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/The Conscientious Aquarist Series:

Sources of Mortality on the Worlds Reefs, An Aquarist's Perspective

Bob Fenner


Pardon me for being an old ex. H.S. science teacher. Here are the principal points I hope you will come away with consequent to this exposure.
Mortality here will mean "death"... the differentiation of causal or intentional loss of life is not germinal to our discussion (Latin terms "to kill", "cease"), including
A stylistic bar graph showing a typical pattern of rapid initial die-off of sex cells, larval forms in aquatic environments. Reasons, causal mechanisms for mortality are listed.
Examples of the abundance, dominance of filter feeding life on the world's reefs. Here are some of the many, usually hidden (cryptic) sponges, phylum Porifera. Dominant life forms in the tropical West Atlantic, live rock by weight.
Gorgonians, aka Sea Fans, worldwide, tropical to temperate seas.
Some anemones are facultatively photosynthetic, others detritovorous (a nice term meaning they eat "poop"... most get a great deal of energy from filter feeding.
Mushrooms, corallimorpharians are mainly filter feeders.
As are Soft Corals.
And the tunicates.

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