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Archive 958: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Chaetodon guttatissimus Bennett 1832, the Spotted Butterflyfish. Some folks rate this species higher for aquarium use, but it takes a beating often in transit, especially its small mouth. Tropical Indian Ocean. To five inches long. Generalized feeder on invertebrates (including coral polyps), and algae. An adult in Mauritius 2016.

Ostorhinchus apogonoides (Bleeker 1857). Golden bodied w/ two blue lines through the head running horizontally. To 10 cm. Lives in associations of a few dozen individuals, rising off the reef during the day. Zooplanktivore. Western Pacific, I.O. and Red Sea. Here in Mauritius in 2016.
Ostorhinchus angustatus (Smith and Radcliffe 1911), the Black- or Broad striped Cardinalfish. Indo-Pacific and Red Sea. to three inches. A reclusive species that prefers caves and overhangs. Mauritius 2016.
Pristiapogon kallopterus Bleeker 1856, the Iridescent Cardinalfish. Indo-Pacific, including the Red Sea. To six inches in length.  Mauritius 2016.
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