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FAQs on Freshwater Vampire Crabs (Geosesarma bicolor)

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Please Help 11/7/10
Hi, Thank you for making this link available so that all us people who have question can have them answered.
I just recently got into raising vampire crabs. I have two males in a 10 gallon half land half water tank with a couple fiddlers (they get along well).
<Tenuously... the Crabs will eat the Fiddlers in time>
A few days ago I bought a female to join my two males but three days later I found her dead. The two males seem fine but I noticed tiny white worms in the water.
I'm wondering if they came from her and that's why she died and if that's the case I need to know what kind of monsters I'm dealing with and how to kill them before they get my others. I've been searching for hours but haven't found any clear answers, especially for the vampire crabs. I would greatly appreciate a good web link
<For worm ID?>
so I can gain more knowledge on what kind of creatures can infest and or kill my new little pets.
<Likely cumulative stress... there are plenty of sites, info. on the Net re this Geodesarma...>
Patiently awaiting your response. Thanks a bunch.
<The fiddlers need to live elsewhere... Bob Fenner>

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