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FAQs about the Clownfishes & Anemones, Hosts 4

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Ocellaris Group Advice... WWM advice... search before writing us  -- 03/07/08 Hi WWM! Thanks for such an informative site! I need some advice on Ocellaris Clownfish. Several months ago, I purchased two small Ocellaris (alleged ORA bred, very vibrant colors) for my 90-Gal reef. Well, one died within a couple days. The other has thrived swimming solo. A few weeks ago, I purchased two slightly larger Ocellaris and a Sebae Anemone from a different LFS (fish and anemone in different LFS tanks) Within a couple hours, all three clownfish were swimming around in the Sebae Anemone. All seemed well. Then this past weekend, I purchased a Carpet Anemone. <... no!> Within 1 hour all 3 clownfish were again swimming around their newfound anemone and again all seemed well. However, since then, I've had to retrieve the original ORA clownfish from the overflow. I've watched the newer clownfish pair, charge across the tank (4') just to pester the little ORA clownfish who's already cowering in the corner. I'm afraid if I put him back in the main tank, the newer clowns will kill him. Would purchasing another clownfish his size, help matters any or would I be better off taken this "loner" clownfish back to the LFS? Thank You, Tom <Read... on WWM re Clownfish Behavior... and the keeping of Anemones... what you have here will not work... Learn to use the search tool as directed, and the indices... Bob Fenner>

Surrogate Anemone? - 07/12/06 Dear Crew, <<Hello Gerald>> I have a clownfish which has taken up commensal residence in an open brain coral, seemingly mistaking it for an anemone.  I have searched the literature but have found no examples of this behavior. Is it uncommon? <<Not at all...I have seen/read about such behavior many times.  But some corals are more tolerant of this than others, do keep an eye on the brain for any signs of damage/stress from the clown's attentions>> Thanks, Gerald <<Quite welcome, EricR>>

Anemones...Ich Control? Hi WWM friends, <Hello in TN> Here in TN, some friends and I have been discussing somewhat of a theoretical question (at least to us because we don't know the answer).   So, I thought I would get some expert take on this idea.  If a clown has a  protozoan, ich, etc... and is in a tank with a host anemone, do some of the  protozoa get consumed by the filter feeding anemone if it drops off of the clown  during sleeping hours for example, when the clown is most likely to be  constantly in the anemone (from my limited experience).  My clown doesn't  have ich, nor does the other people that I've talked with (we QT!!!!)  it's  just something we'd like to know.   <If the idea is using anemones for ich control, they would be of little use.  Once the cysts are imbedded in the fish, they are unaffected by most anything, including copper. When the cyst divides and bursts, the new cysts will hatch and begin looking for a host and the odds of the fish being in the anemone at this time would be 50/50 at best.  Some of the cysts may stick to the anemone, but very unlikely would be consumed by the anemone.> By the way, just purchased an Exquisite Wrasse after reading that it was a fairly hardy fish, I would like your take on that as well, as I did find some things that said that they are not very hardy.   <They are a hardy fish once acclimated and feeding.  If you are considering getting one, make sure they are accepting/eating food at your dealer as this can be one of the acclimation problems with this fish.> Thanks so much for the time and effort that you all put into this site, it is most helpful to everyone from beginner to pro...and by that, I'm not talking about Steven Pro either!!!  Blessings to you WWM  people! <Thank you for the kind words.  James (Salty Dog)>

Goosing/Loosing my Percula Clowns... too much money, too little knowledge   6/1/06 I have recently purchased 2 Percula clowns good size and health and also a Carpet Anemone <... why? Not easily kept...> but the clowns were very reluctant to go anywhere near it and after a week and a half I found both clowns floating in my tank looking paralyzed !!! <... surprised?> all my other fish are fine but my local aquatics shop suggested that the anemone has stung the clown and was refusing to bond with them ??? <Maybe, sort of... they might have been trying to "get acquainted" out of fear/stress, challenge from the resident fishes... Were these clowns tank-bred?> as a new comer to marine I am after any assistance possible, <Best to research before... not look for help after...> I also purchased another 2 clowns a week later and the same happened to them but again the rest of my fish are fine??? <...> any assistance would be greatly appreciated, tank is a 180 lt Juwel Vision with 25kg live rock all water is fine and currently have 3 shrimps/ 2 yellow tail damsels/ 1 copperband & regal tang <...> all doing fine. Regards Harvey <Harvey... please become acquainted with our site, WWM... the indices, Google search tool... search/read re all these animals Selection, Compatibility, Systems... Stop just buying and killing them. Bob Fenner>

My Homeless Clown/Behavior...Stinky Fins   5/23/06 Hi Crew, <Hello Mickey> Please help.  I have a pair of maroon clowns,  Sebae anemones, and a long tentacle anemone.  This weekend I bought one more long tentacle and two more skunk clowns.  The new comer took over ALL three anemones and kicked my maroon out.  Is this normal? <Can be, but unusual for the skunks to kick out the maroons as the maroons are more aggressive than the skunks.  Mmmm, unusual, especially since the maroons were there first.  One for the books.> They all about the same size, maroon and skunk. Could it be the smell that chase my maroon out of their beloved home. <Smell from what?> Thank You, <You're welcome.  James (Salty Dog)> Mickey

