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Archive 920: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Acanthurus coeruleus Bloch & Schneider 1801, the Atlantic Blue Tang; though not as dazzlingly beautiful as the other two "Blue Tangs" (Paracanthurus hepatus & Acanthurus leucosternon) this Caribbean surgeon makes a fine aquarium addition. One of a handful of Acanthurus that are overall yellow as juveniles, the Atlantic Blue Tang stays small enough for modest sized aquariums. Here a couple are posing and blanching out; asking for cleaning services in Roatan 2016


Pomacanthus paru (Bloch 1787), the French Angelfish (1). Another standard in the aquarium trade. Beautiful and hardy, and large (to fifteen inches in length and a foot tall). Tropical west Atlantic from the Bahamas to Brazil. Pictured: a four inch juvenile in Roatan 2016 
Palythoa grandis, Sun Zoanthid. Flattened brown to green discs w/ light outer edge. Uncommon; usually hidden amongst rock. Roatan 2016
Justitia longimanus, the Red-Banded Lobster. Legs and principal antennae with light and dark bands. 5-8 inches. This one in Roatan 2016.
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