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FAQs about Tangs of the Genus Naso Compatibility

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Surgeonfishes: Tangs for  Marine Aquariums
Diversity, Selection & Care
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by Robert (Bob) Fenner

Banded shark being picked on.. by Henis, Naso     3/5/14
Hello WetWebMedia,
I recently purchased a ~15" banded shark (Chiloscyllium punctatum).  After quarantining it for a month, I put her into a 1500 gallon fish only display.  I did my research previously and made sure that the tank would be able to handle this shark and that the tank mates are suitable.  I avoided stocking angels, triggers, puffers etc. and went with some tangs and butterflies instead.  The shark eats enriched squid, shrimp, and fish very well.  The problem is that the shark hides in a piece of PVC pipe because it is being harassed by the 2 Heniochus
<Aye; these can be very "picky"... It may seem strange, but having another one; to make a trio, will very likely lessen their harassment. Instead, small odd numbers of such fishes tend to chase each other about instead. I would try adding another rather than removing the two and/or the shark>
 and the 10" unicorn tang.
<This is odd... Hopefully the Tang will learn to leave the shark alone>
 If the shark swims across the aquarium, these three fish will be closely in tow.  I've even seen the Heniochus pick at the sides of the shark and the tang bite at her tail. 
Is there anything that you could think of that could be done to leave the
shark alone?
<The added Heni (of the same species); time going by... perhaps the addition of some dither fish like a school of Anthias, some Cirrhilabrus...>
 The fish get fed 3x a day and I try to keep Nori on a clip at all times. 
I'm afraid either the shark or the fish will have to be removed and would like to avoid this if you have any ideas. 
<Don't give up quite yet. Bob Fenner>

Multiple Naso Tangs in 180 Reef? - 10/30/08 Crew, <<Hey Joe>> I have had my 180 gal tank running for about 3 months now with damsels (that will be removed prior to the entrance of corals). I have approximately 200 lbs of live rock and a 50 gal sump with refugium. I will be moving all the inhabitants of my current 80 gal tank over the next couple months (tomato clown pair, sand sifting goby, snails, hermits, emeralds, cleaner shrimps, and 40+ corals of diverse types). I also have a beautiful 3" Sargassum triggerfish in quarantine. <<Neat fish…though maybe the poorest choice among the five Xanthichthys species for adaptability to aquarium life>> I would like a Naso lituratus and a Red Sea Sailfin Tang. <<I see>> I have also been considering the purchase of another Naso Sp. (vlamingii, unicornis, or brevirostris) but am not sure I have enough room for them to coexist long term. <<Not in my opinion…and I'm not sure about the Sailfin either…though one would likely be fine for a few years, but…>> Do you think that I even have room for the trigger, lipstick, and Sailfin tang? <<Honestly, I would choose a smaller Tang species (and one less likely to bully the Sargassum). At almost a foot for the Sargassum, and half-again that much for the Naso, I would be considering smaller companions for the tank>> If so, what about the additional Naso? <<These three species range in size at maturity from about 26"-32"… You would need at least twice the tank you have now>> Which one would be the most likely to do well in this combination? <<Ultimately, none… N. vlamingii is a fairly peaceful species (in my experience) that would do fine in this tank for a few years if obtained small (3"-4" ideally)…assuming it and the N. lituratus will cohabitate peacefully>> The only other fish I am planning to add to this tank are five Chromis. I would greatly appreciate your help. <<You have my thoughts re>> The LFS up here (in Anchorage) say they think I should be fine with these <<Seems logical enough…when the fish are all small juveniles>> but I don't know if they are too invested in telling me not to buy fish. <<Something to consider>> As always, thanks for your advice. Joe Marchetti <<Happy to share. Eric Russell>>

Crosshatch... trigger, Vlamingi tang incomp.  7/9/07 Hey guys, how's it going? Good I hope. So here's my question. I have a 155 bow front established for about 6 yrs. For the last 3 years I have 2 Vlamingi Tangs <Neat species, but need more room...> and for about a year I have a male Crosshatch Trigger. They have all gotten along very well. No problems during feedings or any other aggressive behavior. Well yesterday I had the luck of coming across a female Crosshatch, she was smaller than my male so I jumped on the opportunity to get her. Well so far they are getting along perfect, but now the male crosshatch is acting very aggressively towards the one Vlamingi. I can only assume that he is a male, since they are both young there hasn't been any way to tell. My question is, is this normal behavior for a Crosshatch or just one male showing his dominance to another? And do you think it will subside in time? Thank you. Jay Uzzalinno <These more open-water species are indeed territorial... and this is way too small a space psychologically... Maybe adding a couple of "built up" arrangement of rock ("bommies") will alleviate this agonistic behavior for a time... block the line of sight... Pile them well, and high... to the surface if possible; and either start saving for a much larger system, or plan to trade the Tangs in. Bob Fenner>

