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FAQs about Xeniid Selection

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MASSIVE TANK CRASH !!! Typical Xeniid die-off, cascade event        2/20/14
Hello Mr. Fenner,
I have a 210 gallon reef and everything was doing well until last week.
A thriving colony of Xenia (6") suddenly withered and died overnight.

Thinking this is typical of Xenia, I did not think of it until I started to see black spots appearing on all of my finger leather corals the next day.
<Oh... when Xeniids (do) crash, one needs to be making huge water change-outs, using chemical and physical filtrants, possibly moving other livestock elsewhere>

In a matter of two days, they look like they were sprinkled with charcoal and died. All my zoos closed up and my GSP stopped opening.
<Cascade event... use these two words in the search tool on WWM...>
Both of my cleaner shrimps and Coco worm died. The skimmer is hyperactive and the water is cloudy. I then had to remove all the rocks with dying corals out of tank and moved the live corals to my 55 gallon frag tank.
 So far, they are doing OK. At this time, the main tank has no corals but only mushrooms that I couldn't remove as they were all over.
There are three filters totally rated at 270 gallons running with carbon right now since two days ago.
 Last night, I noticed the mushrooms are recovering and some patches of GPS start to come out. Nitrate is @ 20.
The rocks that were covered with dying zoos are left in the garage dried and this weekend, I will scrape them off because I don't want to deal with their toxins. 
<DO WEAR gloves IF touching the water or Zoanthids... TOXIC... Better to vacuum as much away as you can... to the toilet... leave the windows open. SEE WWM RE ZOAS>
The fish appear to be unaffected. So these are my questions:
1.       What is the cause of my crash? Xenia poisoning the tank as they died?
<First them, then other Cnidarians in reaction>
2.       When can I scrape off the dead zoos from rocks and place them back into my main tank?
<Weeks... >
3.       Should I a massive water change like 50%? So far, what is left in the main start to show signs of recovering.
<Yes, yes and yes>
4.       What will be my next steps?
Thank you so much and I appreciate your input very much! Dai
<Welcome. Bob Fenner>
RE: [EXTERNAL] re: MASSIVE TANK CRASH !!!       2/20/14

Hello Mr. Fenner
Thank you for your guidance and to return the favor WWM has done for me, I will make a donation to your website (I am so guilty... Should have done it years ago...) . From now on no more Xenias. My LFS is willing to let me trade in my rocks so I will do that than risking being poisoned.
<Ahh, good, thank you. BobF>
RE: [EXTERNAL] re: MASSIVE TANK CRASH !!! – 02/20/14
With the risk of Xenia doing nasty things why do LFS still sell them? It appears to be such a disaster waiting to happen!
<"Some of this, some of that"... Folks buy them; they're beautiful, decorative... there are MANY (even more) toxic organisms sold in the trade.

Pulsing xenia, sel.   1/5/09 Thanks again for your prompt reply. <You're welcome, James.> I have yet another question. Do you know of any reef club members who might have pulsing xenia frags for sale in the Reno Nv. or Sacramento, Ca areas ? <Captive propagated xenia should be readily available from reefers in your area. You can find some local reef clubs in your city here: http://www.reefcentral.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?s=&forumid=538. Good luck, Minh Huynh.>

Re: pulsing xenia, sel.    1/10/09 Thanks to you, I now have a new reefer friend. He sold me some awesome pieces at incredible prices. <Good on you mate. Meeting others that share your interest is one of the most rewarding aspects of this hobby.> My LFS told me that with a refugium, he only does water changes once a year. My new friend tells me he does 25% every other week. What do you suggest? <Irregardless of the results different people have with different nutrient control methods, keep in mind that every tank is different. One method that works well for one system may not be ideal for a similar system. Water changes, like many other tools aquarists use to maintain water quality, work best when used in conjunction with other methods. In short, you will need to figure out what is the ideal rate of water change for your tank by meticulous testing and data collecting. If you would like to find out more detailed information on how water changes affect your tank, you can review this article: "Water Changes in Reef Aquaria" (http://www.reefkeeping.com/issues/2005-10/rhf/index.php).> The only current issues I have left are Aiptasia that I don't want and a High Alkalinity that my LFS tells me is the result of our local water. <Aiptasia control methods are reviewed here: (http://www.wetwebmedia.com/marine/inverts/cnidaria/anthozoa/aiptasia/aiptasia.htm).> We both reside in the Eastern Sierra. My new friend says he has a reactor that maintains his Alkalinity at an ideal level. Your help on these two issues would be greatly appreciated. <While a calcium reactor may help maintain a stable Alkalinity reading, it is not a necessity. An unusually high Alkalinity reading may indicate an imbalance between Alkalinity and Calcium caused by several possible factors. The causes and cures are discussed in great length in this article: "When Do Calcium and Alkalinity Not Exactly Balance?" (http://www.reefkeeping.com/issues/2004-12/rhf/index.php).> Thank You! <You're welcome. Cheers, Minh Huynh.>

