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 Archive 516: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Stichopus variegatus Semper 1868. Curryfish... Fiji 2011

Turbinaria reniformis Bernard 1896. Yellow Scroll to aquarists (aka Yellow Turbinaria, Yellow Lettuce to the trade). A hardy aquarium species. Typically yellow with distinct colored margins. Fiji 2011 
Genus Heteroxenia Kolliker 1874: Characterized by their heteromorphic condition; possession of longer, non-retractile auto- and siphonozoid (much shorter polyps, placed on stalks in-between the autozoids... may only be seen when autozoids are retracted) polyps. Highly pinnate, long tentacles, typically non-branching colonies. Fiji 2011 
Zebrasoma scopas (Cuvier 1829), the Brown or better, Two-Tone Sailfin Tang. The former common name can be a bit of a misnomer; I have seen scopas specimens as brightly yellow as a flavescens and as dark as a rostratum. As young they're different still, with light colored fronts grading to dark variable spots and lines. Occasional "dirty" or mixed-color crosses between the brown and Z. flavescens are encountered along their contiguous distributions. Here one was caught in Fiji 2011 
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