Sebae Clown/Anemone/Compatibility    4/25/06 Hi there, <Hello Morgan> It's been a long time. Well, I looked all over, but couldn't find your anemone/clownfish compatibility chart. I have a pair of black/white Sebae clownfish. Could you please tell me what anemones they are compatible with? <The Sebae Anemone (Heteractis malu) <<Wrong species James... the Sebae is H. crispa...>> is the anemone of choice followed by the Long Tentacle (LTA) Anemone (Macrodactyla doreensis) and the Ritteri Anemone (Heteractis magnifica). The article was published in the Conscientious Aquarist On-Line Magazine. I've looked and I do not see any references to back issues. Hopefully Adam Cesnales can help here. Will cc him a copy of this. I wrote a similar article on this subject which is in May's issue of Tropical Fish Hobbyist.> Thanks! <You're welcome. James (Salty Dog)> Morgan Mok

Maroons and Anemone/hosts Debate  - 04/19/06 Hi <Hello.> and thanks for all the great info over the years. <Welcome.> Seems every question I bring here has me reading for hours over already posted data (most questions are answered of course already) <Makes my job easier when you find the answer that way, but alas I love the personal chats.> Anyway I have a pair of mated maroons <Neat, one of my favorite reef denizens.> (over a year) that I am pretty sure were wild caught (I know captive bred would have been more ecological) <At least you know for the future.> They are very docile tank mates with the other fish and are capable of moving items much larger than themselves. (They undermine the substrate to move large rocks and corals to where they want them and is most ingenious) <Common with this species but still an amazing sight, nonetheless.> I am looking to give them a more suitable host (currently hosted by a trio of radioactive green and purple mushrooms) <By a suitable home I assume you mean anemone, honestly I am HUGE fan of using surrogate hosts over anemones in captivity'¦.my clowns host in a large Sinularia leather. Heck, the clowns may prefer their current home to something new and foreign you provide them, no guarantees.> The tank is well into its second year with me (was 2 years established when I got it and moved it) <Cool.> The tank is a Std 75G AGA W/30G tall sump 2X175W MH (10k and 14k) 2X54W T5 Pure actinic 2X36W 50/50 CF <Sounds good.> 100lbs live rock w/aggressive skimming and 20% weekly water changes   <Great.> Other inhabitants include: 3 Firefish 1 Purple tang 1 Banded Goby (my sand cleaner) 1 Foxface 1 Flame Hawk And my Mandarin (blue) <Well the adult sizes of the Tang and Foxface will warrant an upgrade or a trade in the future. Also how goes the food supply for the mandarin.> I was considering a Blue Carpet Anemone (and now I answer my own question?) <No right.> but I think that perhaps this will prove to much a hazard for my other fish? <Yeah, not to mention it's potential size.> I have been unable to find any information on the Purple Ritteri (sp?) <It's just as well, get this creature out of your mind as well, leave it in the ocean.> but is this a possible alternate, perhaps just stick to the E. quadricolor? <This is the ONLY natural host for maroons, and if you get one, get a captive reared animal.>   Or lastly should I just leave well enough alone? <That would be my personal choice, good luck whatever you decide to do. Adam J.>

Re: Order of introduction, Clark's clown- hosting anemone - 04/11/2006 Hmm...yeah, I see what you mean. Is there any sort of Clark's clown- hosting anemone that I could add? I looked at malu anemones for a   while, and they seemed like a pretty good choice. If not, I guess I could go with a tridacnid. Thanks again! <Most anemones I wouldn't suggest someone to add to their tank.  But clownfish are known to host with some unusual inverts.  Mine like my bubble coral and I've seen them with feather dusters also.  Great thing to watch.  Whatever you do decide on just first do a search on WWM to see the ups and downs.  Good luck, Jen S.>

