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Archive 967: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Labropsis xanthonata Randall 1981, the Comet, Yellowback or V-Tail Tubelip Wrasse (3). An expensive addition from the South Pacific and I.O. Mauritius 2016.

Calotomus carolinus (Valenciennes 1840), Caroline's Parrotfish. The most wide-ranging species of the family, Indo-Pacific, eastern coast of Africa to tropical eastern Pacific (repl. by C. viridescens in the RS @/FB). To eighteen inches in length. Feeds mainly on benthic algae and seagrasses. Juv. in Kona, Hawaii's Big Island 2006.
Scarus psittacus Forsskal 1775, the Common or Palenose Parrotfish. Indo-Pacific; Red Sea, southern Africa to Hawai'i and the Marquesas.  To 36 cm. in length. Terminal phase (male) individual in Mauritius 2016
Sargocentron diadema Lacepede 1802, the Crown Squirrelfish. Indo-Pacific, Red Sea to Hawai'i. To nine inches in length. The most common Pacific offering in the family. Mauritius 2016
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