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Archive 932: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Stegastes rectifraenum (Gill 1862), the Cortez Gregory. A bright blue beauty of the Sea of Cortez, twixt Mexico's Baja and Pacific shore as a juvenile... whose metallic luster breaks up and becomes dull to dark brown as an adult. To three and a half inches in length. Adult in Cabo 2016 


Cephalopholis panamensis (Steindachner 1877), the Panamic Graysby, Cabrilla. Eastern Pacific; Sea of Cortez to Ecuador, Galapagos. To twelve inches in length.   Adult in Cabo 2016 
Tetraclita stalactifera; Volcano Barnacle. Large, four-sided thatched barnacle. Occurs in colors of gray, green, blue. Several species through its eastern Pacific range. These ones in Cabo 2016 overgrown w/ red algae.
Gorgonia adamsi, the Red Sea Fan. Red, interconnected wide spaced branches (about two branches wide spaces); w/ distinctive white polyps. To about a foot in height; and 120 feet depths. Sea of Cortez distr. Here in Cabo 2016.
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