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Please check out the fruit of some very hard labor from the rest of the WWM crew... WetWebFotos!!! is here It's up.  http://wetwebfotos.com  or  http://www.wetwebfotos.com  if you're picky.  Whew. Here we go. -Zo  <BANZAI! Bob F.> 

Suggestion:  About "Nutrition & Disease" section. WWM bb going, going...      9/13/13
On the New Home Page, and on the Old Home Page, where is the button I would select to get to the Forum?  I cannot find it.
<Ahh, the forum, WWM's bb is gone>
Also, the "Nutrition and Disease" section of the Forum stands alone, but these items are different for FW and SW, with only a few details being the same.  FW and SW should each have their own "Nutrition and Disease" section, and possibly Pond, also.
"Nutrition and Disease for FW:"
       "Disease Emergency, FW "
       "Disease and Treatment, FW "
       "Feeding and Nutrition, FW "
       "Plant Diseases/Deficiency's, and Fert's, FW "
"Nutrition and Disease for SW:"
       "Disease Emergency, SW "
       "Disease and Treatment, SW "
       "Feeding and Nutrition, SW "
---Mark Huebner
<Thank you for this Mark; but due to low participation, a lack of interest/time on the part of folks that have been and might be moderators, admin.... we're dropping the bb. Bob Fenner>

Re: Need help ASAP. Reviving my potato chip. NOW: WWM bb death     8/14/13
Great idea!
Could you please tell Bob that WWM Forum is kinda dead and I'm the last active member there? Also, could you ask him if there's any way I could get admin to it seeing as I'm the only member that's active. (previous admin went AWOL) Thanks!
<Thank you Josh. I have naught to do w/ the bb... other than paying some nominal hosting fee. Am not a fan of such "media". BobF>
Re: Need help ASAP. Reviving my potato chip.    8/14/13
Is there any way I can get admin with all the admins gone?
<<RMF sent to LynnZ... last known conn.>>
Re: Need help ASAP. Reviving my potato chip. 8/14/13
<Hi Josh, Lynn here today.>
Is there any way I can get admin with all the admins gone?
<I sure wish I could help, but I’ve been away from the forums for so long that my only suggestion is to keep trying to contact the current admin(s).  Hopefully you’ll get a response and can take it from there.  Sorry I can’t be of more assistance!  Take care, Lynn Z>
<<NOTE to self: Stop paying for bb, delete links on WWM.>>
Need help ASAP. Reviving my potato chip. The end of WWM bb2; alt.s       8/17/13
Hello Bob, Josh,
Do wonder if copying/pasting some of the FAQs might help. Specifically, some threads end up being tagged "more chatting" by the Bobster, in my case where the correspondent is telling me about their fish, what their shop has on sale, what they might add to the aquarium, etc.
I get the impression that RMF isn't wild about such queries/e-mails.
<I am decidedly not. IF folks have the discourtesy to blather on and on; sans even spell-checking their "messages"; I feel no compulsion to "fix them">
So, perhaps after one or two replies, we tell the querior that we've moved their message over to the Forum?
<The forum/bb is caput... Am going to stop paying for its hosting. See a bit re here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/WWMAdminSubWebIndex/wwffaqs2.htm
I'm not really sure how this would work in practise though.
<It will not; assuredly. There's "no one at home">
My concern? To reply, the corresponded has to join the Forum, which may not be appropriate to them.
<Would be a concern if there were participants. There are not>
But on the plus side, these folks who want hand-holding and chit-chat might be better serviced by the Forum?
Cheers, Neale
<Please do pardon my disdain Neale... am given to fits, whimsies as all humans. Do excuse my periodic foibles my friend. B>
Re: Need help ASAP. Reviving my potato chip.     8/17/13
Hello Bob,
<Hey (the vernacular here) Neale!>
I was merely replying because Josh seemed to be asking for help, and you forwarded his e-mail to the Crew, which I assumed was a request for support and/or ideas.
<Uhh, no worries; was soliciting input. The current bb is our second iteration... Am not a fan of this/the media; and have not done much (other than having others try to run) to support... To "journey again" re my opine re: is the unqualified opinions/input of some slice of the general public somehow better/more valid/useful than ours. Lo dudo. B>
Josh, are you happy with the WWM Forum being closed? Are you looking for somewhere to participate? I have had positive experiences in two forums, fishforums.net  and aquaticquotient.com,  and would heartily recommend the latter as being particularly close in spirit to the WWM Forum without the aggravation that comes from a few of the more "snooty" forums.
Cheers, Neale

Re: WWM Forum (+ Bob visiting Sacramento)     8/17/13
Hmmmm. I have heard the history of fishforums.net and do not like the idea of joining them. Apparently, their founders hacked fishforums.com which I am a member of and kinda wrecked the site, banning the mods and admins. I have liked wetwebmediaforum because it is not one of those places where the admins and mods don't let people insult and flame. I haven't seen any flamers at all. Not true on other forums. I do feel sad about it as the layout is nice, the forum is nice, the members are nice, and it's nice all around. Chat works and everything unlike fishforums.com. :/
<Yes, was aware of the changes at FishForums.com, but have to repeat that my experiences there were almost entirely positive, and when I was a regular, I really enjoyed that forum. But as I spent more "fish time" at WWM, I spent less time at FishForums, and I tried to stay completely out of the politicking that went on in the background of the forum. I believe what happened was that the owner sold the forum to a company that manages a bunch of different forums, for the purposes of profit making. Nothing wrong in that (WWM exists to make money, at least enough to pay the bills and subsidise a few scuba diving get-togethers) but it sounded as if this company was not interested in the forum as such, or the family-friendly approach it had taken in the past with regard to things like advertising.
To be honest I have very little to do with FishForums.com any more, and your experiences may be much more recent. AquaticQuotient.com was sent up by some of the exiled moderators from FishForums.com and my (limited) experiences of that forum are entirely positive. That said, I do wonder if there's a natural life cycle for online forums: they start off small and friendly, they get bigger and attract a more diverse readership, the hosting costs go up at the same time as moderating effectively becomes harder, and eventually the forum either becomes unmanageable or else gets sold to some third party with little/no interest in the forum beyond advertising.>
I honestly think that your best option would be to get all your crew over to the forum. It'll be a lot easier than responding to every email.
<I'm fairly certain this will never happen; Bob doesn't like forums, and the Daily FAQ page is crucial to the way WetWebMedia generates content for the website, and in turn advertising revenue. It may not be pretty, but the Daily FAQ is, by definition, moderated by every crew member who writes, ensuring standards are maintained.>
<<Yes. B>>
I am more than happy to step up as admin. I've made several websites before and I am of the younger generation (so I'm not technologically challenged).
I also received an email from the current admin. Here is what he wrote:
All, I am unable to continue with the forum at this time.  Feel free to move my admin to someone who is able to support it better.
Hope we can keep the forum up!!!
<That's for Bob to decide, but I don't think he's keen. Cheers, Neale.>
<<Mmm, am not... B>>
P.S. Bob, it looks hopeful that you'll be able to come back and speak at the Sacramento Aquarium Society. I asked the coordinator for speakers and he seemed positive about you coming back. I really enjoyed your speak as it covered Bettas which I keep, and most fw fish.
<<Ahh, real good. Perhaps they can/will arrange for two meetings... w/ the MARs group. BobF>>
Re: WWM Forum (+ Bob visiting Sacramento)    8/17/13

Subject: Re: WWM Forum (+ Bob visiting Sacramento) I am an ex-fish forums mod. People started talking politics, I told my views, and got demoted due to "Deleting someone's private messages" which isn't even possible. I think it's cuz of my views anyways, but that doesn't matter.
2 Bob, What's the mars group???
<Ahh, the "saltwater club", "Marine Aquarium Roundtable Sacramento". B>
Re: WWM Forum (+ Bob visiting Sacramento)    8/17/13

Oh, so that's what the SW part is. I have never been there as I'm fw and
brackish as some species of Betta are brackish.

Re: Betta Stiktos     4/26/13
Okay! Btw, you should join wetwebmediaforum.com. Needs experienced fish keepers. Not too many people active either.
<I actually do have an account there but it's very easy to spread myself too thin. - Rick>

Re: Your forum - 11/15/2012
Hi Bob and Josh,
 I'm sorry to hear about the problems with the forum/BB.  I still have some contacts there, so I'll see what I can do/find out regarding the situation.
 Take care,
 -Lynn Z
<Thank you Lynn. BobF>
Re: Your forum

No problem, Bob.  I've passed the email along to Andy and Heidi (global moderator) so hopefully things will get better soon.
 Take care,
<And you. B>
Forum - 11/16/2012

I am the other member (Muttley000 around the forums) who Josh from SAS mentioned in his email titled "Your Forum" of 11/15.  IF your current administrator is no longer willing or able to help out at the forum, I am more than willing to learn what I am missing.  As a programmer of custom machinery, I believe I could quickly gain whatever skills I am missing, and
don't feel the forum can suffer more than it is now while that learning curve takes place.   I still feel, as we briefly discussed in an email exchange several months ago, that the forum could be a "value added" part of the site.  If there is any capacity I can help in please let me know.
Matt Bowers
<Ahh, Matt! Thank you so much for coming forward. I gratefully accept your offer of help. Would you be willing to head up the bb? Am cc'ing LynnZ here re what help she may be able to afford in generating this transition. Do contact me here or at my personal email, fennerrobert@hotmail.com if I can be of any assistance. Bob Fenner>
Re: Your forum
By the way, if there's any positions that need filling on the site, I wouldn't mind trying it out and seeing if it works for me. Also, Heidi, a global mod would make a pretty good admin if she's willing and if you need
<Oh! On the bb I take it. Am cc'ing LynnZ re this as well. Many further thanks. BobF>
Re: Forum - 11/16/2012

Thanks Josh! I would recommend getting together (via PM or email) with Heidi and Matt/muttley000 so y'all can figure out a plan for the forums/BB.  I've been away for several years now and am not up to date with the details of what's going on and what needs to be done.  Luckily, Heidi's a terrific mod that I have complete confidence in and am lucky to call a friend.  She's got a good head on her shoulders and will prove to be invaluable during this transition.  Please know, however,  that you can always contact me at this address if there's anything I can do to help.  
 Take care and thanks again,
 -Lynn Z
Re: Forum - 11/16/2012

That sounds great! I'll pass this along to Heidi and give her a buzz so we can get the ball rolling. Unfortunately, we won't be able to do much without Andy's help/input as he has the Admin passwords/access (that I no longer have access to) along with the technical info regarding the site as a whole. Hopefully, we'll be hearing from him soon. As busy as he no doubt is, I'm sure he'd welcome a chance to remove at least one thing from his long list of responsibilities!
Thank you so much, Matt, for expressing an interest in the site and a willingness to bring it up to speed. Please feel free to email me at this address if you have any questions or issues you'd like to discuss and I'll do what I can to help.
Take care,
-Lynn Z
Re: Forum    11/16/12

Bob and Lynn,
Ready and willing!  Thank you for having me.  As soon as I have the info I will get started.  As much as I have used the site for the last 10 years, it will be nice to give something back.
<Excelsior! BobF>

Your forum   11/15/12
Hi Bob! It's me, Josh, from the Sacramento Aquarium Society. Your forum has been really slow lately and the admin is really inactive.
<Ahhh! It is the lost nephew of bb's... I've never participated>
There's lots of
spam on the forum and only 2 active global mods. I and another member have volunteered to help, but the admin has not contacted us after several days.
I was wondering if you could fix this? I hope to see you at SAS sometime again!
<Will send your note to folks I think that can help. Thank you, BobF>

Wet Web Media Forum    3/23/12
I hope I won't offend any of the crew by addressing this to Bob!
<Mmm, doubtful>
 I visit the site every morning while I eat breakfast to read the daily Faq's, and with luck I get to spend some time there in the evening after work too.  I have used the site for several years, and it is also my first go to for any information or research I am doing.  I have long wanted to write, but the site is so complete I have always found what I needed!  I am active on many forums, and reference and send people to the site frequently.  In fact, I am writing today about the Wet Web Media Forum. 
Over the last 6 months traffic has steadily slowed.  In talking to a few people I think there may be something that you may be able to do to help us keep it going as a valuable tool that enhances Wet Web Media. 
<Okay... I have nothing to do w/ the making, running of the present bb (nor its predecessor)... but appreciate your input and will share w/ the people who do; Andrew, Lynn>
There seems to be a growing security problem.  I will never criticize what a volunteer does because I cannot know the whole situation, but the forum needs some administrative help.  I believe Andrew is the only one with Administrator powers,
<I think you're correct>
 and it is not evident he is able to be around much or at all.  The blogs are spammed several times a week.  They get cleaned up, but it is burdensome to the moderators who are doing that work, because they apparently cannot ban at the IP level.  It has been suggested at several points that we need a new security protocol for joining the forum.  This is not an area I know much about, I am merely repeating what I have seen discussed.  Could one of the Moderators we have now be promoted to Administrator?
<Don't see why not>
I also see people getting very chatty with the emails to the crew, and frankly I see this as a waste of one of the most valuable resources in our hobby.  In order for the forum to survive we need new members. 
Occasionally I have seen Neale suggest the forum, could part of the standard protocol be to refer re-mailers to the forum?  There are several of us there who would be happy to help them out!  And if they just want to show someone pictures of their tank, we would love that too.  We could also suggest emailing if a topic warranted the crews' involvement.
I hope with your help the greatest aquatic website can have an equally terrific forum again!
Matt Bowers (Muttley000)
<Thank you Matt. Cheers, Bob Fenner>

We Need an Admin for WWM's BB!    9/7/10
Hi Bob,
I need to give you a head's up on a situation involving the BB and ask for a bit of help. Yesterday, Andy Nixon stepped down from his position as admin and we need to find a replacement.
Would you mind posting something/this in the dailies, asking if anyone would be interested in the position (I may also blast
this via email to the crew if that's okay)?
<I will and please do... there are a few folks in the Crew that I know to be capable... Sabrina, AdamJ, ScottV and likely others; but do they have time, interest?>
Right now, we have a phpBB site that requires the occasional update, problem solving, and blast emailing of newsletters. As far as staff, we have three global moderators (me included), four regular mod's, and as of yesterday, me as acting admin. While there are some admin situations/issues I can handle (and can continue to do so to help the new admin), when it comes to coding, glitches, etc., I'm in the dark.
<I'm there with you, though we can't see each other>
By the way, whoever signs on for duty would not be required to involve themselves in the social aspects of the BB (answering questions, etc.) unless desired. All we really need is a computer savvy person to keep an eye on the site and be available to take care of issues as they arise. In addition, the site is not that well trafficked so we could use someone with fresh ideas as to how that might be improved. We've tried contests and newsletters in the past, but attendance/involvement is still low. Unfortunately, the way it looks right now, we need to either find a new admin, or close the BB entirely.
Finally, I'd just like to add how much we appreciate Andy's friendship and help over the last two and a half years. He came through in the clinch when we needed him, was a terrific admin, and we wish him all the best. He will be missed!
<Ah, yes>
All we need now is another great admin to take his place! Anyone interested in the position can reach me through the crew mail:Crew@WetWebMedia.com, or the BB (I'm listed in red as LynnZ). Here's a link to our site:
Thanks and take care,
-Lynn Z
<You as well Lynn. BobF>
Hi Bob & Lynn,
I can assist with the administration of the BBS if you would like. The software and coding portions aren't a problem. I'm already a member of the BBS (Username AFJuvat), albeit not as active as I probably should be. As you know I travel a lot, but I am generally never too far from an active internet connection.
Michael Van Bibber
Ahh! Great news Mike! Thank you, BobF
Thank you so much, Mike!
I sure do appreciate you coming forward! I'll email you in a bit with the pertinent details and we'll get you started!
Take care,
Hey Guys, I'd be happy to admin the BB if the position hasn't been filled yet. I have about 2 years experience running MRK and although it different software I do have some experience working with phpbb.
Hi Adam and thanks! Mike (Van Bibber) stepped in earlier and offered to help but I sure do appreciate the offer!
Take care,

Wet Web Media BB  7/22/10
Good morning crewmember
<Mornin' Casper>
I'm very sorry to be using your expertise for an administrative problem like this but at the moment I have no other options. My problem is I am unable to create an account on the Wet Web Media bulletin boards because every time I type in the verification code (the squiggly code to prevent automated registrations) it states that I typed the wrong code, even though the code is correct. I have tried different browsers, different computers, different connection methods to no avail.
I have also attempted to contact the Board Administrator (atnixon@wetwebmedia.com) twice this week, with no response, which leads me to believe that this address may be obsolete?
<Mmm, I don't know, but will send your note directly to Andrew in the UK to see if he can fix>
I would really like to join the boards as the articles posted on the boards are only available to registered members and as I've read the site itself in it entirety (which took about 18 months) I would like to start reading the articles
on the boards as well.
If you can help me contact the board administrator or perhaps provide me with a username and password it would be greatly appreciated as I've now run out of other options. Thanks for the great site, as you might guess I enjoy reading through the material immensely.
C.C. Coertze
<Thank you for your note. Bob Fenner>

Trouble w/ WWM bb?  7/22/10
Hi there,
Can you let me know what account name you created and what email address you used to sign up with and I will get your account manually activated.
<Thank you Andrew. I hope/trust you are well. BobF>

WetWebMedia Forum May 2009 Newsletter:   5/6/09
Go to http://bb.wetwebmedia.com to see graphics

Welcome to the XXXX 2009 Wetwebmedia.com Forum Newsletter

Congratulations to the winner of our Ugliest Tank Contest!

Let's give a big round of applause to our newest winner, NUNYA! A brave soul who was willing to share a deep, dark secret... A VERY UGLY TANK!

Nunya is now the proud recipient of a uber nice prize package! Thanks to all who participated!

Photo's of the Month
Adam Jenkins' BTA's

Adam Jenkins' Montipora cap. and BTA's

Tiff's (A.F.Angel) cute little dog, Bridget!

Ash (want4rain) and Alex - Awwwww!

Welcome new members.
It's with great pleasure that we announce and welcome our newest members to the forums. We thank them for their interest and participation and look forward to great times ahead!

Zilv3r, ilikefishies, Jessica, Cherish, amymarieky, Bonnie, cameron221, scooterfish, soccerboy4life, Zilv3r, amandamayo, Adam Jenkins, henknaert, claire87, BAR, EthanR, Bill_D, juju, yoyo, DaveInSanFran, Clownfish, luniew, margueratesullivan, niggs3721, mellor, guppy, brendya, cp04, quicksnipe, kmajid, Authoress, randy-roo
Get to Know Platytudes (Nicole)!

Hi! My name is Nicole, and I am just your run of the mill freshwater aquarium fanatic.

I've fought MTS (multiple tank syndrome) but recently declared defeat, so I've got six aquariums - two 10 gallon tanks, three 29 gallon tanks, and one 55 gallon tank. One of those 29s is a subtropical community, and another is a goldfish setup, but other than those two
specialized ones, these are community tanks with tetras, barbs, corydoras, danios, rasboras, and a few community friendly cichlids such as kribensis and curviceps. I have kept African cichlids in the past, and hope to again if I ever get another 55. (Ack, that's the sickness talking!)

Last summer, I converted an above ground pool into a pond...all 675 gallons of it. I made a DIY gravity filter using nothing but a pump, gravel, and a wastebasket with holes drilled throughout. It was loads of fun, but I had to dismantle it in October. Good thing too, since we
had one of the coldest winters in 10 years!

I've been a WWM junkie for about 5 years. The daily FAQs page used to be my homepage - yep, it was THAT bad. Nowadays, I tune in to the forum more than I do the dailies, but I still read those a few times a week. If I have access to a computer, you can bet that I'll be checking in with WWM in some form, at least once a day.

Now, a little about me...I'll flatter myself and assume you're still reading. I grew up in Miami, FL and moved to Central Florida in 2001. My mom passed away in 2000, but I inherited her Cuban hotheadedness, along with a fondness for literature and a voracious appetite for reading. These leisure pursuits eventually got me a job working at a library, where I have been working ever since (different libraries, same library system). The variety is wonderful, but it can get a bit kooky - libraries are known for attracting oddballs. If you ever wonder what it's like, check out Unshelved, a comic strip about working at a library. Those things really do happen!

