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/The Conscientious Aquarist Series:

Sources of Mortality on the Worlds Reefs, An Aquarist's Perspective

Pt. IV


By Bob Fenner


It's not lost on me that the folks,  organizations taking potshots at aquarium interests operate OPM (on Other People's Money). If they have such great ideas, why not self-sponsor their actions? Why are they so wont to disclose who their sponsors are, or that they're subsidized?

What are the actual goals, intentions of these people?

I am constantly amazed at how little the "official" press calculates as the percentage, amount of captive bred, reared live material produced in the reef interest... by aquarists! How many of the organisms you have in your system came from non-wild sources?

Do you believe only three hundredths of one percent of corals are produced in captivity? Neither do I.

Why should we compel indigenous peoples to live "pastoral existences" of short, hard duration? Doesn't it make more sense to harvest part of otherwise non-edible parts of local environments, sell them for cash, and buy the goods, services you want?

Would these peoples be better off doing nothing with their reef resources? Could they do so?

I see improvements coming in less destructive pumping mechanisms for moving water about, that won't kill so much of the life suspended in water columns.

And more "complete" approaches to set-up, maintenance of captive systems.

Self-explanatory I trust. There are many variably important sources of mortality on the worlds reefs. The pet-fish ones are for the most part diffuse, selective and of minimal importance.
The tremendous gains of having local people collect, sell, protect their environments is a win, win situation for them and the ornamental trade. Other subsistence uses of the same environments result in far greater destruction and little net improvement in living standards.

Richer nations, peoples importing such livestock (cultured and wild-collected) gain in enhanced knowledge, appreciation of the living world... are far more likely to further sponsor research, eco-tourism practices, investment in these environments.

Pet-fish et al. transport for example is a substantial part of the sponsoring of infrastructure of airports around the world. Commerce makes the world "free", not militaries or edicts.

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