No Dinner? No Movie? Clowns Not Wasting Time! - 02/20/2006 Hi - <Hello.> I have a 20 gallon tank w/ power filter and skimmer. I added a bulb Anenome <An enemy? Oh! Anemone.> today and within minutes of the anemones introduction, my two common clown fish were in the anemone like crazy. They were cuddling into it and spent all of their time with the lights on in the bulb anemone. I just want to know if it is ok to have the clownfish swimming around in the Anenome while the Anenome is still acclimating. - Thanks <Can be a problem if it is stressing the anemone. If it doesn't mind and can feed, appears healthy, I would not worry. At the first sign of stress I would use a divider to separate them until the anemone is established. This small tank is going to make an anemone more difficult, so keep a close watch. - Josh>
Re: No Dinner? No Movie? Clowns Not Wasting Time! - 02/27/2006
<Hello again John. I think this is second runner-up for worst response time ever. Sorry friend.> It's been about 3 days since the total system failure. My whole filtration system was off - the Skilter 400. I usually have 130 watts in the tank, but one part exploded because the filter leaked all over it. But everything is back now. The Anemone will look normal when the tank is inspected in the morning, but later on in the day now the bulb tips will become stringy and it will shrivel up. Then, 30 min. later, it goes back to normal again! This "cycle" goes on about twice a day. <Sounds like it could simply be expelling waste. How's the flow in the tank?> I also have a super ultra HYPER Clownfish. Why is the Anemone doing this? <Hmm...have you visited the posted info. on WWM? I would concentrate on water quality and watch for now (while you read through the FAQ's re Entacmaea quadricolor). Oh, and it's Anemone. - Josh>
Re: No Dinner? No Movie? Clowns Not Wasting Time! - 02/27/2006
Thanks for replying again. <Come on John! Ya' didn't think we'd stiff ya' did you?> I will read through the article. <Articles...FAQ's (many to view)> I also have discovered that I had some soft coral that was not looking good. <Just now, or just connecting the two?> They were super colored polyps and they became always closed, shriveled, and hard like ice. <By polyps I assume you mean Zoanthids. Hmm...could be a big part of your problem, at the least this indicates poor water quality/flow. Also, could easily be allelopathy.> I removed an estimated 10 bad looking ones out of about 19. <Oh John, bad move. These were likely fine. Just waiting for you to come around.> I did this because there was an ammonia reading of 0.50 <Related to the small system size no doubt. What is your maintenance regime?> and I thought they were dead anyway. <But why? Is simply their first indicator to us that they are not happy. You did say they were still firm, right?> Before the ammonia- high nitrate- through the roof!! About 30 ppm. <OK...now I really think you should revise your technique. You're into an area which requires the best of water quality. In a small system, even more so. How often are you cleaning the filter/changing the water? How much do you feed?> So I snipped off the bad looking coral and did a 25% partial water change. Do you think I did the right thing? <No...except for the 25% water change. I'd pre-mix and do another water change ASAP to get rid of the ammonia. Leave off feeding for the next couple of days. Most important, get that ammonia to 0 and the nitrates at least below 10.> The polys were probably traumatized through the accident. <Yes, but they are amongst the most hardy and forgiving. I believe they could have been recovered/removed to a more suitable housing.> This might have contributed to water quality issues regarding the anemone <Yes, in this small of a system, they were probably fighting.> ( ah spelled it right this time!) <Ahh, and subtlety works it's charm:)> The bad looking ones also looked pale gray and greenish towards the tips. <Hard to know what you mean here, but I believe you were simply observing the closed polyp coloration. Outside of the bulb could appear grey to brown or cream; the greenish bit at the top was the barely visible yet perfectly healthy "top portion" you are used to seeing.> So do you think the ammonia and nitrates could have came from this? <No...as you've stated, they were there before you did this. Review your maintenance plan/routine (as well as compatibility).> Did I do the right things? <Not this time. Next time...?> Thanks a lot - I really appreciate the help you are providing me with! <Glad to help John.> PS- Anemone is doing better! <Hmm...hard to fight with ten of your heads removed;) - Josh>
Re: No Dinner? No Movie? Clowns Not Wasting Time! - 03/01/2006
Thanks again Josh for the help. <Sure thing John.> Now where could the ammonia/nitrate be coming from? <Build up of organic wastes.> It came so suddenly like a spike. After the water change it went down but it's back up again. I'll do another 25% change of water again like you said. <Has anything died unnoticed.> My maintenance includes a 4 gallon water change every Sunday. <You may need to up this to 5 gals. (25%) weekly. Your filtration is not removing enough.> I feed one whole cube of Mysis shrimp every other day with flakes in-between. <Hmm...> Ammonia is still at 0.50 and nitrate at about 20 this time. <If this is for the anemone, make sure it is not being regurgitated. This would contribute to your problem here.> The only thing that changed was that I added a feather duster- maybe my bacteria just couldn't take the bioload? <The duster wouldn't increase this much.> My stock includes 2 Clowns, 1 Blenny ,1 Hippo Tang, <Whoa there. You need a much (like 5-6x) larger tank for the Tang. The Blenny would do better in larger quarters as well.> 1 Bulb Anemone ,LR , <How many lbs.?> Featherduster and two colonies of button polyps. The tanks 20 gals. <To small for the anemone and polyps to co-exist peacefully IMO.> The filter is a Skilter 250 with modified protein skimmer. My circulation is by 2 Rio 600 's on opposite sides of the tank. Should I get rid of stuff to reduce the bio load or is it OK? <You'll need to remove at least the Tang.> And what do you think causes an ammonia/nitrate spike. <Over feeding, decay, poor filtration/skimming, all around poor nutrient export.> I appreciate any response like always:) <You've got 'em.> Thanks a lot!!! Also- a recent surplus of money in my budget would allow an upgrade. Should I upgrade anything such as the crappy filter I have now to maybe a CPR aquatics wet/dry w/protein skimmer? <Depending on the surplus here, I'd get a larger system altogether.> Any suggestions on equipment. <Just research.> PS-In the last message you said clean your filter. Should I be cleaning the Skilter and how! <Clean the media, skimming chamber. I've not used these my self so not sure of the "how" exactly. Not sure of the construction/limitations.> Thanks a lot. <You're welcome. - Josh>