Besides freshwater aquariums, my other passion is gardening. I just finished the Master Gardener course offered by the University of Florida, so I am now an official Florida MG. I can say without a doubt that there is no better way to increase your knowledge about plants!
The course is densely packed with information, and features a big hands-on component. I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in gardening, and doesn't mind homework.

Furry pets in my home include 3.5 cats. I say 3.5, because one of them is an indoor/outdoor cat. She's a rescue cat named Muffy. I found her drinking out of my birdbath one day, looking more like an oversized rat than a cat. She was almost hairless, and so scrawny. Now, she's almost plump, with a coat that looks like it belongs on a sable! Her only flaw is that she seems to think aquarium filters are drinking fountains, and their hoods chaise lounges.

My most recent project is my work tank, a 29 gallon goldfish tank with two black moors named Andy and Lou. My plan was to keep it a species tank (goldfish only) but demand for tankmates was great, so it is now a goldfish and zebra danio tank - there's a half dozen of the little
speed freaks in there. There is also talk of adding an apple snail...we'll have to wait and see! If it happens, there will probably be a vote as to what to name it, and I imagine Gary will win. It has been a sheer delight in every way. It's awfully nice to make so many people smile.

Well, that concludes my 'brief' bio - ha! Thank you for reading it. I'll see you around...on the forum, where else?


Article of the Month: Skimmers for Smaller Systems: A Review of Reef Octopus Models BH300-F and BH2000
By G. Dean Grant
Safety Nets for your tank.

One of my axioms for keeping marine systems is never cut corners on lighting or with protein skimmers, as they are two of the most important investments for ensuring the health of your tank's livestock.

Skimmers work on very simple principles. In a marine system, whether in the wild or in your living room, the water contains certain dissolved organic compounds (DOC) that have a greater affinity for air than they do with water. When mixed with air, they will adhere to bubbles and float to the surface. You can see this at any beach in the ocean foam. In the aquarium we replicate this process with skimmers, which used to be called foam fractionators for those who have been in the hobby long enough.

There are several basic skimmer designs -- downdraft skimmers, spray injection, venturi, and counter current to name the most common. And they all do pretty much the same thing. Inject a stream of fine air bubbles into a column of water and collect the foam, returning excess water to the aquarium. The finer the bubbles the better, as finer bubbles will contain greater surface area overall and as a result offer DOCs more opportunity to adhere and be removed from the system.

Over the years there has been much advancement in skimmer technology, and for the most part the best performing skimmers on the market today are all based on venturis with needle wheel impellers. This is the technology I will focus on in this article.

I am often asked whether skimmers are necessary for a tank. My reply is if you are asking that question, then yes, you need one. Of all the methods of filtration, this is the only one that removes compounds from the system before they enter the nitrogen cycle. It is one huge safety net for your tank. I know aquarists who are experienced and advanced enough to run without them, but if you are asking the question, you are not there yet.

The Bubble King Revolution

In the ever-evolving marine aquarium industry, there are watershed moments when new designs advance the technology and change the playing field. We are at such a crossroads right now with protein skimmers. This was brought about several years ago by the Bubble King brand, which revolutionized skimmer design by introducing the bubble plate.

In a conventional skimmer, air and water is mixed together in a rather chaotic fashion. With a bubble plate, this mixing is confined to a small sub chamber within the reaction chamber of the skimmer. The bubble column exits through the bubble plate, which is simply the perforated top of the bubble chamber. The result is a stable mix of air and water in the reaction chamber which improves efficiency and performance by orders of magnitude.

The result is a reaction chamber that looks like it is made of white acrylic. It is difficult to capture in a photo. In a conventional skimmer, you would see water and bubbles swirling around. With a bubble plate, the mix seems like it is floating.

A side advantage is that below the bubble plate, the water remains clear, and micro bubbles returning to the tank are much reduced, if not eliminated. If you look at the picture below, toward the bottom you can see where the separation begins.

The quality of the product produced, called skimmate, is excellent.

Bubble King skimmers are very expensive. Fortunately, there are new designs available at almost any price point. Vertex, MSX/MSO, Reef Octopus, and Warner Marine are some of the product lines incorporating bubble plates.

With the new and affordable skimmer lines out there, the traditional skimmers in my opinion are obsolete. I don't see any reason to buy a skimmer these days that does not have a bubble plate. It's just that good.
Reef Octopus HOB Skimmers

I setup a 40 gallon system a couple of months ago, and had the opportunity to test drive two Reef Octopus Hang on the Back (HOB) models on this system. The two models were the BH300-F and the BH2000.

The picture below is the BH300-F. Its dimensions are 15' wide by 3.75' deep and 18' tall. It is powered by two Resun 225 pumps, each drawing 19 watts and rated at 265 GPH. The skimmer is very well constructed. The BH300-F has three sections: the inlet, reaction, and return chambers. The water is drawn into the inlet section via siphon.

To start up initially, fill the skimmer body with saltwater. It holds approximately 2 gallons. Then attach an air hose to the John Guest fitting on the inlet assembly, and begin the siphon by drawing the air out of the inlet pipe. Then start the pumps one at a time. Once the siphon is established you can close the fitting, and it will run fine. I find it much simpler to connect an Aqualifter pump to the JG fitting, with the output to the skimmer. I leave it connected for about 10 minutes, let everything get going, then close the fitting and disconnect.

If this sounds like it's a bit finicky, well, it is. This is the one drawback I have experienced with this skimmer. I go weeks or months without having to tinker with it though, and the performance, well, it's a beast. It runs much quieter than the Urchins or Remoras I have had in the past, and is a better performer hands down. It also comes with a very well designed surface skimmer. Surface skimming is important for aquariums as there is a residue that collects on the surface of the aquarium which consists of DOCs. This residue has an oily appearance and will inhibit gas exchange if not dealt with. Many HOB skimmers have surface skimming features while others offer them as additional options. Again, in the case of the BH300-F, it's included and works as well as an overflow.

There is one item worth mentioning regarding this skimmer. Many HOB skimmers return micro bubbles to the tank. The BH300-F returns very few, however the gravity return does produce some large bubbles. Thankfully, they float right to the surface, disperse, and are not a problem in any way.

When it comes to skimming, this is a phenomenal piece of equipment. The picture below shows the crud this skimmer removed from the tank after only a couple of days.

The amount produced is dependent on several factors. They include the degree of bio-load your system is carrying, how many DOCs are present in the water, and whether there are any other means of filtration in use. My systems never produce copious amounts of skimmate, regardless of what skimmer I am using. There just is not much for them to pull out.

The quality, color, and sheer 'gunkiness' of the skimmate is excellent. It's better than any HOB skimmer I have had, and on par with many sump models by reputable companies. All in all, the combination of outstanding performance and quiet operation makes this a terrific skimmer.
Reef Octopus: model BH2000

An alternative skimmer to the model above is the BH2000. This skimmer has somewhat smaller dimensions: 7.75' x 3.25' x 17'. The pump on the BH2000 is an Octopus OTP2000, rated at 530 GPH. The pre filter assembly is the same, but from there the skimmer design is very different. The inlet pipe on the B2000 is connected directly to the pump so that the pump draws the water in directly, and there is no siphon involved. The air water mixture is then injected into the reaction chamber through a bubble plate. The reaction chamber is somewhat larger on this skimmer than the BH300-F. One feature I do like is that the pump is external to the skimmer, and therefore imparts no heat to the aquarium. The one problem I encountered with this skimmer, and problem could be too strong a word, is that the OTP2000 pump is borderline too strong for this skimmer. In the above picture, you'll see an elbow in the return section of the skimmer. With this in place, I find the water level in the skimmer body rises too high for me to adjust the collection cup to my liking. The reason for this turned out to be that the water level in my tank is a bit too high. If I had drilled the hole for my overflow a half inch lower, I never would have encountered this. Fortunately, the elbow just pops out.

It is worth mentioning that there is another model, the BH1000, which I have not tested, that has an identical body and assembly to the BH2000, but uses a smaller pump (an OTP1000). With the smaller pump, I believe that it would be an excellent skimmer as well.

There are two union connections to be hooked up. I used silicon grease and Teflon tape (easily acquired at Lowes or Home Depot) when setting up to prevent leaks on the external pump. I did however encounter a leak anyway, but fixed it by tightening the union with a wrench.

The bubble plate is not as effective in this model; however it's still an excellent performer. The total volume of the reaction chamber is larger than the BH300-F which makes up the difference. This picture shows the collection cup after running on the same tank. The quality of the skimmate is on par with the BH300-F.

The BH2000 is a bit noisier due to the external pump. Internal water pumps make noise, which is muffled by being submerged. External ones do not have that advantage, but neither do they add heat to an aquarium. Both skimmers come with mufflers for the airline, and run quieter than the Bak Paks, Urchins or Remoras I have had. I am much happier with the performance as well. One thing I like about both is that the return chambers will fit a heater, which will remove it from the tank. I keep clownfish and anemones, so the removal of pumps and heaters from the tank is a primary consideration. I also used the skimmers with a large media bag filled with Granular Activated Carbon (GAC); the return chamber makes an excellent erstwhile media reactor.

The BH2000 is rated by the manufacturer for aquariums up to 120 gallons; the BH300-F for systems up to 135 gallons. Both are oversized for my 40 gallon. I believe the BH1000 would have been just fine. The BH2000 would work well on a 65 gallon system and possibly a 75 gallon, while the BH300-F should be suitable for a 75 gallon. If using metal halide lighting or if heat is a concern, the BH1000 or BH2000 is the way to go. I'd also recommend it if you just want something foolproof. The BH300-F is quite a performer. All of these skimmers are priced under $200.00. Either way, you can't go wrong.

Many thanks to Scott at AquariumSpecialty.com and Dave at CoralVue for their help and answering my questions while I was testing these skimmers.
Staff Bio of the Month - Lynn
Y'all know me at the forums as Lynn, the moderator and ID lady (I use that term loosely), but I've been called many things, including Lynnoleum, Linnie, the Lynnster, and of course, Lynn Pin (as in pin head) by my older brother, and Dweebasaurus by my loving husband, Todd. Ah, ya just gotta love family!

As far as background, I was born in Waco, Texas -- and before you ask, no, I did not know David Koresh. He came along way after I'd left. I spent my grade school years there during the psychedelic 60's. While all the other girls were playing with Barbie dolls and pondering the big question of the time (which Beatle was the cutest -- bah!), I was the quintessential tomboy. I spent most of my time with my older brother, climbing trees, swimming, fishing, catching lizards, snakes, toads, bugs, you name it. With the exception of wasps and fire ants, if it moved, I wanted to pick it up and get a better look.

The same was true with pretty much anything else I came across as well. I collected all sorts of rocks, shells, fossils, and arrowheads, etc., and spent hours trying to ID them (now you know where that got started!). Some, I was successful with, but many were mysteries. Hey, we didn't have the internet back then so give me a break! Anyway, when I wasn't running around collecting or catching things, I was drawing, painting, or reading books that related to any and all of the natural sciences. Now that I'm a grown up (and then some), I'm still into the same subjects. If there's a show coming up on anything from dinosaurs to quarks, you better believe I'm going to watch it. I have a particular penchant for dinosaur documentaries, which is how I got nicknamed the Dweebasaurus by Todd. Well, that and the fact that I have plastic dinosaurs and dart frogs all around my computer (and if you tell anyone else about it, I'll hunt you down!). Yep, all in all, I'm pretty much Lynn, Queen Geek of the Universe but Todd, bless his heart, loves me anyway.

As far as the rest of the personal stuff, what's happened in my life -- the high points are that I studied geology and art at the University of Texas, later met and married Todd there in Austin and have been happy ever since. In 1991, we moved to the Pacific Northwest for work and although this is a beautiful area, we miss our friends and family and hope to move back before too much longer.

We share our house with two Pembroke Welsh Corgis: Ginger and Chief, an 18yr old Senegal Parrot named Max, and of course, all the fish and other critters in the reef tanks. I've got three going right now -- a 30g, 55g, and a 75g. They're all standard set-ups, no exotic bells and whistles, but they're a source of great entertainment - although occasionally mixed in with moments of pure unadulterated panic!

The rest can be summed up pretty quickly. I'm a smart aleck and a pita at times but I love helping people and sharing information about all the neat little creatures that pop up in our tanks. I've been a moderator at the forums now for years and a crew member with WWM since 2007. I work out of the house and make stained glass items that Todd and I sell at shows and online. I like beer and Tequila (but not at the same time - hopefully). I like action adventure, Sci-Fi, old 'B' grade monster and 'creature feature' movies and comedies, but avoid chick flicks, dramas, and movies with bad endings like the plague. I like down to earth people with a good sense of humor, a kind heart, and an affinity for animals. My hero has always been Jane Goodall and as far as any future plans, what I wish for more than anything is to be able to buy some land in Texas and open an animal rehabilitation/sanctuary facility. I've always been drawn to animals and thankfully, them to me. The way I see it, they are at our mercy in this world and I feel that it's our responsibility to do the best we can to lessen our impact upon them and to help them when and where we can. There's nothing that would make me happier than to be able to grow old -- okay smarty pants -- *older* with Todd and live a life surrounded with animals. Oh, and still be helping out here at WWM, writing overly long posts, and having fun with y'all! Take care -Lynn

Joke Of The Month

Taxi Driver
During a ride in a taxi, the rider touches the driver on the shoulder to ask him a question.
Upon the touch, the cab driver flinches, screams, and goes into a full panic, swerving from side to side on the road.
Finally the driver regains control.
"Sorry" the cab driver says, "this is my first day on the job. for the past 20 years i have been driving a hearse."

...More Chuckles...

"I've had a perfectly wonderful evening. But this wasn't it." Groucho Marx

"I didn't attend the funeral, but I sent a nice letter saying I approved of it." Mark Twain

"He has no enemies, but is intensely disliked by his friends." Oscar Wilde

"I am enclosing two tickets to the first night of my new play; bring a friend... If you have one."
-- George Bernard Shaw to Winston Churchill...followed by Churchill's response:
"Cannot possibly attend first night, will attend second, if there is one." Winston Churchill

"I feel so miserable without you; it's almost like having you here." Stephen Bishop

"He is a self-made man and worships his creator." John Bright

"I've just learned about his illness. Let's hope it's nothing trivial." Irvin S. Cobb

"He is not only dull himself; he is the cause of dullness in others." Samuel Johnson

"He had delusions of adequacy." Walter Kerr

"Why do you sit there looking like an envelope without any address on it?" Mark Twain

"Some cause happiness wherever they go; others, whenever they go." Oscar Wilde

Lady Astor once remarked to Winston Churchill at a Dinner Party, "Winston, if you were my husband, I would poison your coffee!" Winston replied, "Madam, if I were your husband I would drink it!" Lady Astor looked at Churchill and said, "Sir, you are drunk!" He replied, "And Madam, you are ugly. At least in the morning I'll be sober."

Current Events in the Aquatic World.
-Tons of released drugs taint US water:
- 40% Of Marine Catch Called Unintentional (this is disturbing!):
- Potomac "intersex" fish mystery deepens:
- Glass sponges off the Washington coast:
- Cave sponges save reefs:
- The ever-vigilant dolphin:
- "Super reefs" fend off climate change:
- Great news from the Great Barrier Reef!
- Fish That Live In The Dark Have The Best Ears:

This newsletter can be viewed online in the newsletter forum, found here. Newsletter Forum--
Thanks, The Management

Merry Christmas to everyone   12/25/08 All the team at the WetWebMedia Forum would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year. We hope you all enjoy the festive period, good food, drink and company. The year has gone by so quickly, many changes have occurred on the forums over the past months, the biggest being the move from the old forum to where we are at now. It's a great leap forward in the right direction. Looking to the future, it's very bright. Over the next year, a lot will be planned and implemented to make the forums bigger, better, inviting lots of involvement from all the forum members. Be on the lookout for new vendors, sponsors and competitions with prizes.  Again, happy Christmas and a happy New Year to all ladies, gents and fish keepers of all ages. Thanks, The Management <Thank you Andrew... Hope/trust all is well with you and yours... BobF, who is so cold he's having to wear a long sleeve tee shirt!>

what happened to the forums? 9/23/08 Hi, I used to be a member of the forums at www.wetwebfotos.com/talk I sold my tank about 6 months ago, so I stopped coming on this site. However, I was just checking it out today, and none of the links worked at all. Also I used to access the forums via www.wetwebmedia.com and then scrolling down on the main screen and clicking "forums" on the left hand menu... and the link there is now gone. I am just curious as to WHY this is not a part of the site anymore? I don't mind if I can't write anything anymore, but I would at least like to be able to read posts so I can get information and ideas from there instead of having to search all over the internet, or bug you guys. Thanks for your time Krissi aka HealthyObsession <Hi Krissi... we had problems of various sorts with the old forum. The new is here: http://bb.wetwebmedia.com/ Bob Fenner>

WWM Bulletin Board is Evolving... Check it out! 9/18/08 Dear fish keepers of all ages...  I would just like to take this opportunity to let everyone know about how the WetWebMedia.com Forum is evolving. The forum itself is really starting to evolve now. New area's have now been added which will aid the forum announcements to be more open and easily to find. A new troubleshooting, comments / suggestions and Announcements forums are at the top of the forum, making them your first port of call as you arrive at the forum.   http://bb.wetwebmedia.com/viewforum.php?f=59  The Saltwater area is starting to expand. A completely new section for members to provide their very own product reviews. This, in itself, will aid browsing aquarists no end, allowing them to get firsthand experience of a particular product. A new Algae forum has been added too giving everyone a nice place to discuss all aspects such as micro and macro algae's, coralline and plague algae.   http://bb.wetwebmedia.com/viewforum.php?f=8  Of course, we could not spend the time to expand the saltwater section, and not bring up to date the freshwater forum. So, we have now moved the plants and planted forum and merged this with the Freshwater forum to make this all complete. Again, there is a Freshwater Products Review forum.   http://bb.wetwebmedia.com/viewforum.php?f=3  Our next advancement is the brand new Buy / Sell / Vendor forum. Within this forum, you can now safely buy and sell aquatic related items, buy from the vendors who are now signing up and buy their stock with a little bit of helpful discount. You can also browse around the Aquarium Business section and discuss your own fish store, review one that near to you. http://bb.wetwebmedia.com/viewforum.php?f=12  And last but not least, I would like to take this opportunity to announce our very own Live Chat Room. The chat room is there for any registered member to use. Please take the time to drop in there. The idea behind providing a live chat area is that we can provide you with a place where you can run to, in an emergency, and ask what every question(s) you need, and all the member who are currently in the room will all dig in and help the best they can. Also, the other idea behind the chat room is that it provides a place for people to unwind, relax, talk about any subject you like (as long as it abides by the chat room rules), meet new people and talk in real time. http://bb.wetwebmedia.com/viewforum.php?f=72  As you can see, from the above additions, the new WetWebMedia.com Forum is really starting to gain momentum now, so please take some time to come and browse around the forum, use some of your personal knowledge to help someone, or ask some questions of your own. If you're a frequent WWM email user, you'll also notice some very familiar names around the forum. If you a vendor, and would like to join the forum, simply register and send a personal message (PM) to one of the members of staff, and we shall get you your very own personal vending forum setup. Thank you all for listening, and I look forward to seeing and meeting you all on the forum and in the new chat room. WetWebMedia Forum Staff -- Thanks, The Management 

Re: What WWM's bb is not... currently... 7/20/08 Hi all, I don't mean to be a downer, but maybe we should take a minute to consider if the forum is really all that important. There are already dozens of reef/marine aquarium oriented forums that are well established for years. I'm sure everyone has heard of Reef Central, but there are also, so so many others (Reefs.org, Reefland, Marine Depot, Reef Monkey, Reef Sanctuary, Nano-Reef, Reef Frontiers, etc, etc... the list goes on and on, really) The way I see it, there are soooo many of these forums and only so many hobbyists (most of which typically seem to stay "loyal" to one or two forums). Personally, I greatly prefer WWM's query/answer format to the forum format. I think evidence of its/Bob's genius is in the fact that WWM gets significantly more traffic than any web forum (even more than RC). So... I know not all would agree with me, but I'd still rather see would-be forum posters send their queries to the crew (as this has been a big part of what has built the whole site into what it is). Just my $0.02 Best, Sara M.

