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Archive 937: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Aplysina fistularis, the Yellow Tube Sponge. Yellow to orange encrusting forms to fingers and tubes that bear antler-like growths in shallows, and grow longer w/o these "antlers" in increasing depths. Don't touch! Purple color stains hands for days. Cabo 2016

Pelagophycus porra (LĂ©man) Setchell 1908; Elk (horn) Kelp. This large (up to more than 90' long) Brown Algae is found along the W. N. Am. coast; Pt. Conception to San Benito Island, Baja. Here a juv. form is attached along the wreck Yukon off San Diego in about a hundred foot depths. Thus far it's comprised of a small pneumatocyst (air filled bladder), a securing holdfast (not shown) and two blades/lamina. 2016.
Maripelta rotata (Dawson 1963); a small Red Algae (a few inches across) here off of San Diego on the wreck Yukon in about 80 feet of water. See AlgaeBase re. 2016
Lobophora variegata, Encrusting Fan-Leaf Algae. Fan-shaped blades that encrust rock. Occur in brown, red, green colors   Cozumel 2016
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