Stocking SW   2/17/06.... clowns/anemones, cpt. comp. Hi every body!<Hello Sam.> This is Sam from India. Now I have a 50 gallon marine tank which has lot of rocks and a deep sand bed. In my tank I have a Haddoni sea anemone which has two Allard's anemone fish living with it, two Feather duster tube worms, two Red anemones which are not touched by any fish. I have Haliclona sp. sponge growing on the rocks and a Purple back Dottyback in the tank. Now I want to know what kind of fishes, inverts can be added in the tank without disturbing the present livestock! Something that will happily  settle with the current setting and arrangement and add some  beauty and no problems. <Other than clownfish, I wouldn't recommend putting other fish in the tank, sooner or later one or more will be stung/killed by the anemone.> thanks, <You're welcome.  James (Salty Dog)> Regards, Sam

Tomato Clown/Bubble Tip Anemone   2/7/06 Hello Crew, <Good morning.> I have recently added a bubble tip anemone to my reef tank (125g). I also introduced at the same time a tomato clown, he doesn't seem the least bit interested in the anemone. I have read most of the related articles on the website, are there any tricks to get the clown interested in the anemone? <No tricks, just give it some time, no guarantee that the clown will call the anemone home but the BTA is the anemone of choice for the Tomato Clown.  <James (Salty Dog)> Dr. M
Re: Tomato Clown/Bubble Tip Anemone   2/8/06
Hello Crew, <Hello Doc> I came home from work and the Tomato Clown has nestled nicely into his new home.....the bubble tip. I can officially say I am a true member of the marine aquarist hobby, it brought me a lot of joy. Do Tomato Clowns like to be paired in a reef system, or not coupled like maroons? <All clownfish form harems in nature so yes to your question.  Usually, skirmishes will occur in deciding who is going to be the male but should calm down after a few days.  James (Salty Dog))> Dr. M

Clownfish in brain coral   2/7/06 Good evening - <Good afternoon.> First of all - let me say how much I love this site, we've had our saltwater fish tank for about 6 months.  Its a 75 gallon reef set-up - we have about 150 lbs of live rock, about 9 watts of light/gallon, approx 35 corals, and only about 5 fish. <Nice.> Anyway - We just purchased two ocellaris clown fish hoping they would bond with our rose anemone in the tank. Well not 2 hours after we put the clowns in, one of them seems to have bonded with our green open brain coral.  Is this normal? Will it harm the brain?? Will it harm the fish??  <Not abnormal, I've seen clowns use a mop end for a host.  No harm should come to the fish but it may keep the brain coral from opening.>  I'm thinking in time it may visit your rose anemone.> I attempted to search for the answer to this question on your site and many others, and I seem to be getting mixed reviews.  Some say it will harm one or the other, and some say its fine.  Was wondering if I could get your expert advice. Thank you for your time, <You're welcome.  James (Salty Dog)> Brian Bernstein 

BGA trials and Clown/Anemone matching  - 01/23/2006 Hi Guys, Greetings form Vancouver, Canada! Thanks for so much valuable information on your site. It is an enormous help source for me in maintaining my tank. The problem that I have probably was already discussed. But the trouble is that I can't identify what I have and hence can't find the proper solution. Here is the link to the tank's information and pictures: http://www.math.ubc.ca/~barannyk/Aquarium/FishTank.html <Nice> And I'll try to explain in details what is happening: Quite recently, around one month ago, the front of the sand started to cover with some slimy/brown/film-like substance. I did not touch it for about three weeks, then I thought that it is a Cyanobacteria of some kind, <Likely so> went to LFS and bought a Chemi-clean. <Not useful> Well, I did a treatment as directed, two stages, but nothing happened, the thing did not quit growing, instead it continues to grow. <The medium is the message my friend... the conditions that favor the BGA persist, so it does...> What is interesting is that it grows only in a certain area right front part of the tank. It continue to grow if I remove it physically or stir it with a stick. So I don't know what to do to get rid of it, it looks ugly ;-) Another question that I would like to ask you guys is about my anemone. The problem is that I can't identify it and my clowns don't want to go inside of it. What would be your suggestion? Thanks a lot in advance Alex <Read re BGA control on WWM and James new spiffy article on Clown and Anemone Compatibility on the new CA magazine (link on WWM homepage). Bob Fenner>

Clown Stocking question   1/21/06 I am starting what I think is a 30 or 37 gallon tank. I measured it and it is... 12.5 wide, 30 long, and 22 high. I bought a little protein skimmer, it is an eclipse tank and has its own filtration system. I bought this air bubbler thing to go on the protein skimmer (I think), live substrate and the best quality other substrate, some live bacteria? .... and anything that said it was the best. There will no live rock... unless you insist :). The lighting is whatever came with it. $500 later I'm ready to start up my wedding present of an aquarium that remained for years in a box, until post divorce (chuckle), I found the nerve. My questions are after I cycle the tank (you know get it ready pre fish introduction), can I introduce the clown/clowns I want or do I get something more hardy and then take them out and put the clown/clowns in? <Can, yes... would wait till all is cycled... likely add a bit/piece of LR to expedite> The other question is, how many 'Amphiprion ocellaris' can I have in the tank? From what I have read I should introduce them at the same time, if I can have more than one that is. <Could start with a number (odd better), but should end up with just a pair... two> Also should I introduce a host anemone at the same time? <Negative> About a decade ago I had a 120 gallon tank of death. (from what I have read my ignorance led to having 3 very happy clowns somehow back then??) Well, the anemone "disappeared" and apparently got sucked up, chewed up and sprayed back into my tank... death... terrible death. I started all over again, finally (my last addition) I bought my $700 prize clown trigger and two weeks later ... death... horrible death. I got rid of the tank and have not attempted anything so live obliterating again. I am scared of the anemone and would like to know if I should get one with the clowns. I want them to be happy, but in not just in their afterlife, and I may not have the right lighting. I bought a rubber anemone... I read where you said that would do (rubber bands), but could my type of tank even support the life of an anemone? <Highly unlikely... with the lighting provided> I have recently bolstered (if you will) some testicular fortitude <Heee!> of late and am going to attempt it again on a small scale. Your advice is greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Suzanne <Try tank bred-reared Clowns, dispense with the anemone... for now at least. Bob Fenner>