I was thinking it would increase traffic, or at least increase page views, thus increasing ad views/revenue. If this isn't the case, then you're right, there are many forums (though rife with inaccurate information). Mike Maddox

I respectfully disagree here; I believe wholeheartedly that it's as simple as some folks preferring one format over the other. And, as was the case for me personally, many just "get their feet wet" on the forum, learn the subject matter, while making long-lasting friends at the same time. Of course there's pros and cons to both formats, but the queries, IMHO, do not necessarily foster the camaraderie (is that how the word is spelled?) aspect which is a definite part of this, and any, hobby. Further, while there are indeed many alternative forums, none have the unique and intimate aspect that WWM somehow manages to maintain. I do agree that some things can be improved upon, but that's the case with most everything. Moreover, not to be difficult and point fingers, I do find it interesting that Adam was the one to bring this issue up. Although I have not been as active over the past year, year and one half as I would have liked, I've been involved enough to know that certain repeat behavior on his part caused serious problem, specifically a decline in membership. Adam, I do not want to turn this into a "bashing session" in any way, but I do want to point out again that though you have valuable input on the boards, your lack of appropriate demeanor has on several occasions caused much issue. Perhaps I am wrong to question, but I do somehow wonder about the sincerity of your motives in stirring all this up. Anyways, as most have suggested, there are indeed things which could be improved upon, no doubt. And, I think it valuable to brainstorm upon them. However, I do take issue when people who have repeatedly been a large part of the problem sit back and "pontificate" in this manner- somehow rubs me wrong. Sabrina and Lynn, among others, have put a lot of effort into transitioning to the new forum, and I for one thank them for their efforts. Only thing I can think of is to have some sort of management "staff" (Admins and moderators), and to try to have semi-regular "meeting" to discuss points, etc. Of course this is hard when dealing with time constraints of life, but perhaps it would help. It led to development of much-needed ground rules, for instance...a humble but necessary beginning. Just my thoughts as I take a break from the books. Regards to you all, Jorie ------

Jorie, all-- Just to be clear, I would certainly not discourage anyone from taking it upon themselves to make the most of this forum if that's what they want to do. Absolutely, if you, Lynn, Sabrina, Mike, etc... whomever else have the spare time/effort to put into it, I say knock yourselves out (and enjoy!) I'm just personally not so interested because it just doesn't seem so worthwhile/important to me (imo). Best, Sara M.

I'm still with Sara on this. As it is, I do a sizeable chunk of the freshwater queries that come into WWM. I can't say how long it takes, but I'm sure across the week its several hours. Given time is limited, I just feel Bob gets better value from me doing that stuff, rather than the forum. I have no objections to the forum at all: enjoy! Cheers, Neale Hello everyone, After reading some of the comments today regarding the forums, I have to admit to being more than a bit disturbed and disappointed.  Are the forums considered so lacking in merit, so hopelessly outclassed by other established online sites, that they're not worth working to improve?  Not surprisingly, I don't see it that way at all.  I see the forums as new, yes - in need of work, most definitely, but the site is not without promise - and certainly worth preserving and supporting.  I believe that the forums have a real potential to *add* to the vast amount of information at WWM, as well as serve as an additional venue for helping people.  Isn't that what our site is all about?  The forums allow us to help even more people, but they could never, in any way, compete with the value and importance of the daily Q&A's.  There's also no way that they can compete with forums that have been around for much longer than 6 months. The forum section simply supplies a different venue for sharing information that I believe could help us all.  I can't see how its presence could be a negative. If it's not as large, popular, or deemed as valuable as some of the other sites, well let's work on that and make it so.  Rome was not built in a day.  What I absolutely do not want to see is the forum site relegated to a sort of outcast status, where it's not supported and only barely tolerated.  I'd like to know right now which it's going to be.  Take care, Lynn -----

<I do think the bb has merit... is yet another vehicle/platform... of use, community. There are many folk who appreciate such to add, gather input, interact on a broader range, more "first person"... I do hope that enough interest will sustain, help it grow. BobF>

I'm still with Sara on this. As it is, I do a sizeable chunk of the freshwater queries that come into WWM. I can't say how long it takes, but I'm sure across the week its several hours. Given time is limited, I just feel Bob gets better value from me doing that stuff, rather than the forum. <Ahhh, but I am only a small part of the present whole. Do agree that what resource I have could/should be "spent" doing many other "things"... A pleasing example: Am hopeful to add a very nice graphics (pix and video) bit of software... somehow add a bunch of my work, encourage others to do so... including for profit> I have no objections to the forum at all: enjoy! <Me neither!> Cheers, Neale <BobF> I do agree with Bob... I think it's nice that it's there for those who enjoy it. I just personally have little/no interest in it. I do think it will grow/gain traffic on it's own over time. Best, Sara M.

Hi Lynn, <Hi Neale>  I know I'm not saying this, and I don't think others are either. <That's good to hear, because it would be a real shame.>  Certainly forums are attractive to people who like interaction and  group activities. The FAQs on the other hand are a way for one person  to get a tailored response to their query from someone nominally an  expert in the field. Not everyone likes using forums for that sort of  thing. <That's true and I completely understand. That's why I think it's so great to offer both, and why I respond in both areas.>  The question is specifically whether WWM *needs* a forum; I'd argue  no. But that doesn't mean I have any ill-will to the thing. If you see  a posting there you think I should comment on, then by all means e- mail and I'll stop by. <Thanks, Neale. I can't tell you how much I appreciate that.>  But in the 30-60 minutes per day I spend on  WWM, I'd sooner go through the incoming Freshwater mailbox helping Bob  keep that sorted. <Absolutely understandable and I agree that answering the Daily Q&A's should always be *the* priority.  That's why I've never asked for help, because I know it's asking too much. The support I mentioned extends only to those who have the time and want to be involved, whether it's suggestions, moderating, or answering the occasional question.> There appear to be more marine fishkeepers on the  Crew than freshwater, so my instinct is to stay working where I can do  the most good. <I completely understand and agree.>  Cheers, Neale <Thanks Neale.  Take care, -Lynn>

Darrel B chimes in: Well, no one has directly asked me MY opinion on the forum situation yet. Usually this is because a lot of people feel the need to wash their hands or even shower after reading my opinions. One person alleged that one of my opinions was so bad it caused her IQ to drop precipitously and permanently, so consider yourself warned!!! <... here it comes...> I like the WWM site very much, but mostly for content, not so much for style. It's packed with enough information that it's sometimes hard to decide where to look first. It's MUCH better than it was before, but still we miss the simple things: For example, if you miss a day reading the FAQ's, there's no link to "yesterday's" faq (where that one has a link to the day before, etc.) so if you miss one day it's not hard to be out of the loop so to speak, since more than a few letters are follow-ups, etc. <Yet another poss. improvement...> There is a convention for doing that in web-based time sensitive materials and we just don't follow it. I always assumed that it was because this was a low profit, volunteer-based site and every time someone has a "wouldn't it be nice IF" idea ... it means someone will be expected to give up a few more precious minutes of that fantasy of a "personal life" that we chase. <"Lordy ain't got no more bricks"> If I am incorrect it this .. if WWM is in fact a high profit commercial web site and Mr. Fenner is creaming enough money off the top to live a life of decadence beyond the wildest dreams of Croesus, <Well... Mira Mesa...> then I DO have a few suggestions. And an allegation that I am his love child and entitled to my share. <Hotay!> I think that an active forum would be an asset to the site in general and although there are many existing forums I think it's always in our interest that people come here first for everything and only leave when it's a level of specialization beyond our scope. But a primary key is ACTIVE forum. When someone hits a forum on the web, finds a topic that interests them and click in -- only to find that the last post was a month or more ago, people tend the leave the ENTIRE SITE faster than changing stations when they accidentally tune their car radio to a foreign language station. <"There's a place in France where the ladies..."> Getting it jump started can be very easy or very hard -- there are no fixed rules. But You need section leaders that keep topics going -- even if it comes down to talking to themselves, writing min-articles, etc. It has to be active in order to draw people in and keep them in -- when the forum falls into disrepair or disuse it tends to drain the entire site (don't ask me why). <Why not?> Another issue .... and I don't want to tread too heavily on this one .. is that this is an information & education site where lateral information exchange is very often counter-productive. I would take issue with anyone suggesting that Alligators DO make good pets, so should someone post that in a herptile subject we can't make a "debate" out of it -- we make an entry stating "No they do not. That is the official position of WWM, every single state's Fish & Game department, the US Fish & Wildlife Service and Bill Rivers, a friend from college who though he knew best and is now know to his close friends as 'stumpy." And then LOCK DOWN the subject ..... sometimes even the poster, if necessary. Our "Police" force (Moderators) can't simply police person #1 calling person #2 a doo-doo head. They have to be fact police as well. <Agreed> So first things first -- given how hard it was to simply keep up the FAQs last months while Bob went to far off exotic places (even I, the turtle guy, was trying to help Sara out by answering Gourami worm questions!) ... so do you/we have the resources of intelligent, educated people who can make the commitment? (Notice how I added 'intelligent' into the requirements and therefore removed myself from the potential list of candidates????) <You sly devil you> Second, someone has to spend the time and/or money to replace the "skins" so that it matches the professional tone of the rest of the site. Again, for reasons beyond knowing, only fan sites can get away with just placing Wonder Board on their site and getting away with it. So dear reader, in closing -- it is my opinion (also known as the "right" or "correct" opinion) that a BBS on an information & education web site is a significant commitment of time and energy and that we, collectively have the experience and intelligence (not withstanding the drain that I and a few others pose) haven't shown the ability to produce the man hours on a consistent basis. <I share this observation> Personally, I'd look for ways to make the site more profitable first, so that the needs of it's administration could be contracted professionally before I would tend to expand it in more directions. <Oooh, am all ears... well, some other parts as well... "Some" more money would be nice... not the linqua Latina derivative for "un- or not known", but actually what this largess would/might get us> That's all the help I can be right now ... but when the 250 million dollars from that Nigerian Banker comes through I'll be in a position to do a bit more. <I'll be joining you with my mighty tool. BobF> Well hello again all, <Howsit?> First off I have to say I'm vaguely disappointed in some of the responses here and I apologize for inadvertently throwing Lynn under the bus and not being present to defend her /the forums. Before I give my rebuttal/suggestions I would like to get the un-pleasantries out of the way by saying that to my knowledge WetWebMedia has always been built around the volunteers that contribute the FAQ's and articles, key word in this sentence was volunteer just incase anyone missed it. Point being I've never seen Bob force anything on anyone,<Wouldn't, likely couldn't have it any other way> if you do not desire to participate in the new extension of WetWebMedia, my suggestion is that you don't, that part is simple. What may be challenging to some egos is to not make divisive comments to those of us that do find the format of a BB forum. My understanding is that the forum does not compete with the articles and FAQ'S/Queries generated by our crew. It's an entirely different interaction process altogether. Personally, like Lynn, I enjoy all of the mediums that WetWebMedia offers. I like to write, and when I want to share, help I answer queries, when I want to be challenged or want an exchange rather than a one-way communiqué I go to the forums. The forums are meant as a supplement and not the inevitable replacement some of you fear it to be. For those that are not forum regulars, the following is something you should know. While the website bb.wetwebmedia.com is relatively new, the idea of a forum supplement to www.wetwebmedia.com is not, www.wetwebfotos.com/talk has been around since 2000-2001. Yes it was mismanaged, yes it was inflexible and outdated but that does not diminish the flow of information that occurred there. In fact we often discover talent there who eventually go on to be veteran crewmembers, Lynn and myself included. There is a very loyal and very regular group of core members who transferred from here to the new BB forum which was more or less a replacement for Zo's forum, if you want cut out the political correctness we've been dancing around with here (which as someone without much tact I always like to do). My suggestions were simply made as a starting point to improve the forum (and Bob for the record I have only the access of a regular member, am not a Mod nor Admin, the only Mod who is an active crewmember is Lynn and perhaps Jorie soon). I think that more integration is key here, as Sara mentioned WWM has a large reader base and draws a lot of traffic, there is no disputing that. Where I disagree with her is that we should allow this traffic to be fleeting and wander off into other forums (most of which, I nor the current BBWWM members can't stand *cough* reef central *cough*). Why? Exploit what we have. WetWebMedia is in my eyes the undisputed source for aquaria related knowledge, I say make it the undisputed leader in aquarium forums as well. If you don't care to participate I would respectfully ask you to bow out of the conversation, because I do plan to help and I am sure there are others that do as well. -Adam J (crewmember since 2004 but forum member since 2003) <Thank you for sharing. BobF>

Hello Everyone...Just some initial observations I have seen from all the responses to the email / summary that I wrote and Bob posted via email...It shows to there is a distinct divide between crew members on whether they should take part on the forum, and some, whether it should be there at all. As I see it, I think it would be nice to have a show of hands on who does want to be part of the forum, and who does not. I think this will give a clear indication on where we all stand with staffing the forum. What are peoples thoughts on that? <A fair summation of current sentiments, activity> I have to agree with a point Lynn raised about who is in charge of the forum, and who should be making the action calls (Sabrina and Bob) <Mmm, to be clear, IS up to SabrinaF... until which time she chooses to relinquish mgmt., she is in charge of the bb, period> ...That's very true, as I feel that is the Admins role on a forum, and not really the moderators...A point raised by Jorie is something along the lines of what I was thinking about.. Getting a proper staff structure setup.....Admins, Globals and mods...Admins have their meetings, and pass their info to the Globals and its discussed at a global meeting. and so on for the moderator meeting....all from above is filtered down, discussed and all feed back / discussion is documented.....That's how we do it on the forum I work at, and it works very well....Its all about structure in my opinion....hold meetings every month, or even every two months....sometimes this is where ( holding meetings ) new idea's / inspiration comes from and its all tabled in the open....My opinion on the forum, is that its a very important part of WWM, or rather, it could be / should be....Its another tool for us to disseminate information to the masses....Some people prefer the forum based communication over the personal email touch....so, why can we not give them that? it wont take away anything from WWM, as the people who prefer the personal touch will always be in the majority. Yes, there are LOADS of aquaria forums out there on the net....heck, my forum has over 88,000 registered members...and the other two sister forums a fair amount too.....BUT, my point is, why should that stop WWM BB being successful? Why should that stop us from channeling resources into the forum to MAKE it a success?? I believe we can do that, I believe we CAN make it a booming success as people will automatically know its the other side of the coin to WWM email service...Reap from the reputation WWM has, let it flow into the forums..Ok....you've all probably fallen asleep by now, so, I'll go back to my intravenous caffeine... :O)- Andrew <Thank you for your further input. B>

Re: What WWM's bb is not... currently...   7/19/08 Completely agree that the forum is not as active as it should. One thing I have noticed is that it does not really show up when some google searches the net for a specific issue, its only really the WWM site FAQ's or another aquatics forum. Maybe we could look into getting the forum itself submitted to search engines so it is indexed on the web like most other BB forums. Regarding off topic chit-chat, I actually believe this is a good thing for a BB to have as this promotes a friendly atmosphere. Its promoted by providing a place on the forum for people to relax and chat non fishy...get to know other members...learn aspects of other peoples lives.....However, the main emphasis is on relaxing and enjoyment....To keep people on a forum, you have to provide diversity. not all fish related. There are plenty of area's on the forum which encourages fishy talk...So, I think its fine as it is... A point I do disagree with is the Admins issue. Staffing a forum is not about Admins.. It's all about moderators and global moderators. Moderators should be assigned to the specific forum sections, and global mod.s to cover all area's. This allows certain staff members to concentrate on the promotion, change of their specific forum area, like Freshwater Topics or Marine Topics. I come from a strong staff forum background on the Monstreraquarianetwork.com and currently a global moderator, and have been admin on a couple of other popular BB forums. I spent a long time as a Marine moderator and really concentrated on promoting the marine area...introducing competitions, promoting member input for helping other, writing articles etc etc. As I see the forum at the moment, there does not seem to be any structure on the staff...just a small selection of Admins and globals...I believe this does need tailoring and I think it will have a positive impact on forum promotion. Admins role on a forum is to maintain the structure and overall site, not the specific forums themselves, that's the job of the moderators ( normal and global). As mentioned by Adam, and its a VERY good point, more linking is required in the FAQ's sections of WWM..There is really no direct link between WWM and the forum, as we currently run it. I feel this does need to be more integrated. Easily done by directly linking people when we answer the dailies. I believe a new section should be created called Article Section. This area would be moderated by an assigned mod and they have control over the articles submitted. A separate hidden article edit section in the staff area where the specified mod will review submitted articles, get input from other team members and shape the article with more input from the submitter prior to posting on the forum. Then simply lock the article and provide a discussion thread so people can ask questions to the writer about the content. "I have been wishing the forums were more active as well, but have been on a severe time constraint. I think Adam's idea of more Admins is a good one, though time is always an issue for everyone. More activity by a few Admins (myself included, I'd like to participate more if given admin/mod status) would definitely help readership IMO. Also IMO, the front page should be rearranged just slightly (the left hand side, perhaps?) to allow for the forum link/pic to be "in your face" as well as to move the google search function up to the top and perhaps inside the frame. A little "retouching" of the front page would do wonders, and I could possibly find the time to do so if there is no objection/I am given access. I'm a huge fan of this website, and I think continued work to the site's navigation and accessibility is a good thing, though obviously easier said than done. While I am on the subject, I would like to retouch the main "branch sites" (the site you're shown when you click "marine and reef aquariums" for instance, to make it a little more visually appealing and easier/faster to find what you're looking for. This would be a work in progress, and may take me a few weeks (also working on a 'photosynthesis for the average aquarist' article among my many "let me into med school! projects") but it's something I'd like to do. Any thoughts? Mike Maddox " Mike, as always raises some important points.. Making the specific sections on the WWM front page more attractive is great.. it will channel more traffic into there. "Hi everyone, Unfortunately, I don't have the time right this second to get into this topic with any real depth, but just know that I'm more than willing to help in any way I can. After I'm finished with the crab query (probably tomorrow sometime) I won't be so busy. If it means taking on admin duties, then bring it on. I love the new forums, but unfortunately they've been very slow lately and I'd like to see that pick up. I don't think the problem has so much to do with people gabbing about non-fish related subjects as much as it's about people just not knowing about us. I'd also love to see more interaction from the crewmembers (and Bob as well!), but I understand all too well about people's time constraints, and have never wanted to put anyone in the position of feeling obligated. By the way, we have had some members drop by, and I can't tell you how much I've appreciated it. Obviously, Adam is a regular that has contributed some terrific articles to the site. What I think is particularly important about these mini-articles is that they allow us, as a new and less established site, to kick-start the amount of information we offer people, and thus hopefully create a draw. One last thing before I go is that the lag in attendance could also be somewhat seasonally related. I remember seeing such ebbs and flows at the previous forums during the summer as well. The bottom line is that Sabrina, bless her heart, did a terrific job setting everything up, but now we/I just need to figure out how to kick it up a notch! Take care and have a great weekend! -Lynn " On the whole, I feel the whole staff which is on WWM answering dailies should be used as staff on the forum (if they want too). There is a good selection of us there, and between us, we cover all time zones, so, this means that there is always a good section of staff members available on the forum to help with member direction, give input etc etc. I suppose what I am seeing is no team work between WWM crew. I have offered a few times to be part of the forum staff as I have plenty years under my belt in forum management at admin and global level, however, my offer has never been utilized. I do wonder why this is, when the forum itself is quiet, in its infancy and new heads are a good thing to introduce more input. We do need to pull together as a crew to work the forum, run new things, explore new avenues... This all may come across to you all in a little bit of a negative light, but its not, its simply how I am seeing the forum because I am part of a very successful aquaria forum network, and all I simply want is for the forum to be 200% successful as I KNOW it can be. That's my thoughts on the matter, simply just my opinion of course.. Andrew Nixon
Further input re chatting by the WWM Crew being posted, ScottV 7/25/08 <On another note, probably better for the whole crew. The last day or two there has been much discussion regarding keeping crew correspondence out of the dailies. I for one am all for keeping the conversations in. <Ahh!> From my point of view it is just this, conversation. I have never seen anything I would regard as and malicious argument, just those articulating their points of views. Some readers may view it as malicious, there will always be someone, oh well. As a crewmember of less than one year and previously an avid reader of the dailies, I found the most astonishing and refreshing thing joining the crew was/is the openness of what goes on. This is one of the alluring aspects of WWM, and what separates us from the particular forum that has been referred to the last day or two. The particular forum is fine with your post so long as it does not impugn them or their high posters. People truly know who we are, where we come from, how we interact and why we give the advice we do. To me the interactions are part of our credibility. The ability to question each other, in public, is priceless. Take this away and you limit the public's view to who we truly are. My 2 PSI, take or leave. Anyway, I cannot wait to meet up in HI, gear ready and waiting, Scott V.> <Thank you for this input, sharing. I too am happy to show/express the human sides of WWM... it IS a community of individuals... working in semi-concert to all's benefit... and the public DOES actually benefit from awareness of our being also "just folk". Cheers, BobF>

I don't necessarily disagree with crew correspondence being put into the dailies, however if they are to be put there I think everyone should be made aware (which I assume they now are). It seems a lot of us/them were not aware. -Adam J. <Mmm, really... the "choice" of inclusion is just a matter of my briefly saving most all... not excising before posting to/as the Dailies... Oh, anyone want to come fwd and do this for a while? B>

I agree the screening of every email that ends up in our outgoing box would be too much to do. <Heeeee! We do agree... I try to review while checking for spelling, formatting issues, but often "find" items to comment on while re-posting... or splitting up FAQs files in SubFAQs... or... when folks write in to say summat's amiss. B>

I think ScottV makes some great points... agreed. -Sara M.

