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FAQs about Corallimorph Environmental Disease  
(Pollution/Poisoning, Lighting...)

FAQs on Mushroom Disease: Mushroom Health 1, Mushroom Disease 2,
FAQs on Mushroom Disease by Category: DiagnosisNutritional, Social (Allelopathy), Trauma, Pathogenic (Infectious, Parasitic, Viral) Predatory/Pest, Treatments 
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Not too bright, or vigorously circulated, nor too clean (need NO3, HPO4...)

Mushrooms and Zoanthids... allelopathy, starvation knocked on, reading and great self-discovery!   10/10/13
I have hard and soft coral systems that range from Acros to polyps and everything in between. My levels are acceptable if not near perfect for all of my tanks.

The tanks in question are a 75g drilled with 30 g sump. 80 watt led lighting, PhosGuard in a reactor,
<... you realize chemo- photo-synthetic life requires measurable soluble HPO4>

carbon in a bag a week out of the month, SeaChem matrix, refugium, two 750 gph powerheads, 1250 gph
Ammonia, nitrite, nitrate 0
<... sigh: and measurable NO3. Please read on WWM re>

 phosphate less than .25, alk11, ph 8.22
daytime, I feed a mix of flakes heavily, bribe
<Brine likely; Artemia>
 shrimp once a week, phyto once a week.
<See WWM re this as well. Of little use in most settings>

Dose AquaVitro ions, calcification, 8.4, fuel once a week to where Mag stays around 1300, calcium 420, iodine at .06, iron not registering with my red sea test kit, but fuel has iron, so not sure if the test does not pick up this particular type of iron or what. Potassium at 385. This tank houses only soft corals and a tube anemone
<Cerianthus? Not compatible... see WWM re this as well>

 along with fish and inverts. The problem I am having is with mushrooms melting, Ricordea shrinking and detaching, and Zoas melting away.
<... after you're done searching, reading, you'll understand why. How to put it/this: Your problems are obvious>

<Likely "Palys">
do great, leathers do great, polyps do great. Tank has been up for two years and this started with just the Zoas 3 months ago. More recently, I have a separate soft coral frag system, 200 g, 2200 gph pump, divided into 4 stair step tanks.
One section has mushrooms and leathers, one has polyps , other two house fish. My Ricordea are starting to shrivel and detach in this tank as well.
It has same readings and fixings except ph is 8.16 daytime, nitrates are at 5ppm, and the lighting is 120 watts led 24" off the tank over a 75g area.
Both systems have skimmers,
dsb, ample live rock.
<.... So... what are your choices? Provide or don't eliminate needed nutrients, and either remove the Ceriantharian, or the other mal-affected Cnidarian life. Keep reading. Bob Fenner>
re: Mushrooms and Zoanthids  10/10/13

What is WWM?
re: Mushrooms and Zoanthids... "I (don't) want to hold your ha ha ha ha ha hand!"   10/10/13

I see, wet web media, what should I read and which section can I find it in?
<... the indices; search tool... on all 12k some pages... the topics listed on your first query... B>
Re: Mushrooms and Zoanthids... comp. f's  10/12/13

So I read tons of post and answers on wwm. Thank you for the great knowledge base and for answering all these questions so there is such a vast reference to pull from. First I removed my tube anemone from my 75 and added carbon. I also added carbon to my 200 g frag system. Other than carbon and a water change, which is coming tomorrow, is there anything else
I can do to prevent this from happening again if and when it gets fixed?
<Mmm, yes; a few things. Principal amongst these is careful introduction of any new stinging-celled life... The SOP mentioned over and over to "mix water" back and forth from the isolation/quarantine with your display system you intend to move the animal/colony to>
Also are the palytoxins from plays poisonous to the Zoanthids?
<Yes; some more so than others>
And why are they not affecting any polyps or leathers? Thx
<They are better competitors... less susceptible to Terpenoid warfare.

False percula and green mushroom coral... Likely simple nitrite poisoning... no rdg. 1/2/12
<What part of only a few hundred Kbytes of images don't you understand?...
And these pix are too blurry to be of much use. >
Hello crew, If I may ask a question and quiz your knowledge of Soft Green Mushroom corals. But first I should tell you my set up, I have a 29 gallon tank with approx 1 to 5 in of sand bed depending on where you look (one of my fish moved the sand I believe), about 30 pounds of live rock and two Aqueon Quiet flow power filters each filled with live rubble, I have a charcoal filter pad in one of the filters to assist with the cloudiness (or so I'm told it will do). While writing this email I tested my water parameters using a Laborett and my results are, PH: 8.0, KH: 11, NH4/NH3: 0mg, and N02: .3, my lighting set up is an Aquasun 36" T5 HO fixture using one 10,000k bulb and one Actinic 420 both at 36w each the tank is heated and maintains a temperature of 75 degrees Fahrenheit and last but not least the specific gravity is 1.025.
The live stock I have in the tank consist of: 2 Green Chromis about an inch and a half each, one yellow tail blue damsel, two false Percula Clown fish one the same size as my Chromis the other is just slightly smaller, two Camel Shrimp, one Firefish, and 2 Mushroom Coral, one is a green stripe (the one I'm worried about) and the other is a red one, I don't know the type, (Pic attached).
<See WWM re. In fact read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/corallim.htm
and the linked files above>
I purchased this coral from a LFS about two weeks ago and it was doing great for the first week, The mushroom was spread out very large and had a beautiful color to it. Recently it has bulged in the center, and the sides have folded down (pic attached). Also my smaller false percula clown in the tank either floats near the filter, or near the sand bed, my other false percula is active and swims freely around the tank granted he/she ( i don't believe they have changed genders yet) is much larger than the other.
<... natural behavior>
Any insight as to why they are doing this would be greatly appreciated and if you need any further information i will do my best to supply it.
<... keep reading. Bob Fenner>

