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Archive 930: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Scolymia lacera, Atlantic Mushroom Coral. Tropical West Atlantic. To six inches in diameter, most a couple of inches. Have prominent triangular septal teeth ridges and a "warty appearance" compared w/ other TWA members of the genus. Bonaire 2016 image by Di.F.

Paguristes cadenati Forest 1954, the Scarlet or Red-Legged Reef Hermit. Tropical West Atlantic. To one inch in length. Red carapace and legs, eyes green, on yellow stalks. Di pic, Bonaire 2016.
Chromodoris kempfi Purple-Crowned Sea Goddess. To 3/4". Bonaire 2016, Di Pic.
Prionurus punctatus Gill 1862, Yellow-Tailed Surgeonfish. Eastern Pacific; lower Baja to El Salvador, including the Islas Revillagigedos. To two feet in length. This one off of Cabo San Lucas. Di in 2016 
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