I'd like to just publicly thank Lynn for the hours of work she has put into the forum in the last day or two. Each topic forum now has it's own thread "stickied" to the top with the related WWM article and Faq's linked within the thread. This is a first and important move in integrating the forum to the main-site and improving it. Thanks Lynn! -Adam J PS  Please post in dailies :D <Ah, will do... Thank you both. BobF> <<Bob, Adam, you're very welcome.  We're just doing what we can to improve the site for everyone.  By the way, I also included the "Ask the WWM Crew a Question"/search engine link as well.  Between those options and the associated WWM links, we should be able to effectively help a lot of people.  Take care and have a great weekend. -Lynn>

What WWM's bb is not... currently...  7/18/08 Bob, <Adam> I've been thinking a lot a long the same lines as the lady who sent you this email but kept the thoughts to myself, as I felt they could seem ungrateful though they certainly are not intended that way. My suggestions have to do with the BB forum itself, there is a reason it is not attracting the crowd that it should be. It's just that as a crewmember I would like to see our site represented in a positive manner, and I feel the forum isn't doing that right now. <Oh? I have not "been there" much myself> WWM has the largest reader base of all aquarium sites including reef central, ect. <Etc.> We need to figure out why that base is not transferring to the forums (even when it was WWF). My theory is to <too> much non related aquarium talk, I'm NOT saying to stop the bar and grill style chatting just encouraging real "fishy" content as well. <How to do this?> We need the Admins (Admins I said not Mods) to take a more active role, because right now they are not. <Are you one of these? What is lacking in your opinion?> The software on the new forum is VERY flexible in comparison to the old forum, yet a lot of the 'bells and whistles' have yet to be exploited or even turned on. <Will send this, and encourage you as well, to SabrinaF, as she picked up that proverbial gauntlet (at my urging) to bring this new bb to life> Simple things like linking the forums to the main-site would be a big start and to take that even further, linking the related WWM articles to the related forum topics (FW, BW, INVERTS, and so on) with a 'sticky' at the top would go along ways. These suggestions are not something that would take a long time, I can and would do these easily in half a day. <Good. This outline of topic/headings was actually what I thought would work as well> There are more in depth issues/suggestions too. Right now a lot of aquaria related questions go answered, which is why I have been spending a lot of time there lately and quite honestly lacking in the dailies (I apologize but I feel since the forum has the WWM name it represents us and our work ethic as well). <It should, does> Which, while it would be asking a lot, is why it would be nice to have crewmembers as the main or designated moderators. <We're all volunteers Adam... we can only ask...> Me and Lynn have tried to help out there with aquaria content (posting mini articles weekly or biweekly), <Ahh, I have seen Lynn's... excellent. I am so out of a/the loop that I didn't realize you were doing these as well> but two of us can only go so far with the limited access we have on the forums, admin wise. The ideal situation in my eyes, and it's one I would definitely be willing to devote time to, is to have a new set of threads/forums, "author forums" sort of like the set ups as Marine Depot and RC and where Anthony Calfo and Eric Borneman are the Mods of their own forums, and have an ask and question set up. <Good idea> We could do this with 'less famous' crewmembers who are willing, (like me and Lynn, though I don't mean to volunteer her, she's just the most active crewmember on the forums). With the ease of navigation the forums has, I think if it's developed it will eventually begin to alleviate a lot of the questions in the dailies and eventually give way to a lighter work load. There's also a lot of people on the forums who have a lot of potential as it goes towards being an eventual crewmember, and I think if the 'real' WWM were to get involved that process would speed up and we would see them volunteer, many of them have already made it known they would like to try their hands in writing articles. I think it can, eventually, be a very good investment for all of us, it just needs some love. -Adam J. <Thank you for coming forward... stirring the pot so to speak. I am going to give it a twist further and share your valuable input with the WWM Crew proper. Cheers, Bob Fenner>

Re: What WWM's bb is not... currently...   7/18/08 I have been wishing the forums were more active as well, but have been on a severe time constraint. I think Adam's idea of more Admins is a good one, though time is always an issue for everyone. More activity by a few Admins (myself included, I'd like to participate more if given admin/mod status) would definitely help readership IMO. <I see> Also IMO, the front page should be rearranged just slightly (the left hand side, perhaps?) to allow for the forum link/pic to be "in your face" <MikeK sent along a new graphic... will try to place...> as well as to move the google search function up to the top and perhaps inside the frame. A little "retouching" of the front page would do wonders, <Please send along specifics here> and I could possibly find the time to do so if there is no objection/I am given access. <Better to lift, change what is there and send along for now> I'm a huge fan of this website, and I think continued work to the site's navigation and accessibility is a good thing, though obviously easier said than done. While I am on the subject, I would like to retouch the main "branch sites" (the site you're shown when you click "marine and reef aquariums" for instance, to make it a little more visually appealing and easier/faster to find what you're looking for. <Very good to hear, read... have thought of "taking a class" in web-authoring, the software for such... hiring "someone" for such> This would be a work in progress, and may take me a few weeks (also working on a 'photosynthesis for the average aquarist' article among my many "let me into med school! projects") but it's something I'd like to do. Any thoughts? <Focus... outline... one at a time... produce! BobF> Mike Maddox

New bb launch/ed! And soon... CA!    3/17/08 Sabrina... I did put a brief/permanent link on the WWM Homepage, and all left shared borders to the new BB... Would you please draft a small introduction to the service, you as moderator, perhaps some of the folks that are helping... And whatever else you'd like to announce in conjunction? Neale and Andrew, would you think a bit re something similar? Thank you all, BobF.

Where did the forums go? WWF  12/27/07 I haven't been on the site for a couple months as I have been busy with other tasks, but I'm just wondering where the forums page (that used to help me a lot) went. Maybe I'm not looking in the correct place, but it used to always be on the left hand side of the web page, and now its disappeared. If you could help me it would be great. Dave <Got tired of folks writing us saying that the SysOp (LorenzoG) was remiss in fixing this and that, inability to register, log-on... Bob Fenner>

Forums on WWM... the end of WWF   11/06/07 I tried to contact Mike regarding the site, but each of my emails were returned with a "failure to deliver message." Anyway, the reason I'm writing has to do with the Forums. It seems that option has disappeared from the Homepage. I regularly read and post on the "Anemone/Clownfish" forum. <Mmm, yes... Zo (the originator of the BB and the "sysop" has flaked out on us entirely. We/WWM have deleted all links to alienate ourselves... Tired of hearing/reading that no one can sign up...> By the way, thank you so very much for creating this website. There is no telling how many aquarium occupants are alive right now because of information disseminated by you and the WWM Crew. <Thank you my friend. BobF> Thank you, Gary

Re: Forums on WWM  11/07/07 Thank you for your response. I'm sorry things didn't work out with that flake guy--must be from up here in LA, <! Actually is...> we definitely have our share. The forums were somewhere I enjoyed going, making suggestions, etc. C'est la vie. <Great attitude> Wish all the best and keep up the good work there. Love "The Conscientious Marine Aquarist" too, btw. Gary <Thanks. BobF>

Registration, WWF   10/2/07 Hi everyone this is Chris, ive tried to register to this forum a few times and i always get an error message. I sent Mr. Fenner an e-mail about this but it was returned. I would like to help out in anyway i can here at WWM. im very interested in tridacnid clams and am currently a moderate at Clams Direct (screen name, Chris&Barb) and a team member at RC (screen name Mbbuna). so first if there's any way someone can help me register here i would appreciate it and secondly if i could be of any assistance regarding tridacnid clams i would be much obliged <We don't have access to WWF admin... You'll have to keep trying there. BobF> <Chris... are you offering to help respond here on WWM? Are you willing to fix your English before responding? Have the time? BobF> Website forum error... we can't fix WWF   10/26/07 Hello. I've been using your website as an invaluable resource, both for fresh and saltwater information. We've recently decided to dive into the saltwater side of things and have learned much from your site. However, we've run across some questions. I'd like to be able to post them on your forum, but I am unable to register for it. I emailed your Lorenzo person and included a screen shot of my problem, but have not received a reply. <... dismal. I apologize for his laxity... if I can. Mr. G. is going through a "growth process"...> Here's the problem. When I click, register, the screen where I sign up is missing a field for User Name. The field does not exist, though I can see where it is supposed to go. Can you please tell me if he received my email and if he's working on it? And if not, is there another way I can register, maybe by giving you my info and you sign me up? Thanks for any help, Trina Werkema <I'll cc him here re. Cheers, Bob Fenner>

WWF chat forum - registration -- 06/11/07 I've been interested in registering for your chat forum, but when I try to create a user account, the first box (Username) states, "Sorry! Registration is temporarily unavailable." (see below). It looks like the chat forum is operational, so I'm wondering if there is a glitch? <You are the Nth person to send this along... Have sent repeated notices to the formerly competent Lorenzo Gonzalez... methinks he is "becoming mature"... Coming to grips with the realization of his limitations... Let's hope so. BobF> Thanks, Andy User Edit - (*) denotes required fields Username*: Sorry! Registration is temporarily unavailable. Password*: Real Name*: Confirm Password*: Email: Okay to show real name? Homepage: Okay to show email address? * Location: Occupation: Notes: (Tell us all about yourself! There's no real limit, but please be VERY careful with any HTML!)

New WWF/BB Registration Won't Work   2/2/06 > I have tried to register with two different names and passwords and it returns > invalid name\password.  I know for a fact one of the name\password > combinations I used could not possibly be used on this site. > What, if anything have I done wrong? > Thanks. > Roger Clark > <Don't know... will send to Zo... builder/mgr. there. BobF> Hi Roger! Make sure "cookies" are enabled in your web-browser, and if you are running a firewall, that it is also set to permit cookies. This is how the forum software keeps track of who's logged in and who isn't. Thanks! Lorenzo Where did WWF go?  9/30/05 :( I'm rather bummed out... I can't get to the WWF homepage or the chatforum no matter what link I try!  Will it be back anytime soon? Jen <Mmm, thanks for this notice. Will notify Zo here... the originator, manager of WWF. BobF> Forum Woes Dear Don:  Just wanted to let you know that I am unable to get into the Forum again.  I'm trying to get the names of the meds that Vintage advised me about. I'll keep trying but wanted you to know.   Thanks - Robin (Bellablue) <I did speak to Zo, the forum admin, about this. Make sure you browser security is set to accept cookies. Don > Buying Pix, WWF JasonC here, I apologize for the delay in my response. To answer your query, the medium resolution images are free for personal use and can be had by simply write clicking the image in the pop-up window and doing a "Save Picture as..." to save the image to your local disk. The hi-resolution images are available at a price $10 US per image. If you are interested in the hi-resolution versions, we can process a credit card order over the phone and then set the password on the images to give you access to them. If you have interest in the hi-resolution images, please send me your phone number and I'll give you a call and we'll get this done. Cheers, J -- Dear Robert I would like to download about 5 of your pics from WetWebFotos so that I can print them out and put them on my office walls.  I tried to download them from the site but it would not let me.  Is there a charge for this kind of use?  If so how much would that be. Best regards Jonathan Mills

Chat Room Down? Hey - Guys! Is chat room down? keep getting error message - " Can't contact servlet runner at localhost:8914" - Please let me know what's happening - I have a dilemma in the general category and wanted to see what was an answer - It's Not A 911 (LOL) Thanks - Alane AKA - redlady69 <Thanks for this. I sent a note to Zo this AM re. Bob Fenner> Re: WWF Forum Unfortunately, I do not have sufficient permissions on the server that hosts this forum to fix the problem. Zo is in fact on vacation in Utah and think will be back next week. If "super" lucky, he will take a peek while he is there and perhaps fix or give me permissions to fix. Wish I could help here, but I'm not sure what else I can do. Cheers, J -- <Thanks Jas... this is basically the response I have been giving people who are asking re... man! Bob F>

More Forum Worries - 07/26/2004 Moderator, WWF I've been trying to get into the web site all day now, (Sunday).  I was just wondering if my failure to get on is because of a post that I put in in regards to Sabrina.  It wasn't even rude ... I was just stating the facts about a post that was old.  I'm thinking it's not because of that, surely. If it is as a result of this post .... it really isn't very professional. <Mmm, nothing like that> <<As Bob said, nothing like that at all.  You're ALWAYS welcome to your opinion, and to voice your opinion, in the forums.  In fact, I daresay I doubt I've even seen the post in question - heh, I can't get to the forums, either :)  Don't stress about it, Angie; all is well.>> I've been trying all day to no avail.  If there's a reason other than technical problems on the end of the web site I would appreciate a note or something rather than just nothing. <<Unfortunately (er, 'fortunately', rather), there's nothing to give you a note about.  Please don't worry over this issue; as far as I'm concerned, it's a non-issue.  You'll have access to the forums as soon as the rest of us do (sigh!)> Nichzmom Angie <I emailed Zo a couple of times re the WWF server being down... he's on a vacation... and is the only person who has the password (and likely capacity) to fix whatever is wrong. I will cc Sabrina here for more direct input. Wish I knew how to fix WWF. Bob Fenner> <<Wish I knew, too.  Either way, I hope this has at least eased your mind some, Angie.  Wishing you well,  -Sabrina>>

Forum Downtime - 07/26/2004 Sabrina <'At's me!> Just wondering ...I've been trying to post a question on the web site all morning with no avail.  Is the web site experiencing problems or have I been banned? <Indeed the forums are "down".  Unfortunately, with 'Zo on vacation, they'll be remaining down until his return.  No worries regarding being banned; you'd have to make very many people very, very angry to accomplish that - and somehow, I don't think you'd do that :)  WWM/WWF is very much supportive of one's freedom of speech, so you'd really have to work at it to try to get banned, no need to worry over this, m'dear.  -Sabrina> Forum Downtime - II - 07/26/2004 Good to hear!!  I really really miss the web site. <Us, too.  No worries, I'm sure the great 'Zo will rescue us upon his return!> Thank you. <Any time.  Wishing you well,  -Sabrina>

Forum Fixed! 7/27/04

Aqua-Zone Magazine Hong Kong Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2004 06:58:42 -0700 (PDT) Hello Robert, <Hello Miki> This is Miki Chan from Aqua-Zone Magazine. We are publisher and our magazine Aqua-Zone is the only pint magazine in Hong Kong with content about aquaculture. We have just started 2 issue and hope to continuously bring the latest information and new about marine and fresh water fish to the Hong Kong and China readers. We have visit WeWebFotos via the internet and find all the photos are extremely brilliant and vivid. We wish to get your approval and re-print those photos in our magazine and let our readers to have chance to appreciate them. All printed works, of course, will indicate copyright reserved to WetWebFotos. Please consider our idea and let us know whether this is possible. Thanks very much for your kind attention and look forward to hearing from you soon. Regards, Miki Chan Aqua-Zone Editorial Department Tel: +852 2793 2582 E-mail: miki@aqua-zone.com.hk Website: www.aqua-zone.com.hk <Thank you for your interest and kind words. We are a media company in actuality and so we do sell the use/rights to our photo and text work. I am referring you to Jason Chodakowski who handles such sales. Cheers, Bob Fenner>

Pet fish stuff for sale message boards There used to be a place on your site where people could post on message boards if they had stuff to sell.  Do you still have that somewhere?  I'm in need of selling my 75gal saltwater tank.  I live in Mars PA (actually Steven Pro moved it when I moved 18months ago) I'm just wondering where that spot on your site went or if you know of another site I can post it on?  Thanks all Colleen Cuda <Mmm,, we do: http://wetwebfotos.com/talk/ Bob Fenner>

Frustrated, but don't think we don't care - WetWebFotos  >Have tried for hours contacting hewleyy pacard, jive forums and you but STILL can't chat on your site!  >>I don't know "who" hewleyy pacard is, but "Jive Forums" is simply a script or language, a type of template used to create the forums. You can contact them, and they can't do a thing about accessibility to the site. Most likely a server issue, however, once I pulled my pass out of my own memory banks I'm in just fine.  >Getting about half upset and was wondering if anyone cares enough to help me out.  >>We can only do so much, especially when, chances are, the servers are likely very remotely located. Not all that influences the world wide web is under our control my friend.  >I have ten years reefing experience and many insightful responses, and a genuine desire to help others in this hobby to make it work but am stumped by this problem/situation.  SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  >>Absolutely no need to yell, that won't help a thing. Even if NOT logged in, I'm sure that you can see who's who in the forums, and expect that by contacting Lorenzo Gonzalez or Ananda Stevens (both of whom most likely are well-aware of the problem) you may be able to find an answer, if not a release. Participation IS desired, I'm sure. Ultimately, however, I personally cannot help you out. Even if I had direct access to the server, I may or may not know what the problem is, or even if it is with the server itself, many, many possibilities here. If it helps, know that you're not the only person who's had a problem in the last 24 hours, and if you can, please be patient. Marina

Posting photos on WetWeb forums user pages Hi, How do I post photos so they are linked to my name?  Pufferpunk <Click on your user name, and you should get to your user page... you should see "WWM User" and your user name, then "main user menu" and "edit". Click the edit link, scroll down the page, and fill in the blanks... --Ananda>

Forum Signup Problems - Hello, I've tried registering to the marine message board but it won't allow me to  do so.  After I enter all my info it takes me to "page unavailable" with a link to WetWebFotos.  Are you experiencing problems with new signups. <Yes, we are aware of this problem and working on a solution.> Thank you,  Rob <And thank you.  Cheers, J -- >

- Forum Problems - Hi there,  I have tried to sign up become a user so that I could post a question on your forum, but for some reason I can't.  I keep getting the blank page which says the web page I am trying to reach is unavailable/been moved etc...  Anyway, I need help... can I ask you a fish question directly, or can you help me get to the page where I can get registered??? <We are aware of the problems with signing up on the forums and they are being worked on post-haste. You can absolutely send your question in here, we'd be happy to answer it.> Thanks in advance for your speedy reply!  Jody <Cheers, J -- >

Your Web Site (actually the WWF chatforum) There is no need to reply to this e-mail as it will be my last contact with wetwebmedia.com. Several weeks ago I became disappointed with the tone, tenor and personalities of several individuals administering the forum pages. I chose to look for another site that is more comfortable and have, in fact, found two. I wanted to let you know that the forum participants were, in relative terms, less that informative/helpful and were in fact spiteful in several instances. This may be whining on my part and if it is construed as such, then so be it, but it cost wetwebmedia.com and it's sponsors three users. It also prompted the return of the most recent Fenner book. I would like to thank you for your time and attention. Regards, Arthur Murton <Thank you for your consideration in taking the time to compose and send the above input. It is regrettable that the WWM chatforum has offended you. Jason.C is sending your note along to all the volunteer administrators and the common progenitor, Lorenzo, for contemplation. Personally, I have an abiding regard for the "service-orientation" of such BB's... and have been leery of being associated with same for the very tendency toward rancor and abuse you list. We are, after all, fellow hobbyists in a common bond of sharing, aiding each other... there is a "central tendency" I would remind all (borrowed from the "doctrine of the mean", Confucius) that what we utter/state should be accurate, significant and meaningful. I don't see where spite, meanness, derisiveness, cost to intended "audience/s" fits in here. Again, my apologies for the misbehavior of others. Bob Fenner>