Host anemone Hey guys, <Hey Nick> I absolutely love your website, I think it is great  that there is a website to answer our questions. <Thank you> I have a 40G breeder size tank with a Fluval 204,  one powerhead, 45 pounds of LR, 96 watt 50/50 compact fluorescents, and a Prizm  pro deluxe protein skimmer. My livestock consists of a long tentacled anemone  (purchased at a LFS), 1 feather duster worm, a cleaner shrimp, mandarin goby,  and a pair of black and white percula clowns (Juveniles). I am fairly new with anemones. The reason why I  purchased the long tentacle is because I absolutely adored the clownfish  swimming through their host anemone at the LFS. My question to you is, how in  the heck do I get my black and white percs to swim through my anemone? It  seems as if they are not interested at all with the anemone. <Well you definitely can't make them.  Give it some time and they may enter it.  Quite possible you may have tank bred percs that never saw an anemone in their life.  If that is the case they will probably never enter an anemone.  Another problem could be that the long tentacled anemone is not the preferred anemone for the perculas.  Not saying they won't go into it, just not preferred.  In the wild they generally associate with the carpet, ritteri and saddle anemones.  I don't believe your lighting is strong enough to support the long tentacle anemone.  Should be looking at two 96 watt compacts at the minimum.> Your answers will be greatly appreciated. <You're welcome.  James (Salty Dog)> Thanks for your help             -Nick

Yellow stripe maroon harassing BTA   12/28/05 Hello Crew, <Juan> Great informational site. I've searched your site for the following question and found an individual with the same issue; the problem is that I'm not too clear on the answer. I have a yellow stripe maroon clown and recently purchased a Rose BTA. The issue: the moment I placed the BTA in the tank, the clown went for it; I was under the impression that I would have to work to get them together, <Mmm, no. Not always> instead I had to separate them; the Clown was so excited that it almost killed the anemone. <Happens> The anemone is on its way to a great recovery with proper lighting and feeding; the clown has been separated for about 10 days. The anemone appears to have acclimated well and its in the middle of the tank (I wanted to submit a pic but its behind the live rock; it's actually facing the back of the tank. I wanted to rotate the rock but I'm afraid to disturb it during its recovery; <Good> maybe after a couple of more weeks). The tank is a 46G Bowfront with 75lbs of LR (the rocks are in the middle of the tank so the BTA gets enough lighting even back there). My question is, will the anemone ever tolerate the excitement of the clown? <Possibly> I figured the anemone suffered because it was too stressed in the beginning; transfer, new tank, acclimation, new lighting and now a clown that wouldn't leave it alone. I was thinking of releasing the clown after 10 more days, is this advisable? <Mmm, if at all possible, it would be a very good idea to place a screen over the anemone for a period of time past this... like with a plastic colander or strawberry container...> I wanted the clown to have an anemone and I can't part with the clown (I've had her for about 4yrs; she is now ~5" long); I have no one to care for the anemone. Is there a way I can make this work? <Only experience, trial can/will tell> One more question, the clown is messing up the fine grain sand bed, she keeps digging holes; I had to place an egg crate floor 1" below the sand surface; anyway, can I get her a mate; a smaller clown? <Highly unlikely in this small/size system... can be tried... again by initially separating the two... the established female in a floating colander...> It appears that she wants to reproduce based on her behavior. She is aggressive towards "some" fish; there is a yellow tang that she loves; that friendship seems kind of weird, but let me not digress... Is there a great chance that she will kill a smaller maroon clown? <Yes> I "think" she might like a mate only because of how she is behaving; please advise. Thank you for the great site and for any information you may have.     <Thank you for writing, sharing. Bob Fenner>
Re: Yellow stripe maroon harassing BTA, WWM Donations   12/29/05
Thank you for the prompt response and thanks for the suggestion of placing a screen over the anemone; I think I'll have a difficult time finding a clear (don't want to limit the lighting) colander but I can build a housing made of egg crates and tie wrap it to the LR that its on; <Sounds good... should let in much more light, can be custom/sized> the anemone hasn't moved which tells me that she is happy where she is at (although I'm not because she's facing the wrong way). <Can be moved later... when in better health> Thanks for the advise on not mating the maroon clown; I failed to realize that such a small system could be deadly for a new maroon clown; I rather not take such a risk. Thank you again for taking the time to respond. <Welcome. Have had Premnas bite me (but good)...> On another note; is there any another way to financially support the site; maybe a personal check? I didn't get that cozy feeling when I read through Amazon's Honor System which then lead me to their Policies. They want too much personal info that's not necessary for the payment IMO. Plus they leave the personal info on their server. <Had not even considered this impediment... am sensitive re such processes as well. We will/do gladly accept donations... made out to WetWebMedia, can be sent to 8586 Menkar Rd., San Diego, CA 92126. Bob Fenner>

