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FAQs on Parrot, Jelly-Bean... Cichlids, Disease/Health 7

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Sick Parrot Cichlid       1/21/20
Hello WWM Team,
<Melissa (little sweet one)>
I have a 9 year old parrot cichlid. He has been sick for 4-5 days. He stopped eating & is not very mobile just kind of bobbing at the top of the tank.
<Not good>
He is pale, and has a white spot on his side/belly.
<See this in your pic>
I took a photo of it & went to my local fish shop and explained what is going on. They gave me Fluran 2. I am on my second day of treating the tank, but he is the same. I am afraid he is going to die soon. I tested the water & everything looked good.
<Values please>
I included a photo of him below. Please help , thank you for your time.
<Mmm; well, this looks more like a mark/abrasion from a physical trauma to me... I'd check again re pH, hardness of the water and try to be patient.
You should see some emargination, healing in a week or so. Bob Fenner>

Re: Sick Parrot Cichlid     1/22/20
Thank you so much
<Welcome Melissa. BobF> 

Re: Sick Parrot Cichlid     1/28/20
Hi WWM Team,
I finished my Furan treatment in the tank, and my fish has been swimming around & seems a lot more like himself. The only issue now is, he still won’t eat. I have tried everything peas, frozen brine shrimp & blood worms. The strange thing is he is trolling the bottom looking for food but when I put it in there he just ignores it. He hasn’t pooped in a long time, I was thinking maybe he is constipated or has a swim bladder issue. Any advice on how to get him to eat again? I appreciate your time & help.
<Mmm; well, in case some/the issue is constipation. I would try moderate addition of Epsom Salt to the system. Do see Neale's pc. here re: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/SaltUseFWArtNeale.htm
Otherwise I urge patience, offering some meaty or pelleted food daily. Bob Fenner>
Re: Sick Parrot Cichlid    1/28/20

Thank you

Parrot fish gill issue?     9/13/18
I hope you can forgive me.
I’m not to tech savvy with forums. I need help. I have a parrot fish that has some sort of red worm looking things in her gills.
<Mmm; all I can see are the fish's gill lamellae, the outside gill filaments... No worms in evidence>
I’ve had two parrots years ago. I don’t remember them having gills like this one. She was given to me by a neighbor that had to move.
I don’t know her history. She seems pale but healthy ,sassy and fun. I’d like to her help if this gill issue is not normal.
Thank you so very much,
<Thank you for sharing your concern w/ us. This sort of "genetic abnormality" is quite common w/ Parrot Cichlids; a hallmark of too much inbreeding of this hybrid mutant. There is nothing to be done in the way of treatment here, and the fish may well live a good long while. There can be a concern w/ having too-aggressive tankmates nipping at the exposed gill membrane, but otherwise I would not be worried.
Bob Fenner>

Re: Parrot fish gill issue?     9/13/18
Thank you so much!
<Welcome Sonya>
I’ll just let her enjoy life. She’s pretty much left to herself. So hopefully no nip‘ will take place. Thank you for these tips and the fast response.
<Ah, anima bona fac; be of good life>
<Cheers, BobF>

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