Re: Your Web Site To all, This would be a bit more helpful if the actual..."culprits"(?) could be identified, and what was written that this person found so objectionable. As I'm sure many have noticed, I personally haven't been able to spend much time actually on-site, so to speak. However, I have noticed that, indeed, there is some truth to these assertions. It won't be helpful to point fingers, but it *would* be helpful to contact them privately (if we've been allowed that possibility via email) and simply express the wish to continue a positive and caring net-community. I think that this problem can possibly be addressed in such a manner as to help foster an atmosphere that is less "possessive" (we can include the adjectives that Mr. Murton has used) and steer the users towards being more helpful, as evidenced by particular members (Freckleface and Ananda are two who immediately come to mind). I don't think we'll be able to get this person (or the other two) back "into the fold", but we most certainly *can* prevent this in future. This might be done by posting a thread, possibly in the Bar & Grill, speaking to what our goals are, and why this site exists at all. As some may (or may not) have noticed, I have been working very hard to steer folks to the site, as well as to the other site I am now associated with. I firmly believe this is of positive benefits for all involved, *including* the hobbyists. I hadn't thought to keep any numbers, but I know that each week my efforts have garnered positive results. I'm very sorry to read this, but I'm very glad it's been passed on (and I'd *really* like to know what sites this person found that he finds to be so much better). Marina <Well-stated Marina. Thank you. Bob>

Image for Saltcreek Becky, Pam, I am responding to Chris Turk's request re an image he says Saltcreek is looking to place in their trade show booth. Chris didn't say for certain what it was you were actually looking for... something with fishes, the reef... Do you have a spatial format (vertical, landscape) or colors, texture in mind? Some "dead space" for inserting a label? Please find attached a few Red Sea images to help with sorting out what we may have that you can make use of. Bob Fenner, WetWebMedia, WetWebFotos.com

Re: copyright infringement? Hey bob! I was researching a fish I just bought, and went to flying fish to look for basic info, and I found a pic. http://www.ffexpress.com/images/fish/gobies/10632.jpg now, on this page: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/shrimpgobies.htm   there is the exact same pic. Flying fish claims ownership of the pic, but I am kind of skeptical. Who exactly does the pic belong to? <Mmm, me. I/we sell rights to the use of image work... One of the ways we pay the bills. Thank you for the notice. Bob Fenner>

Re: quick question about images Mr. Fenner, <Howdy> Thank you for taking a moment to look at my email and answer a question for me.   At the suggestion of a fellow aquarist I'm contacting you to ask for some advice and possible favor.  The marine fish store I work for is having me design them a website to sell livestock and drygoods online and I'm having a problem finding good quality images of fish, corals, and inverts and my friend thought you could help me. <Yes> He said a lot of the e-tailers seem to use images that are copywritten by you, and I wanted to find out if there was a way that I could use some of your images.  We could of course pay you a royalty or work out another arrangement, such placing links to your books or website on our homepage for you. <We do sell use of images (about ten dollars per in quantity) for website use> The site is in it's final phase of development and this is one of the last things that we have holding up our deployment.  If we can work something out that would be great, and I would appreciate it greatly. Thank you for your time and consideration. Guy Wozniak <Thank you for your interest. Do make it known what you're looking for especially. Bob Fenner>

Archive of aquaristic photos Hippocampus Bildarchiv Dear Sirs and Ladies, if you need some aquaristic photos for your productions, I would like to invite you to visit our Homepage under : www.Hippocampus-Bildarchiv.de! With more than 30 000 pictures of renowned authors, we offer you one of the largest aquaristic archives of this world. Our pictures are stored as prints, negatives and slides. In addition we can offer them in digital form too. You can search through our online archive selecting the coloured data files. To avoid longer download times, you find JPEG pictures of low resolution. Digital pictures can be obtained in all standard formats and desired resolutions. Our standard format is a PICT data file with 3072x2048 pixels and a size about 17 MB. We can deliver our pictures by normal mail, courier service or e-mail. We would be pleased, if you were interested in our archive. We hope you'll find exactly what you are looking for, Happy surfing Your HIPPOCAMPUS Bildarchiv team

- Server not Serving - Hi guys, <Hello, JasonC here...> Sorry to be a pain, I have been trying for the last two days to get to wetwebfotos.com but each time I try I get a 504 Gateway Timeout message. I can access other sites, Like WWM no problem, but cannot get to WetWebFotos. I just wanted to know if it is a problem your side, or a problem on mine? <Yes, there is a problem on our end. The server which hosts the WetWebFotos and the adjoining forum is down at the moment and being worked on. The WetWebMedia server is not the same machine, so not affected by this outage. Will hopefully be back online soon.> Many thanks for your time Lee - Durban South Africa <Cheers, J -- >

Re: WWF, reporting loops, things between cracks (Connie.C where are you?) Erf. I don't recognize this. What do you want me to do with Constance? I'm writing/converting (from WWFotos code) an online photography database/shopping system to do what you originally wanted with WWFotos - but it's a few weeks off. <Wow, WOW! Yay! Can't wait... wait, I guess I can, will have to... I can contact her (yikes, actually, will have to wait, see if she re-contacts us... tell her of your intention, time-frame, ask if she wants to wait, or send scans over the net or USPO... Bob F, excited> In the meantime - I take it you want me to handle Connie's requests somehow?

Subject: Re: Pictures Date: Fri, 4 Oct 2002 08:55:52 -0700 Dear Bob & Lorenzo: Please let me know what's happening re pics mentioned below. <Ahh, good to hear back from you. If you read through the Daily FAQs: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/daily_faqs.htm  you'll see a note addressed to you re this issue. Zo didn't get my msg. re arranging somehow to provide you (automated) with the images... but you've stirred us on to making this possibility, eventuality so! In the meanwhile, how large do you want, need these pix? Will either send along on the net (up to hundreds of kilobytes per) or re-scan, burn on a CD and mail to you. Make your desires known. Bob Fenner> My thanks to you. Connie Cavan

Re: Pictures Dear Bob: Wow! You must have been sitting on top of your computer - I got your clownfish message too! <Nah, just in front... as usual!> Thanks so much. Will get a dither fish when my other fish is out of quarantine. <Sounds good> About the pictures. Zo could send me a .jpg image or my husband says he has a zip drive he'll attach to my computer and you can send that way. The first I know works, the second way I'm not positive. an 8 x 10" size would be great. <Zo is this possible on your end... or should I re-scan to bigger than 2.3 megs?> Until you get something worked out financially, I will make another contribution to your general fund on your website of $10/per.  <Okay> How does that sound, Bob & Lo? Please don't got to all the trouble of burning a CD, etc., I think Zo can get them to me. The other image he sent was beautiful and big. <Zoster? Bob F> As ever, Connie

Pictures Dear Bob: <Hi Constance> I would like to purchase the following picture from you. It is in the tang section of WetWebFotos.com, but does not say if it can be downloaded or not. <Geez, I don't know how to "do this"... let's ask Zo... otherwise, I'll send you large enough scans over the Net, or snail mail, or?> It is the Acanthurus triostegus on the first line of The God, The Bad and The Unknown. You show it again later. I would like to make a painting of it. Also, still under genus Acanthurus you have two pictures of the same fish Acanthurus dussumieri. Eye stripe. The picture on the right is gorgeous and I would like to paint that as well. Please let me know how I go about paying for and receiving these two pictures and if they are for sale, Zo notwithstanding. You have put a lot of yourself into many of these pictures and I am duly impressed. Thanks for your help, <Zo-ster? Bob F> Your fan, Connie Cavan

The location of Cover Submissions on WWM David, haven't forgotten those thumbnails for your perusal for TFH. Pls see here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/coverimages.htm storage on WWM site for just this purpose... these are only the portraits thus far scanned from two weeks back Cozumel trip. Many more to come. Bob Fenner

Re: a certain picture I'm sorry, Connie, I'm afraid I don't remember which fish was sent out on Thursday, and the old files have been deleted from the server, so I can't just look it up. Bob, if you remember, I can send her the daily-pic image again - I just don't know what it was. <... do have the name (from the rotating archived WWM saves... It was/is Amblycirrhites pinos COZ2... from Cozumel... a Hawkfish species found in... the Virgin Islands! Bob F> -Zo > Dear Lorenzo & Bob: > I would like to access the picture that was used on Thursday for the > desktop so I can paint it. It looked sort of like a fancy bass, golden in > color with a great background. How can I do this. Lorenzo, I would be > happy to buy anything I use. I am not trying to freeload, I swear. > Connie Cavan

RE: Can't wait to get to the Coz corals! You know... makes me want to pick up a macro rig like that... just seems too easy to put that framer down... Di takes some really nice - and I mean really nice shots with that thing. Those previous ones of the feather dusters were just amazingly detailed... <Agreed... the Nikon with framers set-up is a very sweet tool... does have that small focal plane depth limitation... but that's what the housed 35 mm with tele-macro, diopters, magnifiers is for! Man, more gear!> Anyway - go get an ice-cream bar - I'm on my way to the grocery to get ingredients for the gazpacho and etc... speaking of which - got any recipes for mangos? <Do I!? Yes... a fave tropical fruit... Umm, I see you growing and consuming them in the tropics in the not-too-distant future> They had them buy two, get three free last week - probably won't be there this week, but... if they are, I might have five mangos looking for a home... <Can peel and eat... or make fab mango chutneys... and how 'bout a mango chicken marinade (YUM!) that you can/should oven-bake? Squeeze a lime over (or other citrus if not avail.), you'll see. B> J --

Your photographs of fish Dear Robert: I am an artist and avid fish freak. <A great combo.> I just signed a contract with a gallery in St. Thomas for a year as their abstract artist.  <I'll be somethinged! We're headed out to St. Thomas in November...> Have just started painting fish, and it's only the beginning. I am sending them earlier work, but when I go there in January will bring fish paintings. I need your permission, I think or feel, to paint from some of your marvelous photographs. If I use any of them I would be more than happy to attribute the painting to your photograph on the back of the painting. <You're very welcome to their use. Please make it known if there are particular images, species, studies you'd like more scans of... there are many... that aren't on our sites> I need your input, please let me know how you feel about this. Your book has been my bible, by the way. Best wishes Connie <Hope to meet you in the Virgin Islands later this year. Bob Fenner>

Downloading photos from WWFotos > Also, I registered but was not recognized and could not download > one of Bob's fabulous photos. Connie, passwords to download the hi-resolution images on WetWebFotos are available individually upon request to non-profit/educational agencies, and publishers who have negotiated a license with the photographer. They are not intended for the "community users". Best Regards, and good luck with the clowns (you need about 400 gallons worth of territory to keep both pairs in the same aquarium) -Lorenzo <Hey Zo... just got talked to by Denny Crews of Omega Sea for a half hour... he's looking to buy an image of size (maybe soft coral) for new marine product, packaging coming up... am having to send him all over WWM and then make thumbnails... Wish I could send him, everyone to WWF! Bob>

Re: Downloading photos from WWFotos > <Hey Zo... just got talked to by Denny Crews of Omega Sea for a half > hour... he's looking to buy an image of size (maybe soft coral) for new > marine product, packaging coming up... am having to send him all over WWM > and then make thumbnails... Wish I could send him, everyone to WWF! Bob> Yes, a real shame you never explored WWF. For example: <Oh yes I have... Denny is emailing you re> http://wetwebfotos.com/Home?actionRequest=mediaSearchByKeywords&ID=Alcyonacea http://wetwebfotos.com/Home?actionRequest=mediaSearchByKeywords&ID=Scleractinia Discovered by typing in the keyword in the 'Quick Search' box... he could just tell you the filename, if he finds one he likes... sure, it's not a credit card and a download, but it beats the hell out of browsing through WWM. -Zo <Okay... we'll see... both beat the heck out of my having to scan, re-scan, send CD's... Bob F>

Omega pix I think this shot is actually on 35MM - Bob?  <It's a 2.25 digital pic from Fiji... Taveuni earlier this year> It doesn't mention LL in the filename, but it also kinda has that digital "look". What is it? <You're right... digital> It might be perfect for their needs... if it can be rescanned to hires. <How large do you think this can be expanded before it looks pixelated? Bob> -Zo

Re: Pictures to buy Denny! That's pretty BIG. To print at 12x18" you'll need new scans from the original slides, only available from Bob. Unfortunately, the LL pics were shot on an older digital, and the TIFFs are only about 2.15MB (about 1000x800 pixels) so are pretty much useless at anything bigger than about 4x6 inches. <Wowzah... I endorse such pix up to 8 1/2 by 11" for verticals... am way off> Bob leaves for Indonesia on Monday - you'll have to get this worked out with him ASAP! Any of the other pics (numbered, on WWF) he can pull from the cabinets and rescan. (Bob, off the top of my head, for 12x18" prints, about 20- 30MB is right, with 15MB the minimum. Aim for a -minimum- of 200ppi at the final print size.) <Okay... can do very large scans... of up to 4000 dpi... Bob F> Regards! Lorenzo > Lorenzo, > Thanks for the e-mail. I am still looking at pictures on the Web site, but > the one I really like is the picture by Laura L. (Soft Corals FJLL). Did I > understand you had a tiff of this picture ?. If so would that work for an > ad or package approximately 12" by 18" ?. If you could let me know soon I > would really appreciate it. Unfortunately, and as usual, I am in emergency > mode and need something by today. > Thanks - Denny

Re: pictures to buy Denny, I've set the password on all of those so you can download them right away. Once you've fiddled around with them and hopefully found one you can use, you can negotiate the usage license with Bob. He can also scan them again at a higher resolution if necessary. (quick-elbow-to-Bob's-ribcage) <Yowch!> The jpeg's you sent me from the Daily Image mail outs - I only have the JPEGs, at the same size as I sent out. If you decide you want one of those, perhaps Bob can dig up a bigger one for you. Worth noting, "Soft Corals FJ LL 5.jpg" was shot by somebody else, and I believe "Dendros FJ.jpg" is only available in a fairly low resolution (digital camera) so may not be too useful. <I have LL's pix as 2.15 meg tiffs> > 3030 Dendro's > 3032 " > 3033 " > 3186 Acropora > 3626 Pocillopora  If you go to "Photography/Video" on WetWebFotos.com there is a special search box that let's you punch in the ID# and jump straight to the photo. <Some fun now!> As for "having as much fun as Bob does" - I'm working on that one myself, <Yay! 'Bout time> and when I figure it out, I'm going to make a zillion dollars selling instructional cassettes on late-night infomercials... you can buy the COMPLETE SET then, I'll even cut you a special break, if you call within the next 10 minutes... ;-) <Can I be three to four inches (bigger) by morning? Bob F>

Re: Daily pix daily Gorgeous! I hope you'll start scanning at a slightly higher resolution, say 600ppi, for the new Travel & Wildlife photo library site - coming soon to a world wide web near you. <Yikes... more detail pls... what output size (inches or cm.), what saving fmt... no, let me guess... the new zop.fmt. Really, when, how big, what sort? Bob> -ZoPhotos

Re: Mo pix ala COZ Boy oh Bob, I'm sure enjoying the Coz pics! Are those a couple of different shrimp in the Bartholomea? One looks "sexy" - the other two look like miniature Lysmata... those are the Alpheus? <Man! You have great vision! Yes to both... Periclimenes yucatanicus on the barber pole antenna/e... and Alpheus sp. on the two in the foregd. Bob F>

Fw: Daily Pic from WWM Date: Fri, 30 Aug 2002 12:02:27 -0400 Bob, Lorenzo thought that you might have a 35mm picture of this one. Is this the case and can this be one we could use ? <Please check your email... I responded to his query re the same earlier this AM... we have this only as a tiff of 2.25 megs... digital... Dendros off Taveuni, FJ. Bob> Thanks - Denny Subject: Daily Pic from WWM > Dendronephthya sp. - The outrageous colors of a soft coral party in Fiji. Might be too distracting as a desktop background, for the productivity-minded folk in the audience... << DendrosFJ.jpg >>

Fw: Your photographs of fish DEAR Bob: Thank you for your kind note. I cannot access your pics, however, as your website will not recognize my code name: farleysmom. <Mmm, will send this note along to Zo, Jas.C who ARE WWF... they will likely be diving in St. Thomas... so you can hold your thumb over their snorkels if they don't come fwd... or pour beer into them... more to their liking> Would you please ask someone to fix it so that I can do my artistic thing???? Thank you so much. The gallery in St. Thomas is called The Ninth Life - sounds interesting and I think it's new. I know it's not downtown but I hear from other artists that they sell, which is what I am interested in. Best regards, Connie Cavan <Bob Fenner, WetWebMedia.com> Subject: Your photographs of fish Dear Robert: I am an artist and avid fish freak. I just signed a contract with a gallery in St. Thomas for a year as their abstract artist. Have just started painting fish, and it's only the beginning. I am sending them earlier work, but when I go there in January will bring fish paintings. I need your permission, I think or feel, to paint from some of your marvelous photographs. If I use any of them I would be more than happy to attribute the painting to your photograph on the back of the painting. I need your input, please let me know how you feel about this. Your book has been my bible, by the way. Best wishes Connie

Re: Fw: Your photographs of fish Bob, are you telling me to give Constance a password for full access to download any/all of the high-res images on WWF? <No Zo. I hope to be clear/er... no one other than our crew should have access even to my crummy scan efforts... of size... Was her concern that she couldn't work from smaller sizes? I thought we were "just" talking being able to download the few kilobyte size images> This is not current practice - a user's normal password (the one she's already got) just authenticates them to their settings, forum, etc. I thought I already replied to Constance, along these same lines - ? Whatever you want me to do, kein Probleme, mein Freund, just say the word! ANYBODY can access the previews, and easily save them to local disk, like any other image on the WWW. <Sounds like you're on it> OT - Jason - Bob said to Constance that you and I will "likely be diving in St. Thomas" what the hell is he talking about? Do you guys know something I don't? <The trip in November... please see the... yikes, unlinked, unsearchable admin subweb for crew travel plans (suggest perusing the Nav. View). It's a done deal in terms of Di and I... hotel already pd. for... hope you can make it. Bob> -Zo

Potential sponsor question How should we respond to this request for more information on sponsoring the WetWebFotos website. Is WetWebFotos part of Wetwebmedia or is it it's own entity? <A little of both. Zo?> Hi, could you give me more information about sponsoring wetwebfotos.com? I'm representing That Coral Place, and have been posting on your boards for quite some time now. Thx in advance, Greg++++++++++++++++++++++ Mike

Re: Daily e-pix send out, Coz trip pix > Zo, did you receive my query re the daily pix send outs? Nope. Did you send to this email addy? <Am getting on so much (in years, beers) that I don't/can't recall. Is this still Zo? Sigh> > Are you sending them still? I broke the software trying to fix the problems with AOL and Mac users. I'll probably just go back to the flaky version for now, and send those poor souls there pic-fix separately, as before. Priorities - ah well. Eventually I'll have time to tinker with the mailer again. One day. <Yowzah! Is there some software product we can buy that might "do" all this? Am still amazed at the webshots.com folks here in town (selling to Excite@home for 82 mil., then buying the biz back for 2 mil. a couple years later)... is what they have so hard for us to emulate?> > Are you interested in seeing/getting pix from last weeks trip? Hell yes! Especially those mysterious Hippos I never saw! <Me too... am literally going blind trying to sort through the pix... in a hurry to put a slide show tog. for tonight> Tim and I are scheming madly re: where we can dive next and how soon we can get there... <Wish you could make it to the KBR/Sulawesi go... it's a real bargain, and being right on the Wallace Line an incredible wealth of biodiversity and abundance... Perhaps some of the other upcoming trips?  Bob> Ciao, Zo

admins only Hi, Some of you will recognize me but a lot of you probably will not. Over the last 6 months of having my own Message Board I have noticed that there are problem members on most Boards. I thought it would be a handy addition to have one board on the net that we could all go to and inform each other of ongoing problems so others would be prepared. A list of Banned IP's and Reasons. Technical Issues. Compare Boards. Just chill out and have a chat with other people in the same situation. Please do not divulge this address to any other person (unless they are admins of other sites) so we can keep the board 100% private. <Interesting possibilities... will circ amongst our crew. Bob Fenner, WetWebMedia.com> Clothahump http://www.eheim-uk.com/adminsonly/phpBB2/index.php

help with username/registration hello bob, this is marina. I am having a problem logging back in to the forums. I registered yesterday (this looks like a real good place to quickly find extensive information on many subjects aquatic), with no problems. but today I tried to login and got the "invalid username or password" message. I'd like to keep the username, but can't re-register with it, apparently not case-sensitive. thanks in advance, marina <Hmm, our chatforum? http://wetwebfotos.com/talk/ You don't have to log in... I frequently just browse... or you can re-sign up... I'll send this msg. off to Zo, the fellow who produced the software, keeps the BB going. Have you looked over our root web: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/ Bob Fenner>

