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Archive 960: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Pseudocheilinus evanidus Jordan & Evermann 1903, the Pin-Striped or Striated Wrasse. I like this fish's other common names, the Disappearing or Vanishing Wrasse for its bashfulness. To a grand size of three inches. Indo-Pacific, including Red Sea and Hawai'i. Here in Mauritius 2016

Pseudocheilinus hexataenia (Bleeker 1857), the Sixline (sometimes labeled as Twelve-line) Wrasse. A feisty, though small (to 4") a reef tank species. Indo-Pacific, including the Red Sea in its distribution.  Here in Mauritius 2016
Gomphosus caeruleus Lacepede 1801, the Blue, or Red Sea Bird Wrasse (1) is found in the Indian Ocean and Red Sea. Males are dark azure blue, and females white to yellow below and dark greenish blue above. To one foot in length. A right two inch juvenile in Mauritius 2016.
Macropharyngodon bipartitus (two subspecies, M. b. bipartitus Smith 1957 and M. b. marisrubri Randall 1978, the first found in the western Indian Ocean, but not the Red Sea, the latter found in the Red Sea's upper Gulf of Aqaba. No discernible differences in appearance or survivability to aquarists(3's)) To about four inches in length. A one inch juv. in Mauritius 2016.
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