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Archive 914: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Cinachyra sp. Orange Ball Sponge. Tropical West Atlantic, to 100 foot depth, under ledges, in protected areas. To about 1/2 foot diameter orange ball-shapes, with many excurrent siphons riddling their surface. Roatan 2016

Amphimedon compressa, Erect Rope Sponge. Erect and smooth appearing. Roatan 2016
Pomatostegus stellatus, the Star Horseshoe Worm, family Serpulidae. 1-1 1/2". Tropical West Atlantic. U to wing-shaped crowns whose radioles  can be variable, but are covered by an operculum which lacks spikes and is circular in shape. Typically bored into living coral as here in Roatan 2016
Thalassia testudinum, Turtle Grass. Up to 2 ft. tall, 1/2" width. Found in shallows to 65 foot depths. Tropical West Atlantic in sand, mud beds in which it firmly anchors itself. A young bed/stand in Roatan 2016
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