Time to switch to PWM not WWM! http://www.underwaterphotography.com/Shopping/Subscribe.asp Sixty nine dude! 69 bucks a year to subscribe to U/W photographer? Say what? What vegetable truck mustn't I fell offa?  Bob F

Re: Time to switch to PWM not WWM! Check out their ad spiel--> http://www.underwaterphotography.com/Advertise/Default.asp Mike <Winner... spiel needs some-Anglish work... but says what it does well. Bob F>

WWF, moolah, my pal Zo http://www.larrysizemore.com/gallery/tnli.htm When can we have this capability, huh, huh, Zo? Bob F

RE: WWF, moolah, my pal Zo By the time you get back from Africa. Of course, I hope we won't be using that ridiculous, manual hack, PayPal, that he's got setup... <No, the boot to PayPal or otherwise... Let's go! Bob F!> -Zo

Re: Scanner > <would you rather wait till after the next batch (IZoo, Red > Sea) images are run-through? > Hmm. When is that, sometime in June?  <Yes... if I hustle!> I guess it doesn't matter to me. Now or later, whatever. Maybe if we wait until after the RedSea trip, the Sales portion of things will be operative by then, <Yes, Di said she thought all you needed to do was "add the shopping cart"...> and we can roll it out with a beautiful new batch of photos. So I guess that would be okay. <The sooner the better. Pete, Di and I were chatting about your software today. Will cc them... Let's go big boy! Bob F> -Zo

Re: Picture Hello again! Thank you for the fast reply. I will link my costumer to your site. <And ours to yours> I think it would be pretty good anyway, and I wouldn't need to search after picture of the fish and corals I'm writing about. (It would save me a lot of time, never thought it took so much job, to set up a homepage). Anyway, maybe I have to start studying English again, but did you mean that you sell image to company? <Yes, exactly> If so, I would be interest of buying some in time. Right now, my budget can't afford to much and the Swedish crown, now called pesetas by our Norwegian neighbor, ain't worth much. <I understand.> Finally, about the filtration, I think I know, from your article, how it should look like, but, if you should have some graphics "laying around", I would be very thankful if you could send some by mail or fax. Best regards Patrik Karlsson Email:PKarl45@hotmail.com <Will put on my ever-growing list of projects. Be chatting. Bob Fenner>

Reply to Bob Goemans... in stereo Hi Bob, <Cheers, Bob G... Anthony Calfo in your service while our good friend Bob F is traveling. His e-mail access is sporadic so I thought to chime in and let you know that you are not forgotten <smile>.> I have not received 'any' new mail from you since your response noting your geekmo was contacted about problems with some of your files. Could someone update me as I miss your photos and comments. Thanks, Bob Goemans <I will copy this message to another crew member that may be able to help us and put your message in Bob's mailbox to follow up on when he can. Best regards, my friend. Anthony> Hi Bob, I have not received 'any' new mail from you since your response noting your geekmo was contacted about problems with some of your files. Could someone update me as I miss your photos and comments. Thanks, Bob Goemans <Bob is off in Australia right not, but I will CC this reply to Zo who should be able to correct the problem. -Steven Pro>

Re: Mo' pix This batch of pics is just incredible - pretty different from the bulk of what's loaded on WWFotos. <Am trying to send you rough material that you can/will make into desktop "natural art"... Much of what we have already are relatively simple two-dimensional "identification" pix... what they were selected for/to be> When do I get the Real Thing, to upload to the system? (Hmm, the Real Thing is swimming off Queensland, I suppose!) <Agreed on the latter. A very good question in many ways, levels... I/we really need help... with doing scans and all else that goes with image work on WWM/WWF... or to somehow change my "lifestyle" (have no style, really)... give up sleeping, going pottie (a fave activity, maybe I could arrange another computer outfit in the toytoy...) to get more time to put into our efforts... There really is a need to (re)prioritize much of my life (sigh)... as there just really is getting to be no "extra" or "disposable" temporal resource> Coming soon: Photography on the Web, for Real People - WWFotos is growing - perhaps even spawning... <Mmm, shedding our gametes out into the environment? Doesn't sound bad. Bob> -Zo

Picture Use for Aquarium Service Business in Sweden Hello! My name is Patrik, and Im from Sweden. I have I question to you regarding the pictures on your site. But first, I just have to say, what a great site you have done! <Thank you my friend> Right now, Im restarting my aquarium business again, and your articles about central filtration, has helped me a lot. But it would helped me much more if you could put up some diagraph (I now, not correct spelled, hope you understand anyway). <I understand... and wish I had graphics. Do have some old drawings that perhaps I can scan and place... or better, maybe someone will see your note on WWM and come forward with some> Now, back to the question. I am having big problem to find any good picture of marine fish and corals, to put up on me homepage. So, I wonder if I could take some of yours, until I have taken my own? Or, if I just could link to your site? <The link approach is best at this time. We actually make a good part of our revenue from supplying image-work to commercial interests> The problem with just linking the customer to you page, would be the language as some of them is having problem with "technical" English. Best regards Patrik Karlsson, email:PKarl45@hotmail.com <Please detail what sorts of images you are looking for. We can likely make an arrangement. Bob Fenner>

daily images I need some new source, man! Send me the goods! <You got it bud whale oh! Will send a few as I scan 'em... had a daydream about you and this very issue while driving tonight... Sigh, I used to go on about wimmen and money, oh well> I've got one lined up for tomorrow, but that's about it (well, I've got WWFotos at my disposal, true...) -Zo <Will entertain m'self and you by sending a few along as I make'm. Bug ya soon. Bob>

WWM, WWF, WWWhatthe? Pete: Bob, did you realize there is no link, announcement on the WWM Homepage re WWF? Bob: Oh, I'm sure there must be. I'll check when we're back from the land down under. Bob: Oops! I'll lift Zo's hail and taksan hyaku! Please see here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/

RE: WWM Login announcement Bob, I can do the images between 6-10am EST each day. Is that too large a window? I guess that's the problem with 'flextime' in the workplace! Let me know what you come up with. -Zo <Mmm, this should work out fine... 7:00 PST... I'll sleep in, drink more Java (west of where?). How/should I send you a bunch of the new pix from Aus? Bob F>

new pix, scanner > < How/should I send you a bunch of the new pix from Aus? > Yeah. Actually, you should send me the whole disk again, and I'll manage the 'what's new' procedure, and get "everything since January", or whenever you last sent me the disk, uploaded to WetWebFotos. <Will do so, sending when (shudder...) the whole process of sorting, scanning et al. is done for the couple of k images are done... including seeing what is already scanned, on WWM...> If, as a stopgap, you just want to email me a few photos for daily pics, that's okay too. <Will do so... the interaction with you will be greatly cheering> Christine was wondering about borrowing the old HP slide scanner, for a bunch of B&W negatives she just processed. She finally cleared out and developed some 15 or so rolls that had been hibernating in the refrigerator. What say you? <Will send it, cords, software, what have you along tomorrow, along with some Aqua-C skimmers and pumps to Jason.C...> -Zo <What is a/the word re the "for sale" status-potential of pix on WWF? Any likelihood of having some such completed animal anytime soon? Bob F>

Re: new pix, scanner <What is a/the word re the "for sale" status-potential of pix on WWF? Any > likelihood of having some such completed animal anytime soon? Bob F> I'd like to chat with you on the phone regarding that 'feature', and what really needs done, what really doesn't, and what you'd like to be able to do first. <Okay. Are you available now? Later? Tomorrow? Number to call? Oh see it below.> Aside from the Image sales, WWF is up and running like a champ, and I keep getting more ideas to improve it.  <Have looked, it's a winner thus far> However, I'm trying to convince myself to forget all that - and build the photography 'sales' functionality as a semi- integrated 'adjunct' and get the ball rolling ASAP. ... bah - heck with this email biz. Let's chat. Give me a ring? 248-601-2566 (home) -Zo <Got Di's free long distance phone ready to go. Bob F>

Hard Disk Woes You had a problem formatting the 40GB disk? Ughh. <It's the same problem... failed commands at some point, I've had from day one with the ding dang thang... should've ret'd it pronto. Any who, am sending you the Acom unit with the pix on it instead> Do you still have purchase information/receipt for it? If not, Maxtor is quite famous for an excellent warranty policy, they will replace based on serialnum/mfg date, and will even advance a disk, with a CC#, charge contingent upon timely return of the dead one. <Okay... will... oh, I see, you have more posted below> Barring all that, I'm sure only the disk itself is damaged, and the case and firewire electronics are worth almost $100. The disk itself can be replaced by any generic IDE/ATA hard disk. <Mmm, don't know about all this... but bet you, Miguel do> Let me know, and do have a safe and enjoyable trip/adventure... -Zo <Will do so... be back soon with pix, stories. Bob F>

Florida Aquarium I was reading your May2001 article in Aquarium on jacks. I noticed the photo of the permit was taken at "Florida Aquarium, Miami". The Florida Aquarium is in Tampa. The Miami Seaquarium is in Miami. Which is it? <Ah, thanks for this clarification. The Miami location. Bob Fenner, who must devise a better system of labeling his slides, scans.> Kevin


A Buddy Album for you, courtesy of AOL's "You've Got Pictures" <The one Condy is very nice... but I don't "use" Cookies... so another lost tool and customer to AOL. Bob Fenner>

re: ok.. lets try this again I guess Are you trying to say that you couldn't see the pictures or what? <I saw the first. I am saying I don't utilize AOL cookie technology... don't see the rest> I don't quite get what you mean. anyway I will attach the pictures. Also, I wasn't trying to make you a customer of AOL I just thought it would be easier/faster for you. I hope the download doesn't take too long. Sorry... any assurance of type would be appreciated... Thanks, Greg <Very nice anemone pix. Thank you. Bob Fenner>

RE: Itinerary Update? (and video help) Bob, I really want to take Bro Edward with - he can't find sufficient funds, and is hocking off his Olympic Performer medallions on Ebay to raise moolah - but wants/offered to edit WWM videos to earn some modicum of sponsorship.  <A definite possibility. Turns out the getting there (Germany and back esp.) legs are much cheaper than thought/planned... and stay gets cheaper per person with N increasing... and the videos are a very important part (at least of my dreams) of WWM content... and beyond> Just to the Germany leg, maybe stay with friends in Germany while we're in the RS - what say you?  <I say yes> Also, the weekend in San Diego, editing mucho video, fixing eyes, etc, is all still potential... <Is this a question or expository stmt.? At any, all lengths, let's schedule all... Have you had your ophthalmologist contact Peeps? Sent along your latest and greatest exam stuff? Pls do so, contact Di re the coming, staying part for you, your bro, and let's get on with life! Bob F> -Zoi

videotapes to Edwardo Fellas, How 'bout sending a tape or two off to Edward for editing? <Pete, send them all, or at least all of Di and mine on whatever format. Pls give the bill for freight to me. Bob F> Edward XXXX -ZoRoastrian

RE: video editing Right - I'm guessing we just want short (1-2 minute) 'flics' that are a summary/overview of the best footage from one tape or one outing... ? <No to flicks my friend flicka... just five, ten, whatever second footage that can be shown, labeled...> Perhaps one or two longer 'special editions' that roll for a few minutes and cover more of a given destination? <No... not at this point... we don't have the footage, stories...> Music? Narration? Chat it up folks... -Zo <"Just the clips, ma'am". All we have decent footage of/for, or can hope to currently post, use on WWX. Bob F>

Oh, yeah? Two can play this game ;-) Gee Bob, There I was, reading the daily Q&A's when.... there it was! My little, just-goofing- around/not finished article for the whole world to see! #$@% [very creative Sicilian expletives here, lol] <I thought, think it is fine...> So, I feel I have no choice but to 'make-a you an offer you no can-a refuse'! Either I contact 'My Cousin Finny' to either A) Track down your old 3rd grade teacher and post one of your book reports from way back when or B) Simply have him put a jar of itching powder in your wetsuit! [ouch!} or: <I already had that old biddy offed and I love to itch> C) All can be forgiven if you could find the minute to change that nagging metallurgist typo, already! Barb aka 'The Don-na of Deeeetroit' <Oh! Sorry re delay. Done! Where's the first of your articles, huh? Bob F>

Re: Oh, yeah? Two can play this game ;-) I'm very busy transferring your thousands of articles to WWF to have time to write any of mine. [sigh] <My real advice. DON'T transfer, translate, move ANY of the articles... not what I have/had in mind for WWF at any length (really). And instead do what reveals, restores, enthralls you... if writing for the pet-fish mags (and by way of this possibly for our websites) so be it> On a serious note: I'm kinda sad at the moment...I'm working on Tom Walsh's article and am truly sorry you lost such a special friend. B-- <Yes. A fine gentle person. Bob F>

Re: Oh, yeah? Two can play this game ;-) Seriously, Bob? <Yes... Zo's idea... I can only surmise... thinks this will sell more pix? Give folks some-framework to work in/out of images? Am cc'ing him re> What do you have in mind for WWF? I was under the assumption that all data/articles were to be...needed to be... eventually moved from WWM to WWF so all the other nifty new things/options can be under one site. <No to moving all as far as I know... And real troubles there/here... as in how in Dickens name will anyone know what, when the files have been modified that have not been moved... > Really a little confused as I've been focused on getting as much data over to WWF for when it goes public. Barb--- <Let's e-chat this over with all. I initially wanted to have a vehicle for showing, selling image work... In meeting with Zo and asking him what he "wanted" (directly) out of his involvement with all of this I thought he had said that he wanted to produce software... maybe sell same, lease it as a service? Zo? Bob F>

Re: Oh, yeah? Two can play this game ;-) <And real troubles there/here... as in how in Dickens name will anyone know what, when the files have been modified that have not been moved... > "Bob's Latest Articles & FAQ's" is the ideal place to post the new articles and any modifications, whether they've been moved yet or not. It will then be a matter of me/someone checking this area based on the dates posted to transfer or update. Barb-- <Yeeikes, the FAQ files and some parts of the articles are modified daily... with hours of input, changes by Steve, Anthony, myself... some clever switching now! Bob F>

RE: Oh, yeah? Two can play this game ;-) <<Let's e-chat this over with all. I initially wanted to have a vehicle for showing, selling image work... [snip] >> Barb, if Bob feels you shouldn't transfer any more articles, I'd advise that you stop. I can handle it from here out, I suppose. It's not too hard to find out which articles have been updated on WWM and need to be updated on WWF, if that's what eventually has to happen. As he said himself, in the long run, Bob really just wants WWF to sell photography, and has been sort of 'hinting' in his gentle way, that I'd gone overboard with the project, and he really just wanted a catalog and shopping cart for photos. <Yes... but it's more important (to me) that whatever "work" WWF (or other projects) are/become be satisfying/what the people want who are working on them> The problem was that I saw so much more possibility, knowing what I can do as a professional programmer. I envisioned the potential synergy of photographs, articles, interactive features... and a community just waiting, really waiting, for a REAL website to come along, and displace RC, WWM, and all the other sloppy, slow, limited sites currently out there. <A HUGE dream/ambition... one that should definitely be enlivened... but isn't this why Billy.G has tens of thousands of employees? I mean, can such a product be developed "expediently"?> But when it comes right down to it, Bob (and maybe others) is neither committed nor convinced, regarding WWF as a full successor or replacement for WWM - despite our demonstration, discussions during the last visit. I do see some point - the lack of focus - indeed, a site that does nothing but index and search through photographs, and allow their purchase - could/would have been completed some months ago. <And if it can/could be, the monies used to "purchase" folks time (back) and even hire some more help... I do want to be understood here, and not be an obstructionist or remover-of-dreams... It is my opinion, admittedly knowing little of what is involved, that we should focus on the above goal (a software/hardware device) that can/will generate sufficient funding to pay for image work... and in a longer term lead to financing other ventures, including a more comprehensive Net tool/service> And I do intend to make a 'stripped' interface into the WWF catalog, geared toward photo shoppers, art directors, for example. I've promised this functionality, I think it's a GOOD functionality, and I will deliver it. In the meantime, development on WWF has been slow, and I keep saying "we'll make it public" - "soon" - and Bob keeps saying "now" - because he wants that photo library out there, and with good reason. <Yes, and sorry to appear/be impatient. I hope all realize my regard for their time, efforts... and burning desire to make progress, enjoy our time on the planet, with each other, the projects...> But with the current code base, this is my battle: to bring WWF up to speed as a resource and a community, AND as a commercial vehicle for photography. I/we can do it using Bob's content, and his photos, to get it all rolling, and rolling fast. The problem has been a serious lack of time (I'm at work even now, on a Sunday evening), and until Barb and Jason came along, a serious lack of help. But at this juncture, due to recent conversation, activity - I do not foresee WWM going away ever, which really doesn't move me much, this way or that. It used to - but I had much more vim & vigor then, now I'm tired. <There is time my friend> When Jason and I were last in San Diego - the discussion really centered around what each of us (all involved) want to 'get' out our collective efforts around the website, photos/video/articles, forums, WWF software, etc. When the topic of "WWF as Software Package" came up, I admitted that I had thought about it (even at some length), and felt the code had potential as a re-saleable, customizable package - and as such could be very valuable.  <I do hope this comes true for you Zo> This does NOT mean resale is my focus or goal, and most certainly NOT my original motivation, for writing it. My original motivation was to provide a system to showcase 'Pet Fish' content and photography, and a structure that allowed an online community to grow around it. Selling software was (and still is) an afterthought. Selling underwater photography is very much "on the front burner" in my mind, top of my list of short term goals. <... my friends... we live in a world of "exchange economies"... I am a bit older than (say nothing Barb) all of you... and for my love of you and the good we can do... yes, even in/through the vehicle of "pet-fish chatting" (remember Chaucer and the Decameron) do seek the practical and attainable goal of making a sum of money for all. Please do understand me... I don't consider myself a "money-grubber" (live in a modest home, drive a not-so-new but paid for truck, cook own meals, clean own house...), but am driven by concerns for what funds can get all of us.> What else to say? Not much, but plenty of work to do. I want this thing out there. -Zo <Me too! Don't know what else I can, could, should do on my end... Would like the chatforum/listserv/daily pix/WetWebMail... all to run "smoothly" in whatever ways possible/practical... Do make your ideas, dreams known to me. Bob F>

Get your new issue of WetWebNews here--> http://www.wetwebmedia.com/wwnews.htm Mike <Great... am hoping Zo is also sending these folks the pix of the day... or maybe building a database (listserv addie) to augment same... Do we have a ready "sign up area" for this? Bob F>

RE: Another pic for manana? <How about this pic of Bryopsis? Winner!> Very good. I'll be sure to scale it up to 20-30 Megs or so before posting to WWM... :-P <That'll frighten all those algae-phobes! Bob F> -Zo

RE: Re-sizing tool/protocol on FP <Gimme a call if you want assistance... and keep track of all costs/WWM... We need expenses as charge-offs. Bob> Jason and I have spent at least a couple/few hours on the phone discussing WWM/WWF, mostly on his dime, some on mine... Jas? Ready to expense your (portions of) phone bill to WWM? <Please do collect, send along. I do all the in/out of moolah for the sites on about the mid of each month. Bob F> -Zo

WWF changes, blocked mail? Howdy Bob. I apparently 'blocked' your incoming Email accidentally yesterday....didn't mean to. Don't stop sending me mails in case you received an error in trying to do so. <Hotay. The pix have a new "out protocol"... so Zo's new WWF was likely blocked. Be chatting. Zo, are we able, sending these images to all of Miguel's WWN recipients? Want to? Want to add the WWM name/logo? An e-watermark? Wanna win the lotto? Bob F> Regards, from David A. Bell

Re: weblink change of address Hi Bob, Believe I recv'd this message by accident unless all aol members automatically get copied for everything ;-) Barb-- <Weblink chg of addr....? Got me. Bob F, who will cc Zo, Jas... maybe from chg. of Zo doing the MMF Images of the Day send outs?>