Additional uses for a mega load of excess Red Sea Pulsing Xenia...   10/19/07 I need help; I have a ton of Pulsing Xenia of the Red Sea variety in my 120 gal tank. I have pruned off many colonies in the past and have sold/traded them to the local reef shops but some of the shops have closed down while others only want to deal in SPS corals. I don't blame them because I'm trying to switch my system over to SPS. In my 120 I have around 100 medium sized colonies and in a 30 gal I have another 50 small colonies. I have read good and bad things about using them as a filter for excess nutrients in a SPS tank but have also read that they may stunt the growth of SPS corals. What is your opinion on this subject? <Can be problematical in terms of limiting growth, health of other Cnidarians... with filtrant use, water changes, physical separation, not so much.> I have gone to frag swaps and cannot even give the Xenia away because like me a lot of the local reefers are transitioning in to SPS or LPS dominated systems. This coral spreads like wildfire and when I prune them the remainder left on the rock turns into multiple colonies. I now try to scrape all tissue off the rocks when I want an area devoid of this weed like coral. Other than that it's great stuff and one of the first corals I started out with. Thanks a million (little colonies of Xenia), Chad <I'd try Craig's List... eBay... and expand your ship-out market. Bob Fenner>

The Only Constant is Change! I have a question regarding the pruning of Pink Creeping Xenia. – 06/13/07 Hi WWM Crew! <Hello Geno, Mich with you again.> There's an article in the '07 April/May issue of Coral Magazine that has the title "The only constant is change" and it really hits the mark. <As does the quote.> Our live reef aquariums are under constant change. <As are our lives in general.> It's what makes this hobby so remarkable. <In part!> Ok; <Have we had enough philosophizing? Not here!> so I have a question regarding the pruning of Pink Creeping Xenia. I checked out all the FAQ's on Xenia within WWM and "WOW" there's a ton of great questions and responses. <Glad you think so!> I also did a lot of research online as well as questioning some respects coral only shops here is South Florida about pruning Xenia. <OK.> Yea see, I love pulsing corals...a lot. <They are fascinating.> There hasn't been one non-hobbyist that has seen my 65g Ecosystem (Tex Light T5 HO's, Bermuda Aquatics skimmer pumped by a Mag 950, UV sterilizer and Phosban 150 reactor, miracle mud...) that hasn't just been mesmerized by theses animated animals. <Yes.> And they are thriving...man-o-man are they thriving! <Heee! Feast or famine generally with these corals!> So it's time to keep them in check as there are area's on this 6 month reef I don't want them on, so it's time to do some gardening. <Yep!> To the quick; I just want to clip them back and here's what I gathered is the correct way to do it so all I need is your approval or advice; <OK.> with a pair of stainless steel scissors cut the stalks as close to the base (one at a time) as possible and remove each stalk one at a time (I know they will grow back but over time...as...the title says...) so I plan on gardening (fragging) as it permits to keep these wonderful animals in check. <Sounds good!> I have a very powerful skimmer for my tank so any waste materials that could cause nutrient issues will be handled quickly. <And you may want to add a bag of carbon at this time to assist with any chemical release stimulated by the trimming.> So, does this simple plan seem correct for controlling Xenia growth or are there other considerations I need to contemplate as I prune? <This is an acceptable method of control. I presume you are aware of their "walking" ability... This can also be a good way of fragging them, just allowing them move there way onto something which can be removed later ie small piece of LR or a shell.> By the way, I do plan to sell/credit all the frag's to my LFS as these babies are not easy to ship and they are just full of health...and so cool:-) <Excellent! Wonderful to hear this my friend!> Thanks again for your input and response in advance my dear friends! <You are quite welcome! Mich> Geno