Percula Clowns Good Afternoon (its 14:45 in the UK) I have had a pair of percula clowns  as the only fish in a 30G tank for a little over two years. I upgraded my lighting just recently in an attempt to house a BTA anemone I now have 4 X 55 Watt T5 (PC's) I got the anemone Saturday and at first the clown pay little attention to the anemone now the male swims around and around it just skimming the tentacles with his tail?? Is he acclimatizing to the anemone and is it likely he will start to host soon? <The clown should host soon unless they are tank raised.> Is there any thing you would recommend to encourage this symbiosis? <Nature will take its course.  Nothing you can do to speed it up.> It would be really great if he did, but I love all the animals in the tank and its not the end of the world if they don't.  <I hear you.  James (Salty Dog)> Cheers Guys (and Girls)
Re: Percula Clowns  12/21/05
The clowns have now taken full time residence in the BTA, they beat it up a little at first but now it seems to have recovered, I am delighted as these were tank bred clowns! <Good to hear Dan> Thanks for you valuable help, <Gladly.  James (Salty Dog)> Dan

Sebae Anemones and Mixed Clowns  11/18/05 I have a 40 Gallon FOWLR with both a 2.5 inch A. *melanopus *Clown*  and a .75 inch A. *ocellaris *Clown. The two fish seem to swim around together, share food, and sleep in the same area of the rockwork. I was interested in putting anemones in for them, since the other fish in the system (*Valenciennea puellaris, *Neoglyphidodon oxyodon, Synchiropus ocellatus, Pseudochromis paccagnellae) are by most counts considered reef safe. <The goby and mandarin may be consumed by the anemone/s> As for lighting on the system, I'm using a Jebo 110W PC (50/50) a 20W Actinic NO, and a 20W 10K NO on a tank that's 24" deep. <Not enough light...> There is about 30 lbs of rockwork in the tank.  I was thinking at 3.75 Watt Per Gallon that it might be on the low side, but wanted to double check. I was thinking of using a Sebae Anemone, since I have the melanopus in the tank, but wondering if I do put it in, will the two clowns share it, or will they require one for each? <Only way to tell... is from direct experience. May inspire conflict...> That being said, I also have a cycled 10 gallon that has rock, but no livestock in it. If I was to transfer the 110W PC to that tank creating 11 Watts over a 12 inch tank, would that be a better option for anemones? <Yes, but too small a volume...> I've tried using a variety of artificial anemones, rubber band DIY anemones and rubber coral decorations for the clowns, <Neat!> but neither of them will use it as a host. I'm trying to give them a sense of security, especially for the melanopus, since he was wild caught. Any thoughts on this? <Am glad you have the ten to move one of the clowns to... should trouble ensue here> Thank you guys for being a fish keepers best resource. <An interesting experiment awaits you. Thanks for writing/sharing. Bob Fenner>

Anemones And Clowns...Or Not - 10/28/05 Hi Bob and crew, <<Hello...EricR here.>> Another question I'm hoping to get a possible answer on! <<Tis a possibility...>> I have 4 anemones in my 375 Gallon tank. <<All the same species I hope.>> 1 large LTA 1 medium type of LTA 1 small green quadricolor 1 x small Condy?? (I think) <<Ah well...there goes hope...>> I have had a pair of Tomato's in my largest LTA for about a year now. <<cool>> I added the medium LTA and the quadricolor hoping my new Ocellaris pair would jump in..... <<The best laid plans...>> The Ocellaris haven't taken to any yet and seem completely happy with just wobbling about the entire aquarium. <<Does happen...association with an anemone is not required to keep these little guys.>> So I decided to add a single Pink Skunk to inhabit one of the spare Anemones, (I know the LTA will take Skunks, because there was one in the quarantine at the time...in it). <<ok>> I have enough room for 50 fish  <<Mmm...>>, so there is plenty of room for 3 pairs of clowns if required. <<agreed>> However, my greedy Tomatoes have now split up and occupied both the LTA's and I am a little annoyed. <<Staking their claim.>> I guess this is nature and time will tell. <<Always does...>> My question to you is: Do you think the Tomato pair will stay separated just to occupy both Anemones, or do you think they will choose the one they like best and spare the other. <<It's likely they won't be "separated" by this, but tis possible they will defend both anemones from the other clowns. In fact, this may be why the Ocellaris Clowns have not taken up residence.>> And: Will the Skunk try and enter now that he has seen Tomatoes in both? <<That will depend on the Tomato Clowns.>> Hope you can shed some light!! Cheers Guys. Craig, New Zealand. <<Hope this has been illuminating, EricR>>

Percula Clown 10/16/05 Hey, what's up? This is Miles here and I just got two percula clownfish from the internet. I also ordered an haddoni anemone. The false perculas are tank raised. I have had them for at least two days. They have not even touched the anemone.. do you have any ideas that I can do to get them to go in it? Thanks Miles  <There is nothing you can do but be patient. This anemone is not a natural host for this clownfish, so they may never associate with it. Best Regards. AdamC.> 