RE: Calcium Reactor FAQ OK, ok... what exactly should I be taking a picture of? <Oh! The units themselves... home-made, store-bought... a nice looking install/tank... some of the media, a gorgeous gal in a teeny tiny bikini... gosh, what interests you and what you think would interest your intended readership. Bob F>

WWM Expenses I would very much like for WWM to cover Barb's AOL fees for this month, potentially future months as responsibilities evolve - she has spent many, many hours online, building up the content of WetWebFotos (Barb alone is responsible for at least 130 articles transferred, and many more every day). If this is not directly feasible, then something else ought to be worked out - I know she's in the market for a Calc Reactor, and I'll happily cover the (distributor's) cost of such a compensation, out of my 'share' (such as it is, semantics) of WWM, or my own pocket. <Argghhh, I'll gladly offer compensation to Barb, though I am repulsed by the thought of using AOL. Bob F> -Zo

RE: WWM Expenses <Argghhh, I'll gladly offer compensation to Barb, though I am repulsed by the thought of using AOL. Bob F> Oh, me too, by all means AOHell/TW is the evil corporate empire of this decade, shadowed only by M$. I'm trying to get her to switch to cable (Comcast around here) - she'd get a lot more done that way as well, speedy, and with never any hourly fees, etc... hmm, Barb? <Send all on! Does Barb feel comfy answering, cutting and pasting with Steve.P in my absences? Mmm? Bobapalooza> -ZoiPolloi

Re: WWM Expenses .Zo says: 'I'm trying to get her to switch to cable (Comcast around here) - she'd get a lot more done that way as well," EXCUSE ME! lol...but just how much more could I get done? ;-) I'm getting real close to wearing out a couple of keys on the old board here....not to mention a right hand on an old broad that's resembling a claw from cutting and pasting. But it's worth it! <Mmm, I have "more work" questions for you... Am again considering self-publishing a couple of book titles... Want/need help with editing, lay-outs... Now that you've become more than familiar with my (lack of) writing style... "you're it" (as we used to say in tag games as kids). What do you think?> Anyways, I have been all in favor of switching to cable for some time now, it's my kids that prefer aol. I know, I know...some people's kids! <Some people prefer them... to what?> Regarding helping Steven on cutting and pasting...you bet! As for answering queries...uh, I'm afraid I would simply be telling people to "Go to section _____ on wwm and read my friend". In any case, I'm more than happy to help him in any way I can. <Hey, this is what I do!?> BTW Zo, I got the latest picture....bryopsis never looked so good! Take care, Barb-- <And Hey number II, that was s'posed to be a yoke mon... Barb, are you familiar (susceptible to becoming?) with Frontpage? Jason, got time for more lessons? Barb, do you like to travel, go diving, lug camera gear about? Bob F>

RE: More WWM questions, re: upcoming times away from the Net Cool, I'll bring the beer... oh, wait. I mean, sure I'll move the dailies into the site. Actually, let's do it like this. Just take the Daily Q&A page and paste it wholesale onto the "To Be Posted" page where I will then do the do. Happy to start anytime. <Wow, with friends like this... I could go diving all the time! Oh, wait, then they wouldn't get to be there out diving, discoursing with... Oh, more friends will solve this. Yeah, that's the ticket. Bob F> J --

Apogon macrodon (actually conventions used in WWM, life... at least Bob's) Good Morning Bob, I'm working on the Cardinalfish article for WWF. Wasn't able to locate a pic for Apogon macrodon but found it under cheilodipterus macrodon. Checked with fishbase but didn't want to change it's name in the article without checking with you. Thanks, Barb-- <Mmm, the genus here has been changed (not to protect the innocent...). How to state this Barb?... Most often I/we "go along" with fishbase as the grand arbiter at the genus and species levels of name changes (Nelson, 1994, 3d ed. Fishes of the World for higher taxonomy by and large... on WWM, my hard drives, analog writing and photographic archives/files)... and "mirror" "common" notions of naming, labeling to aid users (and ourselves) on replicate postings, notes in files... Anywho, in this case the name really is Cheilodipterus macrodon... Bob F, probably making things more rather than less confused>

WWM/Bob Endeavors That's a cryptic email Bob - perhaps you can pen an all-new-original email to clarify?  <Oh, sorry. Will try here> Editing/layout help with upcoming self-published titles?  <HELP! Calling for serious assistance. Am more than tired of waiting for editors present and at large to wake up, sniff the caocao and get around to making books... Want HELP putting same together. Anyone in the WWM crew presently or soon who is able, willing to give this a go, come forward. Clear?> Bryopsis as comedy? <Yes... well, in a sad sort of way. Like showing a ball of fur, a spot of poo on a carpet as a cat, dog companion animal pic...> Kids are preferable to AOL?  <To some... and vice versa> What the heck? <More coffee for you! And less for me? Again, apologize for too much, too soon arcane referencing. Bob F> -Zo

RE: Yikes! Yo Barb, Frontpage is the program we boyz use to edit WetWebMedia.com - Bob's asking if you'd be willing to help answering emails, and/or moving questions/answers from email-to-dailies-to-topical FAQs. It doesn't hurt, Jason taught it to me a coupla nights ago so I could wrangle the 'daily pic', and schooled Anthony a coupla weeks ago so he could school Steve and together they could 'play Bob' while Bob frolics in tropical waters around the world... [! - we'll all be doing that soon - !] I can come by and eat Lasagna and teach Frontpage. <Yeah, that's the ticket! And you can all take turns coming out, diving et al. BTW Zo (this is important), do ask your eye-doc to send along your recent exam records to Frank (fax 760-943-0371), and chat w/ Di, Christina, your son re when you can be here (SD)... turns out (chatted with Peeps) you only need about a week here total. Bob F> -Zo

RE: WWM/Bob Endeavors My FrontPage knowledge and really anything I've ever done web-wise came from using PageMaker back when it was an Aldus product, even 1.0 on the Macintosh. Anyway, I'd love to help with this. J -- <Ahh, great! Have (tried to) put together book-length works on ADBE PM6.5 (up to) and can be done... or we can bite the big one and learn Quark (or QE) if need be... Glad to have the company. Bob F, more obscure like Jude as time goes by>

Most common FAQ's Bob, I suggest we make up a page similar to this--> http://www.nefsc.nmfs.gov/faq/ and list the most commonly asked questions you guys receive in the daily FAQ section. This might reduce the number of repeat questions. We can list them in order of number of queries or as a "top ten questions asked-go here first" before submitting your question. If you give me a short list of the questions you get asked the most, I'll make a page up for them. Mike <Excellent idea... I would like to build a "basics" section for all of our "Indices" (topic groups) ultimately, with pix, etc... Who will gather the most common FAQs for each category (fresh, reef, pond...)? Any volunteers? Bob F>

SeaScope Pics Bob, I tried to FAX you yesterday to 619 578 7372 , <Ah, the phone company (remember those "In Like Flynt" movies of the sixties, seventies?) changed the prefix Tom... it's 858 now... and costs more, sigh: 858-578-7372> not sure if you got it, regarding a morey (sp?)<Moray?> pattern in the miniata cover pic. However we got the proof from the printer and decided it was acceptable and will go ahead with it as is. By the way is that the correct FAX and what is your phone ( office or home, which ever is best) Regards, Tom <Let me know if you need more, different pix. Be chatting. Bob F>

Re: WetWebFotos nears release "Should users be allowed to comment on media or just an organism?" I think comments on organisms would/could be very helpful...however, this will probably require the need for a "Report to Adminstrator" feature. (There's always gonna be some goofball who gets ugly.) <I am not much concerned with this issue. Particularly if all are somehow labeled as addressees.> Input on public release: Hard to say...at least a month to hopefully complete marine livestock, invertebrates, set-up, equipment, etc. which should put us close to that 500 article mark! (Don't even want to think about "when" all the FAQ's could get transferred!) <I would let there be "new faqs" here... from the public directly> How can Zo make the pages more distinct for allowing comments? <As stated above> Don't know...I only work here! :-) Barb-- <Bob F>

DVD Hello Guys, I have an unusual request. I am interested in a video on salt water fish and was wondering if you know of one in particular that you would recommend? There is one that is called "Aquaria" by DVD International which sounds interesting. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. <The ones I've seen to date I've not been impressed with... content or format wise. Maybe check with the chatforum: http://talk.wetwebfotos.com/ Bob Fenner> Ron

Fwd: Your Thawte Cert is Ready! (www.disaquatics.com) Bob, If you want to create a portion of the Miva shopping cart to sell images, this might be of interest. Diana <I don't know enough about any of this to have an opinion. Will send to all to ask if somehow can be of use to selling image work on WWF. Bob F> >From: "DataPipe Support" <support@datapipe.com> >Reply-To: support@datapipe.com >To: dianafenner@hotmail.com >Subject: Fwd: Your Thawte Cert is Ready! (www.disaquatics.com) >Hello Diana, >We have installed your certificate. You can call the url  >https://www.domain.com... and anything within your website will be  >encrypted. Make sure that anything you have on the page in question  >is coming from a secure area or you will be prompted as to whether  >or not you wish to display both secure and nonsecure items (for  >example, if you have an image whose source code is  >http://www.domain.com/images/image.gif that won't work. Update the  >link to reflect the https:// configuration). >Don Perry >DataPipe >*********** BEGIN FORWARDED MESSAGE *********** >Hi! >Thanks again for selecting Thawte as your Certifying Authority. >We have successfully completed the necessary background checks, >and issued your certificate. >You can retrieve the cert from your status page at the >following URL: > https://www.thawte.com/cgi/server/status.exe?code=USDISA26 >We recommend that you review the root expiration-related >instructions at http://www.thawte.com/certs/server/rollover/ >for the best information about dealing with old customer >browsers. >You might also want to put the "Thawte Authentic Site" stamp >on your web site, for immediate customer recognition and >assurance. The stamp is available at: > http://www.thawte.com/certs/server/stamp.gif >We look forward to serving you again soon! >Regards, >The Certification Team >Thawte Digital Certificates

The WWM has 1,130 images listed on Google. Go Here--> http://images.google.com/images?q=wetwebmedia&svnum=10&hl=en&filter=0 <Aaaa... amazing! Maybe we can wager a good part of WWM's cash reserves on their upcoming IPO... Mmm. Bob F> Mike

RE: Daily Fish Email out WWM Hard to miss your favorite specimens. <You'd be surprised... Bob F> Todd

Re: Daily Fish Email out WWM Those little boogers are quick! Wish we were all in Taveuni right now. <Oh, yes! Bob F> Mike

Koi Pond Bob, That Koi pic is a beauty. Here is my artsy-fartsy version of it. <Beauty... don't you wish you were scanning this at 10 megs... Bob F> Mike

Video, WWx, IFlySWA... Bob, <oh,oh> Is the video already digitized? Edited, compressed? Who's leading that charge, Pete? <Ha ha, ahhhh, ahhh, hah... Oh, that was rich! Um, is digitized (cept for older hi-8 work)... edited? Nyet. Compressed? Say what? Who's leading? Who's on first? Add this gambit to the growing issues/projects, fun to go over on your visit...?> Putting a page of videos up on the site will not be hard. Prepping video for internet distribution, however, is arguably more tedious than scanning photos, which is why putting up the page won't be too hard - as there just won't be the giant flood of content to handle, like with the photo library. And yes, the videos could certainly be 'linked' from WWM, but served off WWF, for the fact that WWM is limited to 200MB, while WWF has 480GB. (hmm, that's about 2,400 times the capacity...) <Show off> As soon as the server is online with Jason, we'll be serving up MPEG to our heart's content. <Yippee skippee> I do recommend MPEG4, it's the current best tradeoff of quality/size. According to my Bro' Edward, BillyG's WMV (Windows Media-Video) format is mpeg4 compatible and plays back under Macintosh Quicktime, if you remember to rename the file with .mpg instead of WMV before you put it on the server. A 4 minute video with acceptable quality (and audio), is about 20MB. <Well of all things... Pete.C's name in the hashing world is phonetically: M P! (Impy, Impotent Implement... will tell you more re the derivation face to face)... prophetic, eh?> Will ponder the agenda for the Feb1-4 trip. <Cogitate furiously my friend. Bob F> -Zo

RE: Video, agenda  need to know more of the real times here. Have to get flight schedules, will do this evening. <Okay> > I make the suggestion: if possible, practical to link most every pic on WWM to WWF for sale, other purposes Possible yes, but not really something I'd considered until now. To do it right/efficiently will take an hour or so of programming/testing, and a tweak in the WWF database, which isn't optimized to search by filename - can do, will do, definitely. But that doesn't include manipulating the heck out of WWM, which would have to be done pretty much manually, pic by pic. <Let's think this over... chat it up... thought it was a good idea... maybe not so good. Bob F> -Zo

Video, agenda Oh golly Dogfish, sorry to freak you out about video! <No worries... I've got friends... in all places... some slavish types coming my way who are reputedly handy with such high tech gear...> You know, if I had a Hi-8 player and digitizer - I have the rest of the infrastructure to do mass-digitization of analogue video (very CPU and storage intensive). In fact, that'd be a fun side-project for me, and a nice relief from all this darned programming. Utilize some of the zillions of spare CPU cycles in my house, too. <Yeah... If we had enough footage to merit it, I'd pay for the hardware> hmm. A manager just walked up and asked what I'm doing after this project, whether I'll be available to join her team... that's nice. Job security is a little spooky these days. <Yes> Here is a loose/proposed agenda (I'm hoping to blow out of here on Thurs night): Friday: * Pick up Jas * Tour/Demo WWFotos (Zo, get photo mailer running again!) * Chat/Fiddle with tanks/Knop, etc. * Eat, Cook, Prep for Wedding <Okay, we're only doing a couple of "side-dish" sorts of things> Sat: * Wedding... * Potential alternative to Zo and Jas playing 5th wheel, Zo and Jas go to SIO/Birch. * Chat/clean-up/sleep like zombies <Mmm, workable... will think up more specifics... Want to hammer on changing looks/feel of homepage of WWM, have you folks teach us (in simple Lingo Angle) how to operate Premiere/ADBE for the bit of digital video we have now... much more to come... Go over the future of WWF in terms of licensing rights, payment for work... Firm up more of the plans for the May trips... maybe you and/or Jas can figure out how to hook up the network or a laptop here to the new giant teevee... Perhaps visit (ala Chaucer's tales, the Decameron...) some of the better local retailers, even get a jaunt into going to some folks in L.A. in the trade I need badly to visit, take pix, write stories re... Lots more to go. Bob F> Sun: * LFS Tour? * Video/Scanning Tech. * Mass photo-import tech. * Website Brainsqualling Mon. * Breakfast, promises, airport. Hmm, looks like I only plan on eating Friday and Monday... -Zo <Maybe...>

RE: Video, agenda Hmm, sounds good - it'll be good to have an agenda, and really get something done this time around... alas, I (and probably Jason as well) know nothing about Premiere. The last time I did video editing I had to program the cuts into a controller then watch the tapes whirrr. Edward (bro in Utah) is the Premiere wiz. Sounds like you have some resources for that stuff tho', so I don't have to feel dumb about Premiere... <Rats! Well, do have a notion that you two can make sense of the ding dang tutorials, help screens... we have no clue...> LFS tour would be cool, side trip to LA sounds fun as well, as long as it's not during a weekday rush hour... :-( Do want to get to Scripps/Birch with Jason, and my new digital camera... <Easily done... need to know more of the real times here. The wholesalers are open late Thurs., close mid-day Fri...> Also looking forward to solidifying some of the plans/direction for WWF. <Okay> I personally don't want to tread on WWM too much, if you want a navigation gadget programmed, or something, I/Jas could certainly help with that... But myself, I want to concentrate on WWF. <Understood... I make the suggestion: if possible, practical to link most every pic on WWM to WWF for sale, other purposes> Inspired by Mike's assumption that WWF will link into wwm, I just used some lunchtime to build a targeted link to search wwm for a species, from the WWF species-view page (does a WWM-only search via Google), to go alongside the auto-links into Fishbase. Will have to get that installed tonight, works nicely. -Zo <Wowzah! Can you help me with walking on the ceiling oh wielder of magic wands? Bob F>

so what's cooking? What are you preparing for that wedding? <Stuffed mushrooms, bruschetta or maybe you have another choice for finger-foods. Bob F> J --

Re: so what's cooking? cantaloupe and prosciutto? <Maybe... Will see what's available, and of this what you feel like prep.ing when you're here. Bob F>

Re: so what's cooking? I be the prep cook - you tell me... <Indeed I shall. Bob F>

RE: FFE, WWF All WWFotos interested parties, I had to move the WWF 'test server' to a different address: http://wwm.XXXX.net will get you there now. Ding dang Bobfish/Dogfish published the addie on his FAQ's and my poor cable modem got pounded into Perrin's freeze-dried coraldust/heaven/whatever. <Oops. Can, may I post this one? Bob F> -Zo

RE: FFE, WWF <Oops. Can, may I post this one? Bob F> Noooooooo!!!! (falling off cliff, disappearing into misty crevasse below) it is in fact the same server on the same cable modem... with a top-secret change-of-address/no forwarding address provided... <Hah, knew I'd raise that vegetable oil/blood pressure with this one!> We'll be up on the real server, at the real datacenter, within a couple of weeks (hopefully before the SanD excursion) although it won't be quite a full-blown/ready-to-rock-n-roll release of the site, at least it'll handle some actual traffic! Please hold off the public announcements until then... dude. <Okay... will carefully XXXX out the juicy bits. Bob F> -Zo

Re: FFE, WWF lol! So, what's "Plan C" if "you know who" ... posts this too! Hang in there, Zo! BarbaraT <What a crack up! Bob F>

RE: FFE, WWF Unfortunately, I forgot to setup something last night when I moved the address, and the photo library is down (all broken image links). Foo. That's what I get for fiddling with the thing at 2am. <Yikes, snorrrrr> Can't fix it from work, so it'll be like that until later tonight. <No rush. Bob F> -Zo

FFE, WWF Bob, you feel like pointing FFE to WWF? There are some fantastic displays of photos on there, though not all of the species Rob asked for, many of them are already there, with multiple shots available, for example: (some of these links are individual photos, some are the 'Species' page with multiple shots) <Mmm> The triostegus Tang: http://wwf.lgonzalez.net/Home?actionRequest=mediaView&ID=1118 That Lutjanus snappers, fulvus: http://wwf.lgonzalez.net/Home?actionRequest=mediaView&ID=996 and kasmira: http://wwf.lgonzalez.net/Home?actionRequest=mediaView&ID=1002 The funky Bigeye, P. hamrur: http://wwf.lgonzalez.net/Home?actionRequest=organismView&organismID=518 The pretty puffer: http://wwf.lgonzalez.net/Home?actionRequest=organismView&organismID=590 The triggers: http://wwf.lgonzalez.net/Home?actionRequest=organismView&organismID=622 http://wwf.lgonzalez.net/Home?actionRequest=organismView&organismID=625 The Chevron (?) BF: http://wwf.lgonzalez.net/Home?actionRequest=organismView&organismID=256 And that sporty lookin' Mackeral/Jack/Skinny Tuna thingy: http://wwf.lgonzalez.net/Home?actionRequest=mediaView&ID=466 All are easily found at the Media search page (I didn't check everything on his list): http://wwf.lgonzalez.net/Home?actionRequest=mediaDB simply by entering the genus (or better yet, the species) into the keyword search... Your call, I'm okay with FFE hitting the server to browse, hopefully license/negotiate directly with you... <This is just about what I am hoping (on the border of praying) that WWF will actually become... So, yes, will cc Rob at FFE here. Bob F> -Zo

Translation of yours articles (may we/oui!) Hi, I am a French aquarist. I am very interested about your website (http://www.wetwebmedia.com) and yours articles (saltwater only). I would like to translate some of these in French language. If you accept, they will be published on a personal French website http://www.reef-guardian.com <Tres bien! Very nice> I would mention your name, your e-mail and your website, of course. I hope, you will agree that French aquarists could then read your articles. Best regards Patrice Gadroy <For non-commercial purposes, you are welcome to use my content. Merci for your interest, involvement. Bob Fenner> Re: Translation of yours articles Thanks a lot. Your articles are very good and I am sure that French aquarists will appreciate these knownledges <Agreed> It's a non-commercial-site Best regards Patrice Gadroy <I look forward to seeing the work on your site. Bob Fenner>

