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FAQs about Puffer Reproduction

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Night before Project is Due (& Post-correction, Needs More Help Than This!) 5/9/05 Hello I'm Ashley. I was just wondering what happens to puffer fish eggs after they are fertilized by the male because I'm doing a project on them and cannot find the answer anywhere. <They have a better chance of hatching <G>. They also generally float for some time> I got most of my reproduction info from you guys, but I couldn't find the answer on your website Please write back as soon as possible since the project is due tomorrow. thanks :)  <Do also use fishbase.org as a great reference. Follow the links and references on each page... a wealth of information! Anthony> 

Striped Pufferfish laying eggs! Help!(5/4/04) Hello, <Good Evening Leslie here tonight.> My saltwater striped puffer just laid eggs <WOW How cool. I am assuming you are referring to a Arothron manilensis usually referred to as a Stripped Puffer and  that you have somehow acquired a pair. I don't know of anyone keeping a mated pair or of these fish being bred and raised in captivity.>  and I don't know what to do. <I am afraid there is not much you can do >   I collected what I could in a breeder container, and put them in the same tank. <Sounds like a good first step> Do they need to be fertilized by a male, <Yup they most certainly do> if so, how can I move the process along without the male (or any other fish) eating the eggs? < I don't think you can. Most folks that breed fish keep the breeding pair in a separate system and when the eggs are released and fertilized  they are then usually separated. You can try The Breeder's Registry here   http://www.breeders-registry.gen.ca.us/> Thanks for your help in advance! Chris. <Sorry; wish I could have helped more, Leslie>

Sex of Diodon holocanthus I just purchased a puffer fish (Diodon holocanthus) and he/she is about 4 inches. How can I tell what her/his gender is?

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