

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Hi Bob. Below link to my question. any guidance welcome.
Applying a chemical prep. to aquarium insides to avoid pest algae growth         12/3/18

Thanks for your time
<Got me; but I don't think this will work. Better by far to focus on setting the system up correctly, doing regular/needed maintenance, and strive to keep (pest algae) nutrients low by not over-feeding, adding fertilizers, using competitors and algal predators. See WetWebMedia.com re algae control for your type of set up. BobF?
Re: Hi Bob. Below link to my question. any guidance welcome.         12/3/18

Thanks. I'll let you know how it goes.
Okay. Please send all such petfish matters to me/us at Crew@WetWebMedia.com
Re: Hi Bob. Below link to my question. any guidance welcome. Algae resistant coating    12/6/18

I found an article claiming siloxane is toxic but I don't yet have full article. I'll send you what I can get.
Siloxanes are in the glue that holds aquaria together, so I am a little skeptical.
Newer technology involving "nanoparticles" may be more plausibly toxic.
More, later. Please let me know if you learn something ASAP because I plan to set up my tank this week.
<I'd not use this product. BobF>

10. Taming Algae with H2O2 - YouTube        1/12/15
Neale, is this true, or could this potentially harm fish or snails? I know it does dissolve in water, but i read another source that said it can kill the fish .
I removed some plants that got algae and then i didn't have enough plants in there and i was too busy during December to run and get some more water sprites. The store that carries them is a long way away. I know i need to add more plants.
<Hydrogen peroxide comes and goes as a "silver bullet" to all sorts of problems. Older aquarists will remember the Oxydator, an expensive hydrogen peroxide dispensing device manufactured in Germany. Supposedly fixed all sorts of problems, while being designed to leak out the H2O2 very slowly thanks to a catalyst inside a specially designed reaction chamber. The real
problem though is that anything that eliminates algae in one fell swoop does nothing to stop it coming back. If conditions suit the algae, they will grow back to plague levels within weeks. Hydrogen peroxide is toxic, and though it breaks down in warm, bright environments very quickly, you'd have to dose it extremely carefully. Clearly this chap thinks its safe, but I've never used H2O2 this way, so can't vouch for it. It seems, at best, a short-term fix. Cheers, Neale.> 
Re: 10. Taming Algae with H2O2 - YouTube     1/13/15

Thank you Neale.
I know it's short term. I just want to get the algae off and then worry about keeping it off. I think i need to add more plants and cut back on the food a little... I may be feeding too much. I probably need to change water a little more frequently too... Sometimes I do it every 6 weeks but 4 would probably be better.
I read you can mix 1 oz peroxide with one gallon water to use on plants.
Is that an ok concentration for a dip if I remove plants from aquarium?
<Honestly, there just isn't the experience out there to know any 100% safe dosages/usages of H2O2 in this way. It's all empirical. Using the search engine of your choice, you'll find plenty of anecdotes, and some are rather impressive while others more alarming. Experiment with the plants by all means, perhaps trying out some of the dosages you can find online, but I personally would not add H2O2 to an aquarium with fishes in it. The risk just strikes me as disproportionate to the short-term benefits. But others may have stronger opinions.>
Is 30 minutes adequate? If i want to rinse them before returning to tank, will swishing plants in fresh prime water be sufficient? Since it's so cold right now (in the 40's, Grrrrrrrrr!!!), the house isn't as warm as it is during the summer so I would rather be safe than sorry since it doesn't break down as fast in cool water.
Thanks, Jill
<Cheers, Neale.>
Re: 10. Taming Algae with H2O2 - YouTube      1/14/15

Thanks Neale. No, based on your opinion I will not put it into my tank.
I plan to dip and soak them out side of the tank, then rinse them thoroughly before returning them to the tank.
<Sounds a worthwhile approach.>
They got pretty bad... I worked so much in December I fell behind in tank maintenance. :-(
<Oh dear.>
Plus, the exterminator snail ate all the other snails so no one to eat the algae. Lol
<What they're there to do! Mine seem to leave (large) Nerites alone though.>
Thanks. Jill
<Cheers, Neale.>
Re: 10. Taming Algae with H2O2 - YouTube      1/14/15

I could try a Nerite and hope it doesn’t get eaten. I had thought of larger snails!
<Certainly worth a shot. Clea helena doesn't seem to eat adult Tylomelania or Apple Snails, and my experience is they leave large Nerites alone too. But your mileage may vary.>
The guy who sold me these fish said he only fed them once a week, but I feed them daily. He kept them on the porch in all Texas weather (hots to colds extremes), in an unfiltered tank with floating plants. They’re lime green Endler's livebearers from South America. I know they eat algae. Do you think if I fed them less that they would do more work on the algae growing on plant leaves?
<Surely. My Limia get fed every other day for precisely this reason.>
I don’t want to starve them. I wonder how many days it’s ok to skip a feeding? I also don’t want them to eat fry, which they usually don't do, but there’s only larger babies in there now so they’d probably be ok with these fish that aren’t accustomed to eating their young. There is enough algae, if they can really live off that, it should keep them from starving. But they’ve been spoiled, so I hesitate to go too long in between feedings.
<Hmm... do observe Poecilia in the wild when you get the chance... mostly algae grazers, Mollies almost entirely so. Likewise some of the Killies, particularly things like Florida Flagfish.>
I also considered pulling a plant or 2 and putting it in the cherry shrimp tank, but they’re so tiny. There’s a lot of them, but how much work could they do.. . really, Endler's are better due to being slightly bigger, especially the females.
<Cherry Shrimps, etc., are also surprisingly effective in large groups.>
<Most welcome, Neale.>
Re: 10. Taming Algae with H2O2 - YouTube    1/15/15

Thank you Neale.
I have been feeding them every other day. I may try every 3rd since there's so much algae on plants right now, they won't starve.
<Indeed. They won't starve, and after a couple weeks you should see less algae but no weight loss among your fish
I'll see if I can add some Nerites too. I might try moving a plant in with Cherry Shrimp too.
<Worth a shot. Cheers, Neale.>

Algae from sunlight, FW, SW, doesn't matter...     4/1/13
First off, I really appreciate your time! I have a 55 gallon tank that I have maintained for years. I have recently moved and my new house has windows galore, and the house is in an open area, so there are no trees and the sun shines all day. I placed my tank in the best place that I could, but of course now I have pea soup. Everything reads normal, like in years and years past, like when my water was crystal clear. I would hate to give up my hobby because I bought a house with too many windows. I haven't been able to find anyone on the Internet with my problem ( heard of it short term, but not the long term like I seek) I talked to a guy at a local fish store, and he told me that I should get a uv filter, and run it while the sun is out, and turn it off at night. Opinions?
<The UV can/will help to zap/kill free floating/living algae et al., as well as help more indirectly to raise RedOx, dissolved oxygen, oxidize algal-feeding nutrients... Other ways exist to aid your algal control efforts. These are archived on WWM>
 Thanks for any assistance!
<Welcome. Bob Fenner>

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