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Archive 1307: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Culcita novaeguineae Mullet & Troschel 1842, the Bun Starfish, Pincushion Star. Eastern Indian Ocean, Western Pacific. To a foot in diameter. Though seemingly sessile, this animal requires large quarters with plenty of open space, and feeding of bivalves, snails, fish meat, tablets... and may eat your corals! N. Sulawesi, Indo. pic.

Culcita schmideliana (Retzius 1805), the Spiny Cushion Star. Indian Ocean; eastern Africa to Malaysia. To ten inches in diameter. In N. Sulawesi here.

Nidoriellia armata (Gray 1840), a Chocolate Chip Sea Star. Family Oreasteridae. To 6.6 inches in diameter. Mid to Eastern Pacific; Hawaii, Sea of Cortez to Peru and Galapagos. Blunt arms, large central disc, large aboral spines dark in color. Variable color and shape. Intertidal to 73 meters, feeds on benthic marine invertebrates, gastropods and algae. Galapagos pix

Linckia guildingi Gray 1840, the Green Linckia. Usually with five (sometimes 4 or 6) arms that are cylindrical in cross section. Skin appears smooth but is coarse with low, hard nodules. Though called "green" occurs in other colors (tan, beige, brown, blue, reddish). Found in Indian, Pacific, Atlantic Oceans and Caribbean. Big Island Hawaii pix.
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