Clownfish anemone - 10/9/05 Hi guys and gals, <<Hello>> Quick question, I read that ocellaris clowns rarely take to BTA's, what do you guys think? <<It all depends on the clown. Many have had success pairing A. ocellaris with RBTAs or BTAs. A. ocellaris are actually one of the clown species that usually hosts about anything including corals and even powerheads.>> Thanks, <<No problem, glad to help.>> Clare  <<TravisM>>

Haddoni carpet anemone and clowns - 10/9/05 Hey what's up!!!!  <<Not much.>> This is Miles here and I was wondering if I were to get an Haddoni Carpet Anemone and some clownfish... <<Make sure to read up on these as they have some very special requirements and can get extremely large.>> would a False percula or an True percula be more likely to accept it? <<You have a 50-50 shot with either one. They either will or they won't. I would give the ocellaris (false percula) a slight edge though as they seem to host anything.>> And will I be better off getting a Wild clownfish or a Tank raised clown to get it to host in my anemone? <<Always buy tank raised when possible. Less demand on the reef and less prone to illness.>> And last but not least one more question. Will any of the perculas false or real host in a Haddoni carpet anemone? <<Answered above.>> Thank you very much <<You're welcome>> Miles <<TravisM>>

What Anemone? - 09/03/2005 I was originally going to buy an LTA but after reading your site and seeing you recommend a carpet anemone for perculas that's the one I would want to buy. I have a 55 gallon tank with a wet dry filter and 260watt lighting  is this enough space for the anemone? <No....  Quite honestly, the only one I'd really be comfortable recommending is a captive clone of a bubble-tip/Entacmaea quadricolor.  Please read here for more:  http://www.wetwebmedia.com/marine/inverts/cnidaria/anthozoa/bubbletipanemones.htm .  Wishing you well,  -Sabrina>

Anemone Hosting - 08/12/2005 Hey! <Ahoy!> Real short, <Actually, I'm 5'8", but that's okay.> I have a 20 gallon tank and am thinking about getting a bubble tip anemone and a mated pair of false percula clowns. I have good water circulation, and filtration is more than adequate, lighting is also suitable for  a bubble tip. I was wondering, will a tank raised clown take to an anemone? <Very, very iffy.  Not entirely likely.  Not entirely *un*likely, either.  I've even seen 'em hosting hair algae of all things....  and seen plenty that wouldn't host anything, ever.> And I'm not so sure a false percula would even take to a bubble tip. <I've seen some do so.> Can you help me? Thank you.  -Andrew C <Wishing you well,  -Sabrina>
Anemone Hosting - II - Speedy Delivery - 08/12/2005
Wow fast response, thank you very much. <You bet.  -Sabrina>

Maroon Clown Hosting in Feather Duster?? 7/22/05 Hi Crew!! <Hi! :D> First, I want to tell you your site is wonderful and very informative.  I think it should be a required reading for all new home aquarists!!  :o) <Thanks, I quite agree> On to my question... <Knew there was a catch to all this praise! :P>   I know that Clownfish can host in various items, anemones, corals, rubber bands and the like, but we have a Maroon Clown (wild caught) that has been with us since she was a baby, about 2-3 years.  My question is she has just recently started to get friendly with one of our Hawaiian Feather Dusters, which we've had for about a year or so.  I have noticed a couple times now that the clown has been snuggling into the feather duster, like I've seen them at the LFS with an anemone.  I am guessing the feather duster doesn't mind, since it does not retract when the clown does this.  The feather duster does however, retract at other times when it's startled etc., in the same fashion that our other feather dusters do.    My question is, should I discourage this behavior?  Is this detrimental to the feather duster?  Since both parties seem happy, I'm hoping I can just sit back and enjoy this unusual partnership. <You can do exactly that - I wouldn't worry about it at all> Your thoughts on this subject would be much appreciated! <Now they're yours> Thank you! <You're welcome!> Wendy <M. Maddox>   

Plerogyra/Clown combo. concern 7/21/05 Hey everyone! <Jen> First, I have to say I LOVE your site.  I just recently got my Marine Science degree and all through the 4 years (not to mention setting up my own tanks) your website has been an information source and just plain fun! Thank you. <Ah, welcome, and congratulations on your graduation> I have a quick question, one I probably know the answer to already, but I just wanted input. I have a small reef tank (I could give you all the parameters and water quality and whatnot here - they are perfect, however it is irrelevant.)  My question is: I have a Bubble Coral - nice size maybe 6 inch diameter base and my two percula clowns have taken to it like they normally would an anemone host. <Happens> I did have a bubble tip anemone that they just didn't want anything to do with.  (They are tank bred so I knew this relationship may take some time.)  But they now play, sleep, and show all the interaction signs with the Bubble coral and not the anemone.  This is a great relationship to watch!  But my question is: is this safe for the coral? <Mmm, as long as the Clowns are not too rambunctious...> I know the bubbles are fairly delicate and thin - could this in any way be detrimental to the coral itself?  Or is this perfectly fine and I should just be honored to be witness to such a relationship. <You would, will likely see if there is any real trouble here. The Clowns are likely aware of the effect of their physical interaction with the Plerogyra> Thanks so much, I just wanted input!  Keep up the outstanding work and I look forward to your response. ~Jen <Perhaps you will join us in time. Bob Fenner>

Snowflake Perculas with Haddoni I bought a pair of snowflake Perculas about a week ago and was planning on getting a blue haddoni for them. I was reading a few of the FAQ's on wet web media and one of the post said his carpet ate his clowns. Have you ever heard of this? These clowns cost me $480.00 and if there is any chance of them being eaten I would rather just go with a rose bubble tip. Thanks for any help. <If I paid $480.00 for two fish, I don't think I would put any anemone in with them. Anyway, all clowns have to adapt to the host anemone.  Healthy clowns will gradually rub up on the anemone which causes the clown to secrete a protective film so to speak.  If the clowns are healthy, should be no problem.  I don't think anyone here on the WWM is going to tell you to get the haddoni when you paid big bucks for the fish.  It's your call. James (Salty Dog)>

Fake Anemone Gentlemen AND Ladies, <Oh, you'll be scoring big points> I have a quick question regarding my two clownfish. Real quick, here are my tank parameters:  29 gallon long with about 20-30 lbs live rock, 4 hermit crabs, 1 Mithrax, 1 Banggai, and 1 engineer goby. I do not plan to add any more fish because I don't want to overload my relatively small system. (I read constantly of everyone's 100-150 gallon systems... I swear when I get older I'll get a 300 gallon :-)  I recently purchased two percula clowns from my LFS, each about one inch in length.  I believe that they are a pair because they never leave each others side for a moment. I once put my hand in the tank and they got separated on opposite ends, and like in a cheesy romance movie when they saw each other they swam together as fast as they could. I found it quite humorous. <Remember the above comment about "Ladies" here? You're back to a zero score... You'll learn> Now to the question.  I was thinking about getting a fake anemone for my clowns to see if they would host it.  One because I think it would be cool and two to make them feel more secure in their new home.  I was thinking about buying a synthetic one but I have come across on your website how to make one out of plastic, like that from a garbage bag.  I have also heard of using rubber bands, are these safe to put in my tank?   <Some are> I figure the plastic is safe because you suggested it but I'm unsure about the rubber bands.  Also, in your experience does the plastic bag trick work? <Mmm, yes> What about a synthetic one I could purchase at a fish store? <Might> Any help would be greatly appreciated and as always good luck with all your aquatic endeavours. Sincerely, Aaron Loboda <What a wonderful world eh? Bob Fenner>
Re: Fake Anemone
Thanks for the amazingly fast response!!!!  Another question regarding the fake anemone.  I fixed one up and anchored it to a shell.  It is about 3-4" in diameter and the "tentacles" are range from 2-3.5" in length.  Do these dimensions sound about right or should I increase/decrease any of these sizes? <Should work> Also, I read about using a flashlight at night on the anemone to get the clowns to respond.  How long should I shine the light on the anemone for? <Hours> This is day two of my experiment and I realize these things take time. To them its like buying a house.  If this doesn't work should I try moving the anemone to a different location such as a corner? <Could> It is currently next to a couple of rocks of center in my tank.  Any thoughts would be appreciated. <Clownfishes "like" softer faux anemones... as opposed to harder> I am looking at natural hosts of my perculas right now and trying to think of ways to make fake anemones that resemble those.   Thanks Much, Aaron L.   <Welcome. Bob Fenner>
Fake Anemone I dictionary.com'ed about faux and found it means fake.  Do you mean they prefer one made of a soft material or did you mean something else? <Ah, yes on the translation and softness> I wasn't sure what the context of the statement was. Sorry to waste your time over something that simple but I want to make sure I am doing it right. Thanks again. Aaron L. <Clarity is pleasurable. Sorry for the confusion. Bob Fenner>

Anemone Died--Does the Clownfish Need a New One?--No (6/7/05) Hi, <Hello, Steve Allen with you tonight.> I have a percula clown and he was living in a ritteri anemone and it recently died. I need to get him a new anemone and was wondering if I had to get another ritteri or if there is some other type he would like. Thanks, Kim <Kim. Clownfish do not need anemones. Anemones are difficult to keep, as the death of your shows. I generally recommend against the keeping of anemones. Entacmaea quadricolor is less difficult to keep than many others. All anemones require special lighting and pristine water conditions. Read up on care and consider a new one if you can meet its requirements. There have been a number of good articles in the hobby press within the past year. Search WWM for more info too. BTW, there is no guarantee that your clown will hook up with any new anemone.>

Pink Skunk - Looking For A Host? - 05/29/05 I recently purchased a pink skunk clown and would like to know if it is a must to have a host anemone or if it will do fine without one. <<Will do fine without.>> If so, I have a Custom Sea Life light fixture, 2x65 with moonlight, the tank is only 30 gallons but very spacious. <<Um, okay...not sure what the point is here.>> I also have a toadstool leather, I have heard that clownfish sometimes adopt a leather as a substitute. <<Yes does happen, though not always appreciated by the leather.>> Thanks for your time yet again, you guys are the very best. <<Regards, Eric R.>> 

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