Issues... Mushrooms dying, BGA showing up... 3/8/07 I have two main concerns. I have a 4 month old system, 30 gallon with a 20 gallon refugium. By all accounts everything is doing well, my water parameters are all great, lighting is above average, I have plenty of water movement, everything is good. Anyway, One of the inhabitants was a large Hairy mushroom polyp, probably about 3" when fully expanded... It had asexually divided into three identical sized polyps about 1 month after I acquired it. <Often such activity resultant from very good... or very stressful environment> It was performing beautifully. This past weekend though I noticed one started to "change"...I unfortunately have no pictures to show so I will try to describe. It looked like it was melting, quite simply... A slimy layer was peeling off of it, it appeared as though it had shot it's nematocysts and it had shrunk dramatically in size. I tried to siphon some of the material off thinking it was completely dead for some reason, and the main body appeared to still be intact, and attached to the rock. But by the following day it was gone and the other two had begun the same phenomena. There is NO evidence that they ever even existed and it is baffling to me. I also recently have developed more of a red Cyano-bacteria issue... not sure if there is a correlation, I doubt there is. <Mmm, I do not doubt a positive correlation here myself> Any potential reason would be appreciated. Thank you Sean Uslabar <Well... it reads like "something" is amiss here... either directly or indirectly your Corallimorphs are/were being poisoned, mal-affected... by the BGA? By something else... the list of possibilities here is vast... Your resultant actions, important... Please read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/shroomhlthfaqs.htm and the linked files above... Re what might be at fault here... And further on WWM re BGA... its causes, cures and controls. Bob Fenner>

Mushroom Corallimorphs not sticking to rock 4/6/04  I have a big problem! Ii have had a tank for over 6 years- conditions are perfect and have always been, however recently day by day I have mushrooms falling of rocks.  <do be open/minded to the possibility that you water is not "perfect" my friend, with all due respect. If your tank is like most, it has not had anything better than weekly/monthly partial water changes... and in this case, after 6 good years, untested/untestable things have accumulated and concentrated to the point where perhaps they are causing problems. Without knowing a detailed assay of your water chemistry (not just pH, nitrate, ammonia), its difficult for me to confirm your hope/claim or comment on the cause of the problem.>  It looks like their melting of the rock and just cant stick to it anymore. what is wrong please help. thanks dirk  <A change in a physical parameter is likely the cause of detachment en masse. If not water quality, then a change in water flow (power heads that have not been cleaned for many months) or most likely: a change in light - either lamps that are aged (over 10 months old and degraded to the point of low/inadequate output) or recently cleaned/changed bulbs (sudden increase in light that is shocking). I suspect a water change is in order here... large and gently: 50% "Dilution is the solution to pollution.". Then consider if clogged pumps, poor water flow or low strayed light is an issue. Anthony>

Coral question, actually Corallimorpharians Hey everybody. <"You're a Day Breaker..."> I have a question about coral today. <"Oh boy, about a petfish boy who had a tank...">   I recently decided to try out a small reef system (60 gal) with some beginner corals.  Everything is fine for the most part with the system.  Two mandarin gobies, a cherub angel and a small crew of inverts are the only non-coral inhabitants. My question has to do with mushroom corals, however.  I have a bunch, different colors and textures.   The green mushrooms seem to be always a little stunted. <Mmm, they may be mal-influenced by the others> I have identical mushrooms in other colors that are fine, expanding to a fairly good size, budding (they do literally bud, right? <Yes> I didn't think they were sexual), etc. <Mmm, can be as well>   These green mushrooms always stay much more contracted and very flat to their base, almost as if they are getting too much light.  Do they require less light than the darker variety? <Don't think so> I read they will expand and reach upwards when in need of more light, so is it safe to assume they are having the opposite response because of over-lighting?   <A good guess> Also where is the happy medium for their shape (i.e. reaching is not enough light, flattening is too much... should they be more frilly and still close to the rock or reaching, but small?).  Sorry about my fantastic coral vocabulary.  Like I said, I just started and I haven't really worked out the appropriate descriptive terminology yet.  I hope I have painted a vivid enough image of the situation to help you. Thanks for all your help! Reuben <Have you read through our Corallimorph files? Please do: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/marine/inverts/index.htm Bob Fenner>

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