Re: Fish Pix for FFE Bob, <Howdy> Do you have any images for the following fish species? <All but the one Cardinalfish, Apogon exostigma, and only an adult (ugly) pic of the Damsel Chrysiptera leucopoma... but the rest, yes> We are getting in some new aquacultured fish next week and want to build a new web page for them: <Neat> Acanthurus olivaceous A. triostegus Ctenochaetus striatus Naso annulatus N. brevirostris N. lituratus N. uncornis Zebrasoma scopas Apogon exostigma Cheilidopterus quinquelineatus Aulostomus chinensis Pseudobalistes flavimarginatus Rhinecanthus aculeatus Chaetodon auriga C. citrinellus C. lunula C. trifascialis C. unimaculatus Sargocentron diadema Lutjanus fulvus L. kasmira Chrysiptera leucopoma Priacanthus hamrur Chromis viridis Dascyllus aruanus Abudefduf sexfasciatus Pomacentrus pavo Scomberoides lysan Canthigaster solandri C. benetti As I said all of these are 100% bona fide tank-raised and are, to the best of my knowledge, the only TR version of these species available. <I'll say... are these from the French folks who collect post larval stages?> I am sure we have images of some of these, but if you have any I would really appreciate your help, especially on the more obscure species. <Yes... for your website use, not re-sold to others, ten dollars an image used. Let me know and will send scans up> Also, I don't know if you would be up for it, but perhaps we could put something up on wetwebmedia to let people know about this cool new product and where they can get it. Let me know if this is feasible. <Will post on the Daily FAQs tomorrow, then off to marine livestock selection faqs pages the day after... We could replace your top banner ad with something that might mention this new feature of FFE...> All the best and happy new year, Rob. <Be seeing you, Bob Fenner>

RE: Daily Fish Email out WWM (actually WWF) Bob, Are you scanning at a higher resolution these days? I'm hoping you'll be shooting for 10MB files or so, as the current 2.4MB files only come out to 2.5" at 300ppi, and 10MB is considered the 'watermark' size for 8x10 repro. <... feeling like a little (whipped) boy at this point... Having "re-started" my "scanning ordeals" every several months ever since there was such gear, can only imagine... when the "next big thing" will happen, prompt to "re-do" all... Sigh, and I do mean big sigh... Am able to make 4000 dpi, 16 bit depth scans with current gear... can do for slides, print film... can/could shoot TIFFs with digital gear up to 4.1 meg file size... Wait! I consider that there may be a parallel universe... where we're all switched about... I'm eating a big ole eggplant and chatting with my wife Christina about our sons grades in school, and some meat-eating so and so named Lorenzo is getting twitchy wrists and losing his vision re-doing scan after scan... Hah ha ha!> The server is well equipped to handle your entire collection at 10MB each... with storage as cheap as it is these days, there's little point wasting time with small files. The 'hi-res' downloads that we (eventually) charge for download off WWF ought to be truly 'hi-res' and usable at full-page magazine sizes, don't you think? <No, too painful> Also - there's that 'compressed' or LZW TIFF format you should be using... please let me know what the current scan/archive procedure is? <Umm, where to start? Perhaps a plane ticket?.... Bob F> -Zo

Fwd: General remarks > I have no suggestion's or anything like that. I just wanted to say I am > very glad to have found this website. Now I only need to find one that > shows a picture of the fish, with common name, and all information on > each fish that they have to offer. I am not complaining about your > website. Though I just joined I have found it to be informative. Whoever > Lorenzo is he sure seems to know what he is talking about and he uses > plain English instead of all those fancy normal word's that the rest > would understand. Just keep up the great work. Thank you. <Hey, I'm going to write myself glowing reviews too! Bob F>

RE: General remarks Awww, isn't that sweet! [grin] - key phrase: "seems to know" ;) <You seem to be "writing these yourself"...> Exciting announcement in a few minutes!!!! -Zo <Looking forward to it (I peeked). Bob F>

Re: General remarks Italy, Soon Lorenzo and friends will show you the greatest website, which will of course be linked to the Wetwebmedia website. This new website called WetWebFotos will answer all of your questions. Stay Tuned, Mike

Re: WetWebFotos Limited Beta Right on Lorenzo et all, great job, Pete.

Re: WetWebFotos Limited Beta Very cool!! Mike

RE: WetWebFotos Limited Beta Jason/Zo, Good Job! Looks great. I was wondering what you guys were up to when I read your statement about WWF taking Reef Central to the mats! Hmmm, WWF... to the mats... are we talking about professional wrestling or pet fish keeping??? :-) Can't wait for the users section to be up and running. Then I can hopefully put a face to all of these names, and my fav... seeing other hobbyists setups! <Yes... a dream unfolds. Bob Fenner>

RE: Bunaken/WWF, Interzoo/Kieran Where is location code: "GIL" <Ah, these are the "Gilis" or Gili Islands, three little bits (Dahasa Indonesian for "little island" is "gili"...) north of Lombok (Island) which in turn is just to the east of Bali, in Indonesia... Bob Fenner, who actually has logs that identify more of the "when" and "where" images were made (the slide mounts have the month, year written on them).> -Zo

Subject: Parrotfish There's a folder in Marine parrotfish, with files for Catostomus carolinas - according to fishbase Catostomus are freshwater suckers... any clues? (Your photos look like parrotfish to me...) <Mmm, maybe s/b Calotomus: http://www.fishbase.org/Nomenclature/FamilySearchList.cfm? Bob> -Zo

RE: Parrotfish Ah yes, indeed, Calotomus carolinus, of the Sparisomatinae sub-familia... <Yes... laziness, crossover in my feebleness> Gracias. It was especially confusing, becuase of the 'carolinus' and the coincidence that many of those Catostomus suckers are named after states/US regions! <Yes... not minnow relatives... well, not that close! Bob> Zo, learning plenty <Much to learn, appreciate, enjoy>

WetWebFotos Limited Beta _______________________________________________________ BOB - PLEASE DO NOT POST THIS EMAIL ON WWM - YET ________________________________________________________ <Okay, but am sending to myself, posting on one of the thousand or so un-linked pages for future use... on WWM. Bob F> Hi everyone! With a whole lotta hopefully-deserved hoopla and a little bit of pride and relief, I'm very glad to say that a public beta of WetWebFotos is finally (back) online, after an 8 month MIA. Jason and I have been coding like crazy little monkeys on WetWebFotos for the last couple of weeks, and it's time we got a little feedback. -PLEASE- DO NOT FORWARD THIS EMAIL OR THE ADDRESS OF THIS SITE to anyone else, unless you REALLY THINK YOU SHOULD (I'll have to trust your judgment!) It is currently running on my cable modem, and cannot handle more than a handful of concurrent users. Besides, we just want to get some feedback, and maybe a little help with content, before we move to the real server and go fully public. There is still much to do, though there is a LOT already done! We can certainly use your help... [hint, hint] For those of you who have no idea whatsoever what the heck I'm yammering on about: WetWebFotos is a new website, designed to incorporate all of WetWebMedia in a searchable, pervasively (perversely?) hyper-linked format, as well as offer several REALLY COOL new features and services. The centerpieces of the site are the photo library (currently boasting well over 2400 of Bob's photos, and zillions more to come - maybe yours too!) and the Taxonomy database, offering a fast, friendly search engine, as well as browsable 'Tree of Life'. That taxonomy tree needs a LOT of work. Some of you may be able to help with that! (That'd be awesome) Currently it includes only Marine Fishes, as it was automatically generated by importing that portion of Bob's photo library. All Photos are available for download, with a password on the 'full-resolution' scan, settable by the owner. In the future, we plan to offer a shopping cart and credit processing system. We also plan to host video clips as previews of Pete Catterick's and other videographer's dive/travel video libraries. Currently, there is only one (out of hundreds to go) article posted on the site, but it will give you a good idea of how the articles are linked to photos, which link to species, which link into the taxonomy tree, and so forth. Look for the one lonely article under 'Marine', 'Livestock', 'Fishes' and on the right is the link to the article on Moray eels. Or, go to the 'Article Search' page, and type in 'moray' in the keywords! Users can post a note about themselves, and as well as upload their own photos to their personal page. The Discussion Forums will be linked in, and all user ids will be ported across. In fact, if you have a user-id on the current forums (and you know the password) you can log into WetWebFotos, and update your user profile, upload some user images, and generally 'do more stuff', especially if you've been granted 'admin' privileges. (Bob) <Yikes... one of the reasons we've got to make this a "paying proposition"... We've got to hire someone to do input, traffic the charges, pay and be paid for this side of things...> If you don't know your password, well, neither do I, and we'll have to make a new one. But that doesn't mean you can't anonymously check out this beta of WetWebFotos while you're waiting! Go here: http://wwf.lgonzalez.net The Moray Article is directly available here, if you want to jump straight in: http://wwf.lgonzalez.net/Home?actionRequest=articleView&articleID=1 And please let me know how it goes, good and/or bad. Geez, after all THAT hoopla, I sure hope the server doesn't suddenly get shy tomorrow! -Zo

Re: Daily Fish Email out WWM FINALLY A PICTURE WORTH VIEWING!!!!!!!! THANKS BOB - KEEP THEM COMING!!! Kelly (aka Puffer queen) <Knew you'd like it... still looking about (underwater) for the striped and maculated Arothrons for you. Bob F>

Re: Daily Fish Email out WWM By the way, that is just the funniest picture today - even looks like a dog, ok well sort of. <Woof! Bob F> J --

Check it out! http://equariumsonline.com/ James.F tries to make a buck on line! What do you think? Bob F

RE: Check it out! If James F. is a friend, Bob, I'm sorry, but... <A pet-fish acquaintance, fellow content-provider to the hobby press> I think the site is pretty lame, (not to mention DOG slow!) and WWFotos is going to kick sand all over it... and probably earn some decent money to boot. <My impressions as well... knowing you, me... And in comparison to what we have to offer as WWM... gratis. Do know James.F to be a dedicated type though. Wish him well... don't think he'll actually make money with what he has so far, but will greatly add to with time> Jason and I have been working hard the past several days on WWFotos, and it's really come along quite a bit. The hardware is ready to ship, and the software is catching up fast. With our team of volunteers easily recruited from the forums, WWFotos is going to take ReefCentral to the mats as well. <Wowzah! Hopefully we will actually inspire other folks to improvement, addition> The database and 'internal structure' (the 'back-end' as we call it) of WWFotos can be used/shared to make a 'pure' Photography sales-vehicle, <YAY! Can definitely use the work, income...> and I'm planning on implementing such the moment I'm reasonably satisfied with the community/educational/reference features of WWFotos - very soon. <Ooooh, how can one write, ooooooh as in ewwwwhhhh?> We have momentum, we have a burgeoning community, we have MOUNDS of content, a couple of respectable 'celebrities', and WE HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY! <And the content!> Now, back to the programming... <Indeed. Am writing, scanning as every day... as well. Be chatting, diving, traveling, photographing.... Bob Fenner> -Zo

Image (Mike.K and PS6) I like the look of these drop shadows and an identifier on the image to let everyone know who took the shot. How do you like it? Mike <Very nice... how do we/I add? Bob F>

Re: Image Bob, It's about a 7 or 8 step process in Photoshop to resize, add the drop shadow, and than put a name on the edge of the image. I don't know if you have the time to do that to every image. <Sigh... probably not... but a macro could be built, applied am sure. Or a filter on PS... Feel like singing a refrain from "Oz"), "If I only had a brain" (whistles), "I'd be light as a feather, go out with Locklear Heather, If I only had a brain"...> If you have a special image that you want to add this effect too, E-mail it to me and I'll do it for you. <Would really like it/this if you did it/this daily. That/is Bob> Mike

Use of Image Dear Mr. Fenner: <Hello> I'm the webmaster for the non-profit educational site, WorldWise (see http://www.beworldwise.org). <Very nice> We have an educational team on board the Picton Castle, a three-masted barque on a 19-month circumnavigation. The team's mission is to distribute educational materials and books to impoverished schools along the way.  <A noble cause> Kate Menser has just filed a story from the Seychelles in which she goes scuba diving. These daily pieces are shared with schools via the Internet. Unfortunately, the team's waterproof camera housing wasn't. <Yikes... been there, flooded that...> I was just at FishBase.org and found an image of yours that would work nicely with the story and I'm seeking your permission to use your image of the sergeant major. If permission is granted, we will provide a photo credit and a link back to the website of your choice. Thank you for taking time to consider this request. <Thank you for your note. You are welcome to use any, all materials copyright by me. For much more, please peruse our principal site: WetWebMedia.com and if you have a particular need that you cannot find there, please contact me here. I will add your sites link on the morrow. Bob Fenner> Angelo Cerchione Webmaster WorldWise

RE: Use of Image Dear Mr. Fenner: Thank you for permission to use your image. The finish article can be found at http://www.tallshipnewswire.com/jscript/article.php3?id=738. <Well done... and in the company of Dr. John (Jack) Randall! Bob Fenner> Take care, Angelo

WWM Mail 22-27... You want me to answer what you don't - move all to daily Q&A? <Should have you do so... have opted out of traveling to NJ after all... if not "with it" enough to go visit, likely good idea to skip trying to help others. What say you? Want to "do them" together? Bob F> J --

Re: WWM Mail Ahh - you still not feeling well? OK, well then... I need to head to the LFS and talk about the declivis and I'll be back in an hour or so and then can engage as much as you need me to. <Ah, good> Hope you feel better. <Thank you my friend. Bob F> J --

Aquatic Images Robert, I am interested in purchasing images for use on a web-based application I am writing for a client. The application will support his fish store as well as sales on the internet. Can you give me an idea of the cost of the images? I will need an image for each fish that he sells in the store. I currently don't have an inventory of the fish that he sells so I am just looking for an estimated cost. <Thank you for your interest. Ten dollars each in tens of images quantities, five dollars each in hundreds for this application. Bob Fenner> Thank you, Eric Crawford

Re: Aquatic Images Robert, That sounds great. Would it be possible for me to get the images for development purposes first and then pay for them before the software is implemented? <Unfortunately no. Too many possible extenuating circumstances for us to have our work leave w/o payment first. Do generate a list of what images you anticipate needing, and check for space on your credit card. We may be able to charge it if this is acceptable to you. Bob Fenner> I am doing this project in exchange for store credit so I can get my 300 gallon tank going. It will take me a little time to get the $$$ for the images, but I would like to continue development of the software. Eric

Re: Aquatic Images Robert, I will determine what I need and let you know. Thank you for your help. Eric <Thank you. Looking forward to the interaction, enterprise. Bob Fenner>

RE: Aquatic Images (Zo makes progress!) Oh, Bob... <Howdy> I'm hacking on WWFotos as we speak! Just finished overhauling the user authority system - it needed to be more flexible to accomodate additional photographers, and/or publishers and mediators, etc... Next I need to integrate the chat/forum system into WWFotos. But with the user system overhauled, I should be able to finish it up sufficiently for a 'public release' by the end of the break, then gradually add features as I complete and test them. <Wow, when will this be... about?> I'll be working on the application and the server all through the holiday break, and hope to ship the server off to Jason first thing in '02. <Amazing... as they say, "can't wait"> It's really exciting to be back 'on the job' with WWF - can't wait! <Oh, apparently you can't either. Be chatting. Bob Fenner> -Zo

Fw: butterfly food (perceptions, values) Hmmm... just read your post on the forum re: TipsyTang - makes my previous email seem rather trite and insignificant. What a loss... <Yes.... to die from... a car crash... We are here but moments my friend.... and must endeavor to live our life in full appreciation of its transitory nature... with grace, positiveness. Bob Fenner> J --

Lenore Dawson Dear Bob & Lorenzo, (To bring you up to speed, Bob. I have discussed the idea of doing something in memory of Lenore with Zo earlier this a.m. I had visited the websites of aquariums in California to see what if any programs they provide to honor someone. The Birch Aquarium is the only one that I saw that offers an opportunity to purchase tiles that can be engraved and viewed by their 3-tiered seating area at the life-sized gray whale exhibit.) <I see> Latest update is I have spoken with Rachelle Walker at the Birch Aquarium and explained the circumstances. She is kind enough to offer that if we are interested in purchasing one of these tiles.....she could handle phone calls where forum members could individually phone in a donation by mentioning Lenore's name and pay for it by Visa or MasterCard. Depending on how much is collected, would determine whether it was a 4"x8" ($250)or 8"x8" ($500) tile. <I have seen these... last time just two days back while Joyce and Bill were visiting> I needed to run this past the two of you first. My emotions are running very high with regards to losing such a wonderful young lady. She & I had sporadically e-mailed each other with fun fish stories and it started by my praising her for the wonderful things she was doing for sad, sick and injured fish. I can't get the line out of my head where Lenore answered... "I only wish, I could help them all". <Yes> If this idea is something you think would be appropriate to open on the forum, please let me know. Nothing really seems adequate yet I can't help but want to do something. <You should... always do what you consider to be right, to try to do what you want to do. Please do send this note to her Uncle Gorge as well. Bob Fenner> Take care, BarbaraT

Voicing Sad News Dear Mr. Robert Fenner, I am writing to you because I found your address and name under my niece's yahoo account. I do not know if you are a friend of hers, or had any type of correspondence with her. Her name is Lenore Dawson. She lived in Northern California and her email address was TipsyTang@yahoo.com. <Oh no... my friend. I am so sorry to hear of this fine persons passing. I only knew Lenore briefly from her outreaching to help others with their livestock...> I am sorry to say this if in fact your were friends, but Lenore died on the night of December 16th in a motor vehicle accident. Her services will be held on Saturday the 22ed at noon, St. Vincent's church in Petaluma California. Directions and any other details can be provided. If you want to attend please mail back ASAP. I monitor my email by cell phone, so I will be able to respond promptly. Again I am sorry to be the bearer of such news. She was a fine young woman and we hope she will be in your prayers. Warmest regards, Gorge Dawson Gorgeddmv@hotmail.com Lenore Ann Dawson February 14th 1977 - December 16th 2001 <My thoughts are with you. I will try to notify her friends here. Bob Fenner>

Re: Anthony, Steven, and talk.wetwebfotos Bob, you missed out on this exchange because I botched your email address... <Thank you for sending this along. Bob> -Zo From: panthera Lorenzo, It is truly a pleasure to participate, learn and share on the WWM. But thank you for the compliment! Not all necessary, though <smile>. Off the record, I have had a somewhat sour and apprehensive opinion about message boards in general from the very first few that I lurked in upon. A few of them are outright hostile, as I'm sure you've observed. Finding WWM was a bit of a treasure, quite frankly. And it allows us all to reinforce the good things that we know or believe, and become educated about many things we don't by not only just reading, but participating. What exactly is "Talk. WetWebFotos", or have I just been skipping by the home page to get to the message board too quick <G>? Well... thanks again, I look forward to meeting you someday. Until then... kind regards, Anthony > Steven, Anthony, > I just wanted to send a note to thank both of you for your presence on > the forums. Between you two, the board has recently gained some great > new sources of expertise, with such a nice delivery to complement! > You'll notice our board is becoming known for it's gentler, but > realistic, tone and attitude. That environment is definitely inspired > and encouraged by Bob. In fact, I had originally hoped he would be more > involved, but that was also counting on some of his email traffic to > gravitate toward the forums - which it really hasn't. Luckily for us, > the two of you are filling those shoes just fine, and I really > appreciate it. > Talk. WetWebFotos is just the tip of the iceberg. Over the next few weeks > we'll be moving to a new server, and unveiling many new and super-nifty > services/capabilities. I hope you'll both continue to be involved as we > grow. > Best Regards, > Lorenzo <More gravitation in gyration. Would you boyz mind if I posted this to WWM? Bob F> 

RE: Daily Fish Email out WWM Good eye spotting that little guy. Must be shot from a predator's point of view. <That and a prey items! Bob Fenner> Todd Gabriel

RE: Daily Fish Email out WWM Another winner. That camera is doing good for you it seems.  <Sometimes I drop it, or it gets banged along the reef, fires off and voila (!), you get a decent image!> I am having good luck taking product shots with the Olympus 3000 and a macro lens. <Go with the digital here. Bob Fenner> Todd Gabriel

PowerPoint practice Bob, Let me know the next time you work on a PowerPoint presentation <Umm, how about you re-do, finish the one for Fiji period, or in installments... for the "Best Dive Locations in the World", various life-group installments (in press as well as WWM) and we submit as co-writers/producers?> so that I may be able to help with some graphics. What do you think of this example-> See attachment. Mike


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