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/The Aquarium Gardener Series

Livestock for Freshwater/Planted Aquariums 


by Bob Fenner


/The Aquatic Gardener Series:

Entry Piece to Book; i.e. Introduction

In searching for trends and adventures in our hobby, it's not hard to imagine what will be the "next wave" of aquaristics in the West: Natural Freshwater Aquaria. These 'plant tanks' span the realm of simple jars to elaborate vivaria/palludaria with a possible mix of aquatic, amphibious to terrestrial life, specialty lighting, filtration and water preparation.

This (re)discovery of balanced systems is as it should be. Such arrangements are simple to set up and maintain, present many beautiful challenges/possibilities all at a relative low cost compared to the vagaries of marine aquaria. In short, everyone can be a successful underwater gardener; and they should be. Great joy and lessons can be derived from the simplest balanced freshwater system.

In this book, we will delve into the basics of natural freshwater aquarium design, installation and upkeep. We'll review the historical and latest and greatest information on all major topics of set-up, plant selection & care, the animals, even aquascaping.

Welcome to the ever-wonderful world of aquatic gardening & natural aquaria.





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