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Archive 924: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Gymnangium speciosum, Slender Feather Hydroid. Found on reef tops in areas of good water quality and current. 2.5-5" tall. Tropical W. Atlantic. Here in Cozumel 2016

Gymnangium longicauda, Feather Hydroid. 3 1/2 to 12" tall. Thin, close-spaced individual branches with whitish branchlets. Found worldwide in tropical seas. Cozumel 2016
Agaricia cucullata, Sunray Lettuce Coral. Saucers/plates w/ distinctive (ray like the sun) septal lines running to the edge. Corallites are tucked into ridges like no other member of the genus. Tropical W. Atlantic. Here in Cozumel 2016
Montastrea annularis (Ellis and Solander 1786),  Lobed Star Coral. Tropical West Atlantic. To ten feet tall. Common. Found as clusters of columns with domed tops. Living polyps on upper areas of colonies, dead, eroded below. Corallites appear as uniform in size, shape. Conical to flush with colony surface. Longer and short septa alternate, small, compact columellae.  Here in Cozumel 2016
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