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Editors' Comments

A New Beginning: Again!

One of the most exciting parts of our wonderful hobby is the designing, assembly, and setup of a new system. It's a fascinating, frustrating, fun and utterly engrossing process that draws on all of our accumulated hobby experience and challenges us to push ourselves into uncharted waters once again.

I have recently completed the construction of a new, large reef system. During the process of planning, designing and assembling the aquarium and related equipment, I realized that, despite 30 some years in the hobby (gulp!),  I experienced the same feelings of excitement, anticipation, and uncertainty that I felt with my first 10 gallon tank as a 6-year old kid!  The feeling never changes. The thrill never diminishes!

Think about it: Each time we try something new in this hobby-whether it's a new fish,  piece of equipment, or even a new technique- it's just like beginning again! The hobby provides so many opportunities to try new and exciting things; an ever-changing, always challenging, and thoroughly enjoyable process. If you're feeling a little bit tired of the direction you are headed in the hobby, simply shake things up a bit: Try making your own food, breeding a new species of killifish, enhancing your maintenance regime, etc.

Even a simple change can open up a whole new set of challenges and experiences that can take you down a completely new and exciting path in your hobby. Remember- it's a lifelong experience- a passion, and an ever-changing, always challenging experience. Hopefully, Conscientious Aquarist will provide you with the information, ideas and inspiration to try something new. An opportunity for you to create a new beginning...Again!

Scott Fellman, Co-Editor


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