To add another fish or not to add. Naso  9/28/06 Hi Crew,     I am an avid reader of your posts and am always extremely thankful for all your efforts. I have a 200g FOWLR.  1 large Emperor Angel ( 7-8") , 1 Majestic Angel ( 6"), Foxface (6") Heniochus Butterfly 4", 2 percula Clowns small, Macaroon Clown 3 ", A small Damsel, A small Goby, Approx 40 small snails, Approx 30 Hermits.  4 skunk cleaner shrimp.  I run 2 wet Dries with total water movement including interior powerheads of 2000 gal/ hour.  I have two skimmers Aqua C EV 180 ( Flow 275 gal / hr ) and a EuroReef RS 135 ( 180 Gal / hr )  Temp is constant at 76 F     I have a beautiful 7-8" Naso Tang that I had to isolate from this system 1 1/2 years ago who is alone in a 55g FOWLR tank in my garage.  It had Crypt, I treated it with Copper, it got HLLE but crypt went away and now HLLE is getting better. <Good>     Would it be unwise to add the Naso to the display ?  The display has been "closed" to any new additions for 1 1/2 years and is doing absolutely incredibly.   Thanks, Jimmy <Mmm, it should get along... and I would rather it be in the larger display... I don't think the fishes there will bother it long term, nor vice versa... introduce in the AM when you can be home to observe, and the lights can/will be on... Bob Fenner>

Tangs/Compatibility   6/9/06 Hello, <Hi Brian> We're having problems on this end of this with a tang. It's a Naso type vlamingi <vlamingii> that's about 3 inches in a 75 gallon aquarium. The first inhabitant was a clown followed by the tang. They got along and I've since added another clown (which it never bothered). For months I added nothing but lots of coral and than decided to try two Purple Firefish. I added them with the lights out yesterday and no sooner did I add them did the tang chase them to a corner hole in the live rock where they've hid since. They come a few inches out every once in a while to eat but always get chased back in by the tang. The tang (which was always a model fish, even eating out of my hand) seems to be patrolling the aquarium now keeping them hidden. Is this likely to be temporary or should the tang be removed? <I'm going to have to say temporarily, as the vlamingii is peaceful toward other fish, but aggressive toward other tangs.>  
When the aggression starts, feed a small amount of food to the tang, see if that doesn't help the situation.> I can't really rearrange the rock work as I have coral growing in rock and connecting most. <Understand here.  Good luck.  James (Salty Dog)> Thanks, <You're welcome.> Brian

Naso Tang Compatibility...Apparently Sometimes 'NOT' - 02/06/06 I know you have an entire page with questions on compatibility of tangs but I still can't get past my fear of what to do next. <<Hmm...Ok...let's see what we can do about it.>> We have a 7 inch Naso tang alone in a 180 gallon tank with lots of corals and several clams.  I'm happy with the arrangement because the tang is like my little dog.  It's spoiled rotten and eats only from my hands.  We have a 180 gallon tank with a 125 gallon refugium with lots of macro algae in it so we can support more than our little guy (even though he eats and poops a whole lot).  We tried introducing an algae blenny several years ago when it was in a 125 gallon.  I think it terrorized it to the point that it finally died since it was frequently chased into hiding and it could not graze off the front glass. <<Likely so...stress, aggression induced or otherwise, is a killer.>> We used to have 3 little yellow tailed damsels that hid most of the time.  They worked out relatively well because they ate the scraps from the tang and could dart out of the way when he lunged at them. <<Curious...Sounds like maybe you have a monster on your hands.>> They are no longer with us since we moved to the bigger tank (it's a long story).  I just can't bring myself to introduce another fish but my husband thinks I'm crazy to have a 180 gallon tank with one fish in it.  We're thinking of putting in another tang since it can defend itself but I hate to make my friend so unhappy. <<Defend itself?  Maybe...but at what cost (permanent injury or death to one/both fishes)?>> Perhaps a regal tang or a purple? <<Based on this fish's history as you've outlined, I think the result of adding another tang would be disastrous.>> He lived briefly in a 100 gallon tank in the course of our move along with two other fish, one of which was a tang, which was slightly smaller and with very little rocks and seemed fine. <<It would appear this fish's social behavior has taken a turn for the worst.>> We also thought of getting a bubble tipped anemone and a clown that could hide in it. <<I don't advocate anemones in a tank with sessile invertebrates.>> Perhaps a school of Chromis? <<This "might" be your best option...if you have any at all.>> So where do we start?  I can't have anything that will bite my fingers because my little friend will only eat from my hands. <<Do be cautious that this fish doesn't turn on you some day.>> He really belongs out in the reef, I know, but we were newbies when we bought him.  Thanks for your patience. <<If you're really attached to this fish, as you seem to be, perhaps your best option is to resign yourself (your husband) to the fact that this tank "belongs" to the Naso.  Regards, EricR>>
Naso Tang Compatibility   2/8/06
Hi Folks -  I saw the recent post from the lady with the 7" Naso tang.  I actually have a fair amount of experience with tangs, having had my similar (but admittedly larger) tank for about 5 years.  I currently have a set up with 2 large Zebrasomas, 1 small Zebrasoma, a huge vlamingii, a huge regal, a large Kole, a medium Tennent, and a small Atlantic blue, all living very happily together.  The all gather to eat from my hand.  My opinion is that this (I presume) lipstick tang this lady owns can co-exist with other tangs if (a) she adds more than one of the new tangs at the same time, and (b) the new tangs are much smaller than this guy. <Likely so... if the system is large/enough> Perhaps a small school of 3-4 regal tangs.  Also, starting them out in containers -- say large SeaChem containers with a lot of holes in them placed in an area of water flow -- for a few days might help.  Getting tangs to live together isn't easy, but it is certainly rewarding.  My humble opinion.  Dale M. <Thank you for this input/sharing. Bob Fenner>

Adding Tang to 200G Community Greetings WWM Crew, <<Greetings and salutations, querier.>> As a frequent peruser of your site, I already owe you much in the way of Thanks for this fabulous resource. Now on to my query... I would like to introduce a Naso Tang to my 200 gallon community tank (live sand, live rock, all parameters good with somewhat low salinity for my batfish).  <<Batfish? Tell us you've got a system of about 3,000-5,000 gallons going up for this one.>> The players are as follows; 2" twin spot hogfish <<Hey, NICE fish, isn't it?>> 3" algae blenny, 1 1/2" jewel damsel, 2" white ear damsel, 3 1/2" Blue Angelfish juvie, 2" cleaner shrimp, assorted hermit crabs and turbo snails and the star of the show, a 7" Tiera Batfish (from 2" to 7" in 5 months). I would really like to add a Naso but understand that some tangs can be aggressive and I don't want to upset the balance.  <<Most often it is conspecific aggression, or at least with perceived competitors. There could be an upset between the angel and the tang.>> Also, would a Naso be able to tolerate the low SG, and if I do add one should it be bigger than the Blue Angel? (he's always been peaceful but I don't want to push it.) <<The tang can handle a lower salinity, but I'd be more worried about the inverts. Also, when you say "lower", how low are you talking here? And why specifically for the batfish? It does occur in brackish waters, but this does not go on to mean that it must be kept in these lower salinities, especially given its sometimes pelagic nature. I worry for the other fishes also being kept long-term in salinity too low (not knowing how low is low). In my opinion, a range of 1.020-1.026 is perfectly acceptable.>> Any direction you can offer would be greatly appreciated! Elizabeth Turner <<As I feel you've surmised, the tang *could* have a conflict with the angel. However, since the angel is only just going into adult form, you may be able to get away with it no problem if you simply get a similar sized fish. I think you could do it, but DO watch them closely. Also, knowing the ultimate size of these fishes, I am really hoping you've got plans for bigger digs for the whole group. Marina>>

Naso Tang Hello, <Hi Mark> I have a 180-gallon tank. I recently had 6 fish in the tank (7" Queen Angel, 4.5" maroon clown fish, 4" trigger fish, 6.5" puffer, 7" blond Naso tang and a 3" lipstick Naso). I am told the Naso breed of fish generally get along well with one another. I have experienced the larger blond Naso chasing the smaller Naso from time to time. All the fish in the aquarium seem to be extremely healthy, eat well and swim well. However, yesterday I found the smaller Naso dead in the bottom of the tank. When I removed the fish, I noticed that a razor type slit had been cut in his stomach. I feel this is from the scalpels on the tail of the large Naso. Do you think this was intentional or accidental? Do you think that I have to worry about this happening to any of my other fish? Thanks in advance for any information you may be able to give me.  <Probably was intentional, Mark. You really don't want to keep two tangs of the same species together for just that reason. Read here. http://www.wetwebmedia.com/naso.htm. James (Salty Dog)> 

Compatibility in 60 gal FOWLR Greetings WWM CREW, I am getting a 60 gal (4 feet) fish only with about 15lbs of liverock in the tank and about 20 in the sump. Is this enough for biological filtration? <Yes> I am also using a Via Aqua canister filter 650, a Jebo protein skimmer and a 9 watt ultra violet. Is this filtration pretty ok for a fish only? <With the sump it should be> How much live sand will be good? Can I mix some play sand (the ones made form Caribbean sand) and some Florida live sand? How much of Each? <Please read over these subjects on our site: www.WetWebMedia.com If you want you can use the Google Search tool, or peruse the indices on the Marine root web> Now about the stocking, I always make many lists of different fish etc. (I have a reef tank as well, and another fish only). First of all I'm thinking of putting some large synthetic coral skeletons (white, about 2 with the 15lbs live rock) for decorations and to allow for hiding places, but still a lot of swimming room. For the fish I will start out after the cycling with a yellow tang (which will later be put into my reef) to make sure all is well. <I would NOT cycle the system with a tang> Then for the fish that will stay- a blue hippo, (small one at my LFS probably 2") a yellow lo Foxface (pretty small again 3") then a juv. Naso tang( I know they need large tanks, but my friend has kept on in his 60 for about a year and a half with no problems, probably 4") or can I go even smaller? <Yes... a sturdy fish even at small sizes> I've read on WWM that buying smaller than 4" is not a good idea. Then a threadfin butterfly (3") and a Pakistani (3") (will they get along? what other butterflies will get along better with a threadfin?). <Please read this over on WWM> These will be added over a period of a year, except probably the hippo and Naso- close to the same time for territorial purposes (do they need to be added at the same time or is it ok for different times?). Then my last fish after probably a year I want Juv Passer angel (3"-4") I've read they're probably one of the easiest large angels...should I buy Juv, or adult? <Neither the Passer or Naso will be happy in a sixty gallon> Well these are my hopes for this tank, If it is too overstocked then please let me know which ones will be best to let go (the only fish I really want strongly in this tank is the Naso and threadfin, I can work around the others) This is a total of 18" and in about a year will be 21". That is about 1 inch per 3 gallons. How does this sound? Is they're anyway I can add a another butterfly or pygmy angel if there is space? there is never enough space right? ha-ha) if any other fish then what kind (raccoon, banner....coral beauty, flame???) Oh, an about the Naso ( I really like the distinct coloring of the lips etc....)is the Darker Naso or blonde Naso best for the bright colors and size?) <Again, a four foot long tank is too small for this genus, any N. lituratus. Bob Fenner> Thank you so much Chris

Re: Naso Lituratus, and Naso Unicorn Hey guys, question for you.  Generally tangs don't mix well, but the Naso is generally considered pretty mild in territoriality vs. other members of the species (A. sohal, Zebrasoma family, etc).  Anyhow, in a large tank (800 gals), I have a Naso lituratus (regular lipstick tang).  Anyhow, thinking of getting from someone a unicorn tang that has outgrown his tank.  Do you know of any issues with the two species in a tank ?  The Naso is very very docile in the tank. <Mmm, well, these two species are found "together" over a good part of their range... and you do have a good sized system. I give you good odds that they'll get along> The tank has a few angelfish, two butterflies, a purple and hippo tang, and various small dither fish (square Anthias, some green Chromis), etc.  It's currently a lightly stocked tank for the size, so that's not an issue.  I'm mainly concerned whether the two Naso species have the potential to get along. . . .  Thanks Jim <Bob Fenner>

Naso tang and Blonde Naso tang incompatibility - 2/12/03 Hi crew of WWM, <Howdy!> I would like to thanks you guys once again for your help in the past.   <thanks kindly> I am now confronting a problem about Naso tangs that I am somewhat confused.  I have had one Naso tang in my 180 gallon tank for about 5 weeks now and it has been doing well. Then when I added a blonde Naso tang 2 days ago, <oh-no... > the Naso tang started to chased, harassed and bite the blonde.   <yep> Now the blonde is weak and looked "bite off", my once perfectly beautiful blonde has bit off fins everywhere and is swimming rather strangely.  I thought that Naso tangs are peaceful creatures. <with most other fishes, but not conspecifics... and not two males (likely... most such have the nice fins)... and sure as heck not long term in a 180!These fishes each get over a foot long.> Should I take out one of them?   <definitely> Or give them both time to get along?   <unlikely to work for their adult size if nothing else> I've read everywhere on WWM about tangs and tangs compatibility and no info was much of help. <it is usually a bad idea to mix any tangs, large angels or large butterflies together... natural aggression. Why bother when there are so many hundreds of other beautiful fishes to choose from?> Ohh yeah... one more thing, my Naso tang has a yellow line at the caudal tail and my blonde has a black line.  Does this have anything to do with the aggression? What does this mean?   <not a clear symptom of anything specific> Thanks again for your help crew of WWM. <best of luck to you, bub. Anthony>

Nasos, and other Tangs <HI, Mike D here> I started to write and the Email went away , I apologize if you got this twice. I was wondering if you could help,<I'll try> I am finally getting my dream system put in soon A 10' - 12 ' Aquarium.<Sounds beautiful!> I have a Large 8" Naso, 2 Regal Tangs (1-4" 1-1.5")<Here's one problem> 2 clowns , 1-Comet (Marine Betta) 1-Coral Beauty, These are presently in 210 6' Tank The Naso is Kind of mean, I thought they were suppose to be Mildly tempered.<NO! The word "Tang" refers to part of a knife, in reference to the blades found on the caudal peduncle or base of the tail. These are weapons that can be used to deadly effect on fish perceived as competitors or a threat!> She excepted the smaller Regal, and the coral beauty with no problem , I had 2 copperbanded butterfly, Before I could get the poor fish out She had back the butterfly in a corner, Swatted her tail ant the butterfly and dang near sliced her in half, I never saw such a thing.<I have...use caution as they can do this to fingers too!> I was trying to net the butterfly out but I was too late. I have a 3rd 1." Regal but she was too tiny for this system and wasn't doing well. She's good now, these 2 smaller tangs were my rescue project. So far so good. When I get this new tank running. Is a Powder blue OK with the rest of the tangs.<NO!! Emphasis mine! Many tangs, and yours looks like a good example are one per tank. By Naso, I assume you're referring to Naso literates, which is a small member for this family of giants. The Powder Blue tang, by the way, although known as an "Ick magnet" when small, often grow up to be extremely belligerent adults!>> The Naso seems to be fine with other tangs, the all swim together, although I think From time to time the Regal can be a pain for the Naso,  The regal will swim with Anything that will swim with her.<I wouldn't be surprised to see the regal attack and kill the other regal eventually. My suggestion, since they are getting along so far is to NOT add another tang, and as you've already seen, if you decide to add an angelfish or such, try a smaller specimen and allow it to grow up in the tank. It's quite likely your tang will attack any other large fish you introduce.> Thank you in advance for your Help<You're welcome> Scott

Naso reef safe ??? First let me start be saying thank you for your time , effort ,and wisdom. My question is . are Naso tangs reef safe , may local fish store said they would nip at my claims . Would it be possible to add 2 Nasos to 100 gal reef . My only fish is a Sailfin tang would this be the start of WW3. I want to keep the fish load down so this would be the only residents of the tank. Thank you, Greg <<In a large enough tank, Nasos are reef safe, in my opinion... I would start with just one in a 100 gallon tank though... and it will get along with the Sailfin... very different life strategies... the Naso at the top, the Zebrasoma scooting around the bottom... Bob Fenner, whose tang pieces can be perused at the site: www.wetwebmedia.com >>

Unicorn I need to know a little something about the unicorn tang before I order. Are  they hardy? Good community fish? In my 50 gal. now is a 5in. paddle fin  wrasse, 2in. maroon clown , 3in. purple fire fish, and 3-2in. green Chromis.  I think the unicorn is really a neat looking fish and would like to add one to  my tank. What do you know about these fish? Should I order small or medium?  Thank You--Ed <<Like their congener, THE Naso tang (Naso lituratus), Unicorns (mainly Naso unicornis, but there are others) get big, are very active, and require large systems for swimming space, high oxygen content, sturdy filtration... I would probably skip on this species for the size of your system and the disturbance the animal would cause your fire fish and Clown... Keep looking! Bob Fenner>>

Oh, no! I've got the "gimme's"! (desire for Naso lituratus tang) A friend of mine has a beautiful Naso tang in his reef tank. He has variety of hard and soft corals and other inverts, and the Naso pretty much leaves them alone (and also keeps the yellow tang's ego in check).  <Naso lituratus mainly eats macrophytes (large algae... principally browns and reds) in the wild... very rarely cnidarians (stinging-celled animals)... and tend toward the large, dominant sides of aquarium personality as you state> Of course, I fell in love with this big fish, and now I must have one as well! I just want to make sure it would fit in with my other buddies: two false Perculas, five green Chromis, and a 1.5 inch hippo tang, <This latter specimen is small!> plus some green star polyps, four colonies of pulsing xenia, some blue mushrooms, a cleaner shrimp, Astrea snails and blue-leg hermits, and the four brown shrimp (Penaeus aztecus). I have a 135-gallon tank with about 110 pounds of live rock (no substrate), and I can always beef up the water current. So can I put one on my birthday wish list??? <Likely... it might "go after" your shrimp in time, but... worth the risk IMO> What other things do I need to fix before I get one? Thanks! Gina <Nothing in my estimation. Bob Fenner>

Naso Tank Hi Bob, I have a question for you. I looked in the FAQs and didn't really find an answer. 300 gallon reef tank and a lot of live rock. Naso Tang --the lituratus. Will he eventually munch down my cleaner shrimp, or do you think he is safe? <Generally don't eat Cleaner Shrimp species... but might someday. Bob Fenner> I want to avoid any shrimp connoisseurs! Thanks, Dale.

Tangs Dear Mr. Fenner, <Howdy> It's me again with another question I'm hoping you don't mind pondering for a moment.  <Not at all> I've had a Naso tang in my 125 for about 4 months. He is the largest fish in the tank at about 7 inches. We recently got a red sea Sailfin tang, that is maybe 4 inches long. Since the introduction of the Sailfin, the Naso's appetite has slowly decreased down to nothing, and he's looking very thin. Do the two species not get along?  <Usually do... FWIW, their ranges overlap> I don't see them fighting at all. Everyone else seems okay, and water tests are good. Any ideas? <Often Nasos do go "off feed"... a good idea to try other foods, and to soak them in advance with a liquid vitamin preparation. Please read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/nasofaqs.htm and on to the many FAQs re marine fish nutrition, foods, feeding. Bob Fenner> As usual, infinite thanks for any help you can offer. Tracy

Horse for 90 gallon Reef Tank Bob/Anthony, <greetings regional friend... Anthony Calfo at your service> I was just wondering about a recent purchase being acclimated to my tank. I am actually using my wife's email account to check on something (because I'm not at the office). I sent my wife to Aquatic Technology (she works in Strongsville and we live on the East side of Cleveland) to pick up a small coral of her liking (to try and get her "into" the reef tank).  <aha!... flawed psychology, assuming that the gentler sex doesn't know what we are really up to... hehe> I also mentioned that she could instead buy a small fish of her choice as long as she get permission from Greg at Aquatic Tech (I trust his judgment on reef systems) <Ahhh, yes. Greg and his smiling face> I armed her with the following: We have a 90 Gallon Reef Tank, 100lbs LR, 20lbs LS, Purple Tang, Blue Headed Wrasse (you remember this question from earlier) and Clarkii, a blue haddoni and a cleaner crew consisting of some blue/red hermits, snails, emerald crabs and some Sally Lightfoots along with some Corals. She came home with a Blonde Naso Tang. <holy cow!!!! what's up with that beautiful baby horse of a fish?!> Looks great. I read about them today. Gorgeous animal -- however, after reading from your sight, he may eat my cleanup crew? Greg from Aquatic Tech told her that he should be fine. <I'm far more concerned that is a poor choice for an empty 90gallon let alone one stocked with fish such as your Purple tang that will ultimately also outgrow it. I agree with Greg that there is a good chance it will be relatively reef safe. But the fish is inappropriate as it grows far to large for a four foot tank> He mentioned that there may be a squabble between the Purple Tang but that the Naso should mind it's own business.... <agreed, especially if the Naso is larger> he never mentioned anything about eating all the small inverts... is there going to be a problem?  < a chance, but no more than a purple tang or dwarf angel eating coral. Your blue headed wrasse is far more dangerous to crustaceans> What should I look for if I intend to keep a close eye on the situation? < an add in the newspaper for a good price on a bigger tank, bud! Hehehe... I hope you can tolerate my humor/sarcasm... there is truth in there. Kind regards, Anthony>

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