Cespitularia   1/13/06 Hello bob, maybe you can help me. Am from Germany and be searching for Cespitularia.  Do you know anyone who can send them to Germany. best regards Jan <I don't know of anyone... but Anthony Calfo if anyone will. Am cc'ing him here. Bob Fenner> Cespitularia 1/13/06 The coral is in Germany... I have seen it the last three visits I've made there (Interzoo 2004 plus the last two years trade shows of Claude Schumacher in Sindelfingen). I'd guess that if you network with some of the hobby clubs and on the message boards IN DE, you will surely find someone that has it. Cespitularia ships well to Europe from Kenya. Its a bit harder for us to get here in the US. Anth- Xenia question 5/17/05 Hey guys how are you doing. I have a 30 gallon reef tank with some zoanthids, assorted Ricordea and green star polyps. <GSPs are fab looking corals, but severely aggressive and too much so by most any standard for use in small aquariums. You may want to reconsider here> I recently added a toadstool coral to the tank and its doing great. about 4 inches tall. my question is can I also place a pulsing xenia in the tank with these tankmates if not what do you recommend. thank you for all you time  <Xenia elongata would be the species to try if you do. It is one of the hardiest. If you can give at least 4-6" of space between all corals in this tank to insure safety and some growth, then I suppose you can try a Xenia. Kindly, Anthony> 

The Xeniid Sansibia 2/29/04 Anthony can you tell me were I can find Sansibia blue xenia ? Hope you are well. RGibson <very good to hear from you Ralph. I hope you are well too my friend. I'm still enjoying a regular travel schedule visiting fish clubs/friends. I'm back from Seattle and off to Denver ;) As to the Sansibia, its tough to identify from Anthelia and I am aware of no importer bringing it in under that name. Its only going to be found as a misidentified Anthelia from shipments if at all. A tough Xeniid to find at present. Anthony>

She wore "Blue Xenia", woh, woh, woh... Bob-can you tell me were I can buy any Sansibia blue xenia ?     Thank you             RGibson <Nope (don't know), but have heard there are bits about... for high prices... maybe the folks at Marine Center, or Doctors Foster & Smith can help you... or the BB's. Will send this over to Anthony... and missed you in NC over the wknd. Bob Fenner>

Got the Blues? Looking for aqua Xeniids I just fielded the same question from my friend Amy L in LV... saw a thread on RC causing the stir. I do not know of any outlets for this species currently. I did manage to get some Blue African Cespitularia recently that I will be eager to share in some months after a bit of propagation. Lovely pic of it in Vol 2 of Delbeek/Sprung "Reef Aquarium" ciao, bubs

Xeniid pulse corals Hi Anthony, Where is a good place to buy color Xeniid pulse coral . No LFS hear have them. RGibson <Cheers, Ralph... Well, airmailing Xeniids is never a foolproof endeavor. Always buy local when you can. My advice for starters is to contact some of the folks in a local aquarium society for a buy or trade. I know it isn't that close for you, but the WAMAS club that I just visited in northern Virginia has tons of it. Perhaps there is a member south enough that it is worth a nice drive to see a new tank, make a friend and get some Xenia. If so, check them out on reefcentral.com They have a club link and forum there. Very nice chap named Glenn has one of several great displays I saw when I visited to give a presentation to their club. Do consider any road trip before mail ordering. Kindly, Anthony>

Feather Dusters and Xenia Hi Bob, I'm planning out my tank's future inhabitants. Was wondering on the hardiness of Feather Dusters and Xenia. Are they easy to keep? Do they pose any threat to other inverts/corals? Are "common" ( crabs/snails/fish) reef additions a threat to them? <Feather Duster worms are highly variable in survivability. Do well in only well-conditioned, "dirty" (nutrient, mulm laden) water. Are subject to predation by many crabs, fishes. Pulsing Corals can do very well, given the chance to acquire initially healthy specimens... they take a beating in transit/shipping distantly... One of the reasons that locally some areas have all sorts (from hobbyist culture/sale) whereas others have no "founder/flounder effect"... like yours?. Some crabs will eat some Xeniids, most Shrimp and fishes leave them alone.> I have "The Reef Aquarium II", and they have a section on Xenia farming. The photo of a tank full of Xenia looked spectacular. And they give the impression that they are easily maintained. My local shop won't sell them, but will get them if someone makes the request. Says they don't fair we'll with the average aquarist. Can you shed some light on this subject? Thanks, Tony 

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