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FAQs about Marine Microbiology

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Microscopic images  8/31/13
Hi crew!  I've been doing freshwater dips on my fish looking for flukes. I haven't been able to identify flukes but I have looked at some wild things under the microscope. I was wondering if I sent some pictures to you if you could help identify them or point me in a direction so I could?  Thanks!
<Oh yes; do send along. BobF> 

Strange Growth    12/17/12
I have had the following growth appear in my Red Sea 250 several times in the past few months. My nitrates are under 5ppm ammonia is 0. Growth of corals and livestock is good. Tank is approximately 11 months old. The growth can appear in under an hour and can be from 6 inches to several feet it is tubular when in the tank and becomes a slime when removed. I have included a picture of the growth
     Dave Burkart
<With this fast growth, physical characteristics... must be an algae or fungus... Very interesting.
The means to restrict? Nutrient limitation and competition (a more diverse, vigorous group of other life). Bob Fenner>

Re: Strange Growth - 12/19/2012
Thank you so much, I have had opinions on everything from some type of sponge to I have no idea what it could be. It does not seem to be harmful other than the fact that it clogs the pumps when it goes through them.
       Happy Holidays,
          Dave Burkart
<Mmm, yes... not harmful likely... some sort of decomposer... in fab circumstances... plenty of nutrient, lack of competitors, predators... to grow, reproduce so rapidly. Cheers! BobF>

Please help me out... "Slime" ID, removal, SW  2/7/07 Hi guys /gals <Derick> I am having a problem with my 75 gallon reef tank. Some quick Info before we get into the good stuff, The tank has been established for 9 months. I have a 20 gallon sump, which has a ATI BM 200 skimmer, Phosban reactor, and a 9 watt UV. I use a Eheim 1250 ( 280gph) for my return. I believe in less flow through the sump, and more in the tank. I use ro/di water ( 0 TDS) and my calcium is 410 alk 3.83 meg/l mag-1350 ammonia 0 nitrite 0 and nitrate is at 5ppm. No for the problem, When I feed the tank, I shut of the sump, <I would use a timer for this delay here... too easy to forget to fire it back on> as I have a reef ready tank. When I shut the sump pump off, and the water enters back into the sump, I am getting this white slimy "stuff" back into the sump. I suspect it is some kind of bacteria. It is at a point now, that it is clogging up my PhosBan reactor and my Eheim return pump. I have some pictures I took of the stuff, It was very difficult for me to get a good shot of it, But I did my best...Here is the link to the pictures, I posted them in a forum for help but No one could really help me out. I hope you may be able to Identify the mysterious slime in my sump, here is the link. thank you for your time   Derick http://www.reefcentral.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=1037018 <Is likely a microbe of some sort... or mix thereof... could be bacterial, mycological/fungal... You could continue to try to physically clean this, or perhaps alter the chemico-physico make-up of your system to "upset" it (w/o doing the same to your livestock)... by increasing pH temporarily via Kalk (to about 8.5-8.6), raising your ReDox (with an ozonizer likely)... removing nutrient for a while (via chemical filtrants)... perhaps outcompeting it with the addition of a macroalgae culture. Bob Fenner>

SW/FW Microorganism nutrition - Another One Wants Us to do Their Work  11/9/05 I'm doing a science fair project and I wanted to know if fresh water microorganisms eat different things than salt do? E-mail me back as soon as possible Thanks. <Mmm, both types of habitats microbes have similar types of nutrition... some of both are photosynthetic, saprophytic, consumers of other microbes, parasitic... Bob Fenner>

Sand Sifters and Bacteria Effect, Mangroves Yikes!! The more I read the less I know!! <This is beyond you! You are on a path of enlightenment for sure.> 1) What effect do the sand sifters and burrowing critters have on the Nitrifying anaerobic bacteria in a 4 to 6 in DSB? Are they (the critters) counter productive in that they allow O2 where it shouldn't be? <Almost nil effect... the microbes are too small to be appreciated, eaten... some stirring is to their benefit> 2) Just how effective of a Nitrate/Phosphate remover are mangrove plants. <Can be tremendous... quite effective, measurably, in the wild> Saw a pic of what I think was about a 30 gal tank with at least 10 to 15 healthy plants about mmm......... 24-30 inches tall. Profuse green leaves. 3) If they are effective is there a preferred species. 4) What lighting do they prefer? 5) I am thinking of starting a solo refuge, and feeding it if I have to until it is healthy and full of critters and plants before I start the main tank. Your thoughts? Thank You, Ben <Posted... here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/mangrovetrees.htm and the linked files above. Bob Fenner>

Re: lost bookmark - Seeking Mycobacterium marinum Now I know what it was: MYCOBACTERIUM MARINUM. The article that was sent to me had pictures of the victims' hands and even their facial infections (I can't recall all of it well now).  The article was emailed to me when I asked about scoliosis and the person who answered said that scoliosis was a symptom of "tuberculosis" and then went on to caution about this MYCOBACTERIUM MARINUM and how it is hard to diagnose and that they had had to spend lots of money on extensive medication over a long period of time that then caused other problems.  Hope you can recover this article for me based upon this new information.  Sincerely, Leslie Wilson <Ahh, not our article, but a lead to it here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/woundfaq.htm In future... all can use the search tool on the WWM homepage... indices